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Eco-Conscious Direct Cremation in Taylor, TX

Today, you don’t have to make the choice between affordable cremation in Taylor, TX and eco-friendly services that are cleaner and greener. Green Cremation Texas gives you both with two revolutionary types of direct cremation. As Taylor continues to grow, we’ll be here to help protect and preserve the area with responsible cremation services.

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Affordable Cremation in Taylor That’s Good for the Environment

As the first carbon-neutral funeral home in the state, Green Cremation Texas has more to offer the families we serve by doing less damage to the environment. We are dedicated to innovating the funeral industry so that it benefits more people without increasing cremation costs in Taylor. It’s all-around easier cremation that’s eco-conscious.

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Our Green Cremation Services in Taylor

Green Cremation Texas has developed a revolutionary clean flame cremation service that generates less pollution and saves more energy. From using electric vehicles for transport to cleaner burning fuels, we take every step possible to make cremation as eco-friendly as possible.

Alkaline hydrolysis, commonly called water cremation, is one of the greenest disposition options available today. This type of cremation uses water that is heated and pressurized. The process uses 90% less energy than traditional cremation, and there’s no risk of creating air pollutants.

Choose From a Selection of Green Funeral Urns in Taylor

The final step is choosing an urn. We help families that want an eco-friendly urn in finding green cremation containers in Taylor. Our selection includes biodegradable urns, sustainably made urns and environmentally friendly scattering tubes.

Providing Transparency for Funeral Costs in Taylor

You may have already discovered that the burial and cremation costs in Taylor are going up. It’s a trend that is happening around the country. The latest data from the National Funeral Director Association puts the median cost of a traditional burial with a viewing at $7,848. That figure doesn’t include every related cost though. The burial plot, headstone and cemetery fees are additional costs. 


Fortunately, there are cremation options that are much more affordable. However, cremation prices in Taylor depend on the type of service you choose.

The average cost of cremation in Taylor is similar to the national median cost of $6,970. This includes the cremation along with funeral services. Unlike burial costs, this is an all-inclusive price that even includes an urn. The funeral home should provide an itemized list that outlines each cost.

Direct cremation costs in Taylor are going to be the most affordable option. A direct cremation doesn’t involve services at a funeral home. Instead, you’re paying for the cremation only, which ranges from $750-$2,000 typically. The funeral home should also be able to help you obtain death certificates and prepare the cremains.

Every funeral home sets their own prices, but they must provide documentation that clearly states the cost of each service that’s provided. With Green Cremation Texas you not only get affordable, transparent pricing you also get eco-friendly service without paying a premium.

Giving Families in Taylor Direct Cremation Options That Are More Personal

Austin Funeral Home

Taylor, TX used to be a sleepy distant suburb of Austin surrounded by farmland and fields, but a lot has changed over the last decade. It’s becoming more of an extension of the big city where residents can find live music and BBQ right in their backyard.

Taylor has seen a lot of development recently, which is causing some to worry about the changing landscape and how it affects the local environment. In an effort to preserve the natural beauty of the area many families are more conscious of how their choices are making an impact.

Benefits of Choosing Cremation Only in Taylor

Getting cheap cremation in Taylor isn’t the only motivating factor for choosing an option that foregos funeral services. Many families have found that the services provided by funeral homes are overpriced and not personal enough. In addition, they can cause significant environmental damage. When you consider that you can still have a memorial service to honor a loved one, many people see the benefits in direct cremation. 

Taylor cremation memorial options include:

  • Around a third of families bury their loved one’s cremains, which can be done at Oakwood Cemetery or the nearby Austin Memorial Park. 
  • Having a scattering ceremony at Taylor Park or another scenic spot along the San Gabriel River. 
  • Planning a memorial hike or bike ride down the Old Settler’s Park trail. 

Green Cremation Texas gives you options that are more affordable, better for the environment and allow for personalized funeral services. Call today if you’d like to know more about what can be done to honor a loved one’s memory before or after direct cremation.

Helping You Through the Green Cremation Process in Taylor

When you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to have to do is research all the steps that have to be taken next. With Green Cremation Texas you don’t have to worry about that. We offer cremation packages that include everything from start to finish. All you have to do is decide on the type of cremation you’d like performed. 

Our all-inclusive cremation services in Taylor include:

  • Getting services arranged however is convenient for you – online, over the phone or in-person.
  • Corresponding with the morgue, coroner’s office or medical examiner’s office.
  • Transporting your loved one to our facility in an electric or hybrid vehicle.
  • Filing paperwork needed to obtain death certificates and the death registration.
  • Performing an eco-friendly cremation.
  • Preparing the cremains.
  • Securing the cremains for pickup or delivering them to the location of your choice.

Low-cost cremation in Taylor doesn’t have to mean you’re getting subpar service. If you believe that funeral services should be personal rather than overpriced, then direct cremation might be the best option for your family.

Premier Provider of Taylor Cremation Only, No Service Funerals

Green Cremation Texas is a premier direct cremation provider that is dedicated to making funeral arrangements easier on families in Taylor and the local environment they call home. Long before the ecological issues of funeral services became common knowledge we were innovating our cremation services so that they are cleaner, greener and less costly. When you choose Green Cremation Texas you have the assurance of knowing you’re working with a funeral home that cares.
We’re here to answer any questions that you may have about eco-friendly funeral services, the process and direct cremation prices in Taylor, TX. You can call, text or email us 24 hours a day any day of the year.