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Green Cremation Texas offers the most eco-friendly cremation options in the Houston area. In addition to being better for the local environment, you can also save time and stress by arranging services online or over the phone. No in-person visit at the funeral home required.

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Low-Cost Cremation in Houston With an Even Lower Impact

If protecting the environment was an important cause for your loved one, then our green cremation services are the perfect way to honor their memory. As the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the state, only Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home can provide the most eco-friendly end of life services in Houston.

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Houston Green Cremation Services

Traditional cremation can require a lot of energy, and incineration has the potential to release harmful toxins into the atmosphere. Our clean flame cremation process eliminates the incineration of plastics and uses less energy compared to standard cremation services.

Aquamation, commonly referred to as water cremation, is a relatively new service that few funeral homes can offer. Our water cremation process involves a water/alkali solution and elevated heat that causes natural decomposition without producing any carcinogens. It is an extremely green option that uses 90% less energy than traditional services.

Green Funeral Containers for Houston Memorials

You can now get green funeral urns in Houston from Green Cremation Texas. Our selection of cremation containers includes biodegradable receptacles that can be used for burials and eco-friendly scattering tubes.

Today’s Average Funeral and Cremation Prices in Houston

Trying to figure out burial and direct cremation costs in Houston can be a frustrating process. Funeral homes are notorious for providing estimates of prices that start increasing once everything is underway.

In an effort to keep local families fully informed, Green Cremation Texas provides flat-rate fees online and information on average expenses for different types of services.

Average Funeral Costs in Houston

Houston doesn’t have the highest cost of living in Texas, but funeral services can be a huge expense. A traditional burial in the Houston area can be $7,600 or more. And that doesn’t include burial fees, the plot or the headstone.

Average Cremation Costs in Houston

How much is cremation in Houston? There’s such a large range of total costs it’s hard to estimate exactly what a family will pay. However, the average cost of cremation in Houston is close to the state average of $4,688.

Average Cost of Cremation Without Service in Houston

Houston direct cremation prices are the most affordable. Choosing cremation only in Houston streamlines the process, which reduces the cost. Forgoing the funeral home viewing and memorial saves thousands. Generally, in Houston direct cremation is $1,000-$2,200.

Why More Texas Families Choose Our Houston Direct Cremation Services

Houston Funeral Home

Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country. The booming metropolis has seen a massive amount of development in recent years to the point many now advocate for more regulation to protect delicate ecosystems and prevent flooding.

One way locals are reducing their eco-footprint is with green direct cremation services. It not only reduces pollution and energy use, it also gives families a much larger range of memorial options.

Planning a Memorial in Houston After the Cremation
Houston is a place where there’s something for everyone. In a city this size there are countless ways to celebrate someone’s life and accomplishments beyond a formal service at a funeral home.

Popular cremation memorial options in Houston include:

  • Burying a loved one’s remains in a family plot at Forest Lawn Cemetery or the Houston National Cemetery if your loved one served in the military.
  • Scattering the ashes along the Brazos River, up at Lake Conroe or across the bay.
  • Having a traditional memorial service at home, the Houston Museum of Natural Science or one of the many other special venues around the city.

When you choose direct cremation in Houston you are choosing the simplest end of life service that gives you the most control. Instead of settling for service at an impersonal funeral home, you can plan a memorial that’s more meaningful for your family.

Everything You Need to Get Through the Cremation Process in Houston

How much do Houston cremation only no service options cost? What type of paperwork has to be filed? What does the basic cremation process include?

Trying to find answers to these questions after a loved one passes away can be a stressful, time-consuming endeavor. At Green Cremation Texas, we’ve simplified the process and made it more energy efficient by streamlining services and offering all-inclusive packages. Instead of having to make one decision after the other all you have to do is select a package and our team of experts will handle everything else.

Green Cremation Texas packages include:

  • Consultation with our funeral director to learn about the process and options.
  • Service arrangements made in-person, online or over the phone.
  • Transport from the local coroner’s office to our energy-efficient crematorium.
  • Completion of the death certificates and death registration.
  • Preparation of the remains.
    Delivery to a location of your choice or pick up at our Houston area funeral home.

Green Cremation Texas is a trusted partner that has helped countless families get through one of the most difficult experiences they have ever faced. Every step of the way you can count on our team to deliver exemplary service that preserves your loved one’s memory and the Houston environment.

Stress-Free Cremation Options in a Funeral Home That You Can Trust

Today you can preserve your loved one’s memory without negatively impacting the unique Houston environment or sacrificing service. Over the last 20 years, Green Cremation Texas has helped revolutionize the cremation industry with technologically-advanced techniques and transparent packages that alleviate the burden on arranging services.

High-quality cheap cremation in Houston is possible when you work with a trusted funeral home that puts your well-being above all else.

When you need us, we’re here for you. Give Green Cremation Texas a call – we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions or arrange cremation services in Houston.

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