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Inexpensive Eco-Conscious Cremation Services in Lockhart

No family should have to modify funeral arrangements because the options are limited. At Green Cremation Texas we’ve made it our mission to ensure every family in Lockhart and the rest of the state has the freedom to plan a funeral that reflects the life and values of their loved one. Eco-friendly, affordable, personal – it’s a funeral option everyone deserves.

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Green Direct Cremation in Lockhart: Greater Satisfaction With a Lower Impact

Many families that we work with believe memorializing a loved one shouldn’t come at the expense of other people’s health or create environmental damage. They demand better options than the status quo that’s increasingly more expensive and impersonal. Green Cremation Texas is proud to be the first carbon-neutral funeral home in the entire state. We bring you eco-conscious choices that aren’t available from other funeral homes.

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Eco-Friendly Cremation Options in Lockhart

Our proprietary clean flame cremation process reduces energy use and pollution without increasing the cost. You get the convenience and affordability of direct cremation with the benefit of knowing the service has less of an impact on the environment.

The greenest form of disposition is going to be water cremation. This cost-effective option uses 90% less energy than traditional cremation. There’s also no concern over air pollutants or the safety risks involved with incineration. Plus, water cremation results in 30% more cremains.

Eco-Friendly Funeral Urns in Lockhart

Finding the perfect cremation container in Lockhart is easier with our team’s help. You can choose from a selection of biodegradable burial urns, eco-friendly scattering tubes and urns made of sustainable materials.

Transparent Pricing That Makes It Easy to Find Affordable Cremation in Lockhart

The last thing any family wants to do after a loved one passes away is figure out funeral prices or how much cremation costs in Lockhart. It can be a very frustrating process that lacks transparency despite laws that require funeral homes to provide an itemized price list. Adding to the problem is the fact there are no standard prices. Every funeral home is free to charge whatever they want for a service.

The total cost of a traditional burial is going to be much higher than cremation prices in Lockhart. The average price for a burial that includes a viewing and funeral services is $7,848. However, this is just for the services provided by a funeral home. You’ll have to also pay for a burial plot, headstone or grave marker and cemetery fees.

How much is cremation in Lockhart? If you choose traditional cremation with a viewing and funeral services you can expect to pay $6,970 on average. Again, this is just for services provided by the funeral home. There will be additional fees for the urn and a niche if you plan to keep the cremains at a columbarium.

Average Direct Cremation Prices in Lockhart

Any services that are offered through the funeral home are probably going to be expensive. With direct cremation the funeral home doesn’t host services. Because of this, direct cremation costs in Lockhart are much more reasonable. On average the cost of cremation without service in Lockhart is going to be between $950 and $2,000 depending on the type of cremation that’s chosen.

Our green cremation packages offer everything you need for as little as $995. It’s the easiest, most eco-friendly cremation service available today.

Benefits of Lockhart Cremation Only No Service Options

Austin Funeral Home

Getting low-cost cremation in Lockhart isn’t the only benefit of forgoing funeral services. Direct cremation proves you don’t have to pay for overpriced events that are hosted by a funeral home. Lockhart families can do it their own way on their own terms for a price they can afford.


Direct cremation is also much easier on the local environment. A stroll around Lockhart Town Square makes it obvious why residents are proud of their historic city. Significant effort has been put into conserving the beauty of the buildings, the traditions of barbecuing and dance halls where generations have two stepped. Choosing direct cremation is just one more way you can get back to doing things the way they were done when Lockhart was founded over 170 years ago.

Planning a Personalized Austin Cremation Memorial Services from Green Cremation Texas don’t just help the city reach its net-zero emissions initiatives. Direct cremation in Austin also gives you the ability to completely personalize the memorial service. There’s no pressure to have a memorial right away at the funeral home. You can take your time planning a one-of-a-kind cremation memorial that truly honors your loved one. By choosing direct cremation you can:
  • Bury your loved one’s remains at Austin Memorial Park, Oakwood Cemetery or another local cemetery of your choice.
  • Scatter your loved one’s remains along the banks of Lake Travis, Barton Creek trails or a special spot at McKinney Falls State Park.
  • Have a memorial service at Covert Park on Mount Bonnell, the Umlauf Sculpture Garden or another scenic spot that was meaningful to your loved one.
With direct cremation services from Green Cremation Texas you get an eco-friendly end of life option that also gives you more control over the process.

Expert Guidance Through the Lockhart Cremation Process

Being a guide through the cremation process is the most important role we play as a funeral home. We work with countless families in Lockhart and across Central Texas. They all have one thing in common – no one wants to spend the grieving period planning a funeral. Worse still is the stress from worrying about all of the legal requirements.

Green Cremation Texas is a funeral home that is simplifying end of life services so they are less stressful all around. Our process is more efficient and eco-friendly while covering everything that’s necessary to perform a cremation. We’ll provide clear direction every step of the way so there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Arrange services whatever way is most convenient – call, text or email. 
  • Speak with the funeral director to determine the best option and get your questions answered.
  • All-inclusive service for a single price – no estimates, upsells or hidden fees.
  • Eco-friendly transport to our facility.
  • Filing for the death registration and death certificates.
  • Preparing the cremains, secure delivery to a location provided. 

Our experts handle all of the details so your family has a lot less to stress over. It’s the simplest, greenest and most cost-effective funeral service in Lockhart.

Work With a Lockhart Cremations Only Service Provider That Puts Your Family First

Funeral services don’t have to be complicated, expensive endeavors that leave you feeling exhausted with very little closure. Direct cremation is a simple, straightforward service that allows your family to have a personalized experience. With Green Cremation Texas you also get the added benefit of knowing you’re helping preserve the natural beauty of historic Lockhart.

When you need our help, we’re here for you. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions or arrange cremation services in Lockhart.