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Why Cremation Has Become Popular Over the Years

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Cremations are an affordable, respectful and practical way to deal with the bodies of loved ones after death. The process of cremation reduces the human body to ash by using intense heat. The residue, called ‘cremated remains,’ left can then be given to loved ones or scattered in a special place. There are a couple of cremation facilities that one could choose from depending on the type of sendoff a loved one would have wanted. 

There are many reasons why cremation might be a preferable choice for memorializing your loved one. Here are some of the biggest benefits of cremation:

It’s Green

 Cremation reduces the impact on the environment in several ways. First, it doesn’t require any embalming fluid or other toxic chemicals. Second, it doesn’t require a casket, which means you don’t have to worry about your burial space being taken up by unnecessary casket materials. Third, the cremation process is much more energy-efficient than traditional burial methods.

It’s affordable

Cremation is much cheaper than traditional burial methods and typically costs between $1,000 and $3,000. This cost does not include any kind of memorial service or any other ceremonies you might want. Cremation honors the will of your loved ones by giving them a dignified final resting place.

Embalming and casket materials dramatically increase the cost and environmental impact of a traditional burial. By choosing cremation, you can protect your loved one’s remains from the chemicals and toxins that embalming involves and greatly reduce the amount of wood used in a traditional casket.

It’s Private

Cremation is a personal choice that you can make on your own time and without help from funeral directors or other funeral providers. You can choose to keep it private or open it up to family and friends if you want to share in their final farewell with them.

It allows for a more personal and intimate ceremony. Although some people choose to have a memorial service before the cremation occurs, others prefer to keep it private until after the cremation has been completed. This allows them to have a more intimate goodbye ceremony with their loved ones and helps them feel more at peace with their loss.

Convenience At An Affordable Rate

Cremation is often thought of as a more expensive option because it involves significant upfront costs, but as mentioned above, this cost can be significantly reduced if needed. The convenience of cremation is also well worth considering when you’re trying to plan a funeral for a loved one who lives far away. 

When you’re traveling to the funeral home, it’s easier to take a cremated remains home with you in a disposable urn. You can also take the cremated remains with you on an airplane, making it easier to travel home and return to work after the funeral. There are many other reasons why cremation may be a better choice for your loved one, but these are some of the main ones you should consider when making your final decision.

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