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Planning Your Funeral: What’s the Average Cost of Cremation?

It's a good idea to plan your funeral in advance so your loved ones are prepared. Keep reading below to learn the average cost of cremation.
Planning Your Funeral
Planning Your Funeral: What's the Average Cost of Cremation?

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It’s projected that by 2040, almost 80% of Americans will opt for cremation rather than burials. It’s more tangible and eco-friendly than burials, after all. So it’s no surprise that we’re turning away from tradition and choosing a more viable alternative.

You might still be relatively young and healthy right now. But there eventually comes a time when you need to make arrangements to accommodate your passing. There may be many questions running through your head, such as: what is the average cost of cremation?

In this article, we’ll discuss all the important details you’ll need to know so you can better prepare for the inevitable.

What Does Cremation Entail?

To find out the costs of cremation, you have to first understand what it entails.

In the cast of Green Cremation Texas, we handle everything for you so you don’t have to go anywhere. First, you notify us of where the deceased is, and our funeral director will go to transport the body from there to our funeral home.

Next, paperwork needs to be filed; we’ll do that on your behalf so you don’t have to navigate complicated legal-speak or small print. Not only that, but we’ll also provide all the necessary permits you need.

With our years of experience and expertise, we can guide you through the cremation process with ease. We will explain each paper and permit to you so you understand what we’re doing as we go through the steps.

While we wait for the paperwork and permits to go through, we’ll keep your loved one safe and cared for in our funeral home. Once all the proper documents and permits are authorized, then we can then perform the cremation itself.

After the cremation is done, we at Green Cremation Texas put your loved one’s remains in an eco-friendly urn and send it securely to you. We will then get the appropriate number of death certificates ordered.

What’s the Average Cost of Cremation?

As you can see, cremation involves several steps from start to finish. Plus, every funeral home will have some variation to their processes. For example, our funeral home is 100% online, which doesn’t require you to ever have a physical meeting with us.

On average, you can expect basic cremation to cost anywhere between $7,000 and $12,000. The cheapest cremation will involve just the cremation, while the more expensive ones include things like a funeral or memorial.

Below are some factors that affect the pricing of cremation.

The Included Services

As mentioned previously, the included services for your cremation will significantly impact the price.

Some people choose to go all out and have things like a viewing, a printed memorial, cremation casket, and funeral service, and more. Obviously, the more services you choose to include with your cremation, the higher the price.

When it comes to the casket, you can choose to either buy or rent one. If you’re looking to save your family some money, then think about just going with the basic cremation and maybe an urn (more on this later). If you want a viewing, then go with a casket rental.

The Type of Cremation

For instance, Green Cremation Texas has 2 options: Green Cremation (Flame) for $945 and Green Cremation (Water) for $1,985.

While both are eco-friendly cremations, the price difference is due to the processes needed for each. The Flame cremation involves a traditional flame-based process, while the Water cremation uses advanced technology to break down the body’s chemical bonds. As you can imagine, that entails more work and tech.

The Urn Chosen

The costs for this can vary wildly as well. The smallest, plainest, most simple urns can cost just $10 to $40.

But if you want to get something big, lavish, and beautiful, then those can cost over $1,000, depending on where you get it from and what type. For example, you can get a companion urn so you can mix your ashes with a loved one’s.

The good thing is, you can already choose and buy one before your passing. That way, you can get the urn you truly like and also save your loved ones from that expense.

The Location

Prices for services will tend to vary depending on your location. This is because the cost of living will be different from state to state, even city to city. What the funeral home charges you is to reduce the overhead from operating their business and to make some income as well.

For example, the most expensive city for cremation is New York City; you might pay over $10,000 for a cremation service there. So if the city you live in has a low cost of living, you can expect to pay a little less for cremation there.

Look Into Financial Assistance

If you’re worried about your family not being able to afford your cremation, they can always look into financial assistance. Some municipalities do offer help, so check with your local government.

Also, you can always crowdfund or donate your body to science for a free cremation. With the latter, your loved ones will receive your ashes in a few weeks.

Plan Your Cremation in Advance to Help Your Loved Ones

The fact is, we will all pass on one day. Before that day comes, knowing the average cost of cremation and other important details can help you plan and make arrangements.

That way, your family won’t be burdened with the details. Instead, they’ll be able to properly mourn and honor your memory without having to worry about arranging for your cremation and beyond. Plus, you’ll ensure that your wishes are carried out.

So make sure you speak to a funeral home today to discuss your options and put together your plans. Your family will be grateful when the time comes.

Are you looking for a reputable and green funeral home in Texas? Then get in touch with us today. We’re a 100% online funeral home for your convenience.

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