Easy, refreshing funeral planning.

100% online, zero burden on your family and the planet.

Pre-arrange your funeral online now, so your family doesn’t have to later.

We get it — funerals are complicated, expensive and uncomfortable to talk about. That’s why we give you the power to pre-arrange your funeral completely online, without ever having to set foot in a physical funeral home.

Cremation Green Refreshingly Simple Options

Refreshingly Simple Options

Choose from a handful of straightforward cremation packages that are easy-to-understand, with no confusing or burdensome choices.

Cremation Green Honest Transparent Pricing

Honest, Transparent Pricing

What you see is what you get. Our no-surprises cremation packages include everything from collection to returning the ashes to your family.

Cremation Green Big Hearted Care

Big-Hearted Care

We’re 100% online, and we’re also 100% here for you and your family after you pass — so they can focus on healing, not on decisions.

cremation.green gives you the power you to pre-arrange your funeral completely online, so your family isn’t burdened with it later.

Reduce the burden on your family and gain the confidence of knowing your loved ones are in great hands.

What's Included? Everything.

There are a lot of things to think about when a loved one passes; the logistics shouldn’t be one of them.

Cremation Green Collection And Transportation

Collection + Transportation

We take care of your body each step of the way, providing safe transportation and shelter until the cremation process begins.

Cremation Green Paperwork And Permits

Paperwork + Permits

Yep, there's even red tape when it comes to death. We'll deal with the paper pushers on your family’s behalf.

Cremation Green Death Certificates

Death Certificate

Once the death is registered with the state, we'll order and deliver a death certificate to your family.

Cremation Green Green Cremation

Green Cremation

The fully green cremation is handled by our team of experts who will treat your body with dignity and respect.

Cremation Green Return Of Ashes

Return Of Ashes

We'll return your ashes to your family — through hand-delivery, local pick-up or trusted mail service.

Cremation Green Unbelievable Service

Unbelievable Service

Hands-off online planning. Hands-on caring support. Our family is here anytime your family needs us.

Our Local Service Area

Serving all of the greater Austin area.

Get 5-star funeral services in 5 minutes or less

After years of listening to the families we serve, we set out to create the funeral service people actually wanted but didn’t know how to ask for. Based in Austin, Texas, we have over 20 years of experience — and now, you can pre-arrange our services online, in 5 minutes or less.

"Melissa and Kermit, I can not express how grateful I am to have found them. They were so helpful, Melissa explained everything in full detail, and I felt as if they treated us like family! Kermit is a special dog, and we were so comforted by his presence."

- L. Sims

"Melissa was there from start to finish, and we loved the attention we received from Kermit the Grief Therapy Dog."

- H. Jasper

"We found Melissa in June 2015. Melissa was very helpful and available to my whole family when we needed her. She explained everything in detail and she was a pleasure to work with in a very sad time in all of our lives. I would highly recommend Melissa Unfred."

- L. Wursthaven

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We welcome all the questions (and we’ve got answers!)

Our team is here to be a trusted champion for you and your family, whether you have questions about how all of this works or want someone to walk with you during the pre-planning process.

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