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A Place to Rest: 5 Meaningful Places to Scatter Your Loved Ones Cremation Ashes

Would you rather scatter your loved ones ashes somewhere meaningful instead of holding on to them? Here are a few places that are appropriate.
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5 Meaningful Places to Scatter Your Loved Ones Cremation Ashes

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There’s nothing more difficult than losing a loved one. It doesn’t matter how the occasion comes to pass, it’s difficult to say goodbye. Figuring out the steps you need to take after the end of one’s life can be difficult while you are still processing and grieving.

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this that your loved one wished to be cremated after they passed. Cremation is a choice that is increasing in popularity year by year. If this is something your family has decided on, you might be unsure what to do with the cremation ashes following the ceremony.

Where are some meaningful places you might want to consider scattering the ashes of your loved one? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few worth considering.

1. The Ocean

One of the most popular locations to spread a loved one’s ashes is that way for a reason. Many people find great peace when near the wide-open blue of the ocean. If your loved one tended to spend their time at the beach or out on the water, scattering their ashes at sea might feel like a poetic bit of closure.

A beautiful day at sea can be a great place to say goodbye to your dearly departed. They can be returned to nature in a way that feels just and right.

There are many things you can do to help make this scattering special as well. Many people scatter ashes at sea alongside flower petals. These petals not only add a bright and colorful touch, but they also allow you to watch the movement of the ashes as they spread out across the many waves.

The ocean won’t be the right choice for every person, but for many, there’s no better final resting place for someone you continue to hold near and dear. 

2. A Favorite Spot Nearby

Many people choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones at a location that was near and dear to the person. This is their way of returning them to their favorite spot for one last visit.

Your loved one may have even mentioned this place when talking about their cremation as a possible final resting place. You should always attempt to make their end of life wishes a reality.

Is there a park somewhere nearby that your loved one enjoyed going on walks? A river they would hike alongside, or a lake they would go to relax and find some peace?

Choosing this spot to scatter their ashes has many benefits. You will be able to feel as if you are returning them to a place that they loved. Visiting the location will bring back memories you likely spent with them there, which while emotional, should be a good thing.

If the location is nearby, you’ll also be able to visit it anytime you want to pay your respects. This is a benefit that the ocean might not be able to provide.

3. Gardens

If your loved one enjoyed being around nature, scattering their ashes in a garden of some sort could be seen as a perfect final resting place. There are many different kinds of gardens worth considering.

Many neighborhood-run community gardens allow the scattering of ashes. This will give you a location nearby where you can go to visit your departed love one and feel close to them. 

You might have a garden on your own property or on the property of a loved one close to the deceased. Scattering their ashes at this location can help you to feel very close to the departed. 

Many churches and other religious organizations have gardens on their properties where cremated ashes may be scattered. Even some cemeteries contain gardens and allow scattering as long as permission is obtained.

You can take home a flower from the garden where you scatter the ashes to keep a reminder of your loved one in your home at all times.

4. A Location They Always Wanted to Visit

We don’t always get to do everything that we want to do in our lifetimes. This is the sad truth of being alive. For this reason, sometimes people decide to give their loved ones one last milestone by taking them to a location that they always wanted to visit but never got a chance to.

This might a country on the other side of the world (if you’re feeling ambitious), but it could even be somewhere within your state that your loved one never got the chance to make it out to. 

There’s a poeticism in allowing your loved one this final trip. Many feel as if they are granting the departed one last final wish. The journey to this location can serve as a sort of pilgrimage and can help to provide a sense of closure as well.

5. Send Them Into Space

This one certainly won’t be for everyone, but there is a new option available out there that allows people to send the ashes of their loved ones into the atmosphere and away from planet Earth entirely.

Their ashes will orbit the planet for two years, which means you can always look up into the night sky and think of them. 

This might be less popular than many other forms of scattering one’s ashes, but it is something worth considering if your loved one was prone to thinking outside of the box.

Locations to Scatter Cremation Ashes

If you’re not sure you’ll want to keep your loved one’s ashes after they are cremated, you’ll need to decide on where you’ll want to scatter them. The above are just a few potentially fitting places to scatter cremation ashes following a ceremony.

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