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Eco-Friendly Direct Cremation in Carrollton, TX

As Texas’ first and only carbon-neutral funeral home, Green Cremation Texas is an industry leader in the state that is now serving the Carrollton area. Families can choose between two eco-friendly cremation services that are affordable and easy to arrange.

Simpler, easier, greener – it’s the way funeral services should be.

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Affordable Cremation in Carrollton That’s Green and Clean

Carrollton is known for offering residents exceptional quality of life, but that doesn’t happen on its own. A lot of effort has gone into protecting green spaces, nature preserves and historic buildings so the city doesn’t become just another DFW distribution hub.

Innovative service providers like Green Cremation Texas are aiding the effort by offering the greenest, cleanest end of life services in Carrollton. We’ve revolutionized the process so that it’s greener without increasing cremation cost for Carrollton locals.

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Our Green Cremation Services in Carrollton

Families that prefer traditional cremation but are concerned with the environmental impact will gravitate toward our clean flame cremation. Our unique process minimizes energy use and reduces the amount of potential airborne pollutants.

Aquamation, also called water cremation or alkali hydrolysis, is the newest form of cremation. No flame is used in this process. Cremation is made possible by a pressurized chamber that’s filled with a water/alkali solution. The solution is slowly heated to cremate the body while using 90% less energy than flame cremation.

Eco-Friendly Cremation Containers in Carrollton

We can help you get sustainable funeral urns in Carrollton no matter what you plan to do with the remains. The selection includes biodegradable urns that can be used for green burial and environmentally friendly scattering tubes.

Transparent Comparison of Carrollton Cremation Prices and Burial Costs

How much is cremation in Carrollton? And is the price comparable to a traditional burial? Is it possible to find cheap cremation in Carrollton without sacrificing service?

Burial and cremation prices in Carrollton can be hard to decipher. Funeral homes are required by law to provide an estimate sheet, but that’s exactly what it is – an estimate. We believe grieving families deserve straightforward funeral services that make the costs clear. That’s why we offer flat-rate services for a fixed price, and provide information that makes funeral costs in Carrollton more transparent. 

Traditional Burial Funeral Costs in Carrollton

It’s no secret traditional burial is the most expensive end of life service. The national average is now $7,630 for a standard funeral, which is in line with costs in Texas. Despite that large price tag it doesn’t include the burial plot, cemetery fees or headstone. When everything is factored in it isn’t uncommon for a traditional burial to cost over $10,000. 

Average Cost of Cremation in Carrollton

Traditional flame-based cremation is the next most expensive option. The average cremation cost in Carrollton is around $5,100. Nearly half of the cost is for memorial services at the funeral home. 

The Cost of Cremation Without Service in Carrollton

Forgoing the memorial service at the funeral home will dramatically lower the cost. With direct cremation you get all of the essentials without the overpriced memorial and viewing services. Direct cremation prices in Carrollton start at about $850 and go up to over $2,000.

Flexible Cremation Options for Carrollton Residents

Carrollton Cremation

From Carrollton’s historic downtown with its classic town square to the Perry Homestead Museum to Elm Fork Nature Preserve, residents are preserving as much of the city as possible. It’s one of the areas of the DFW metro that’s known for trying to minimize impact in the face of continuous development.

One way environmental changes are being minimized is a shift in end of life services. Carrollton residents are more aware than ever that funerals leave a lasting impression that isn’t always positive. Beyond the environmental impact, many people are left feeling unsatisfied by standard, impersonal funerals.

Green Cremation Texas provides a solution that’s better for the local environment and provides a more fulfilling experience for mourners. When you choose direct cremation you are choosing to reduce impact while expanding your memorial options.

Green Cremation Memorials in Carrollton

You no longer have to settle for a rushed memorial service at the funeral home. With direct cremation you have time to plan a one-of-a-kind memorial that celebrates your loved one’s life the way they lived it.

Carrollton cremation memorial options include:

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without trying to arrange a memorial in a matter of days. A cremation memorial gives you more flexibility and few limitations over the arrangements. If you would like to discuss your options, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to help.

Stress Less With the Easiest Cremation Process in Carrollton

Arranging a cremation doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to involve hours of research, decisions and planning. Our cremation services in Carrollton are as simple as they are green. All you have to do is pick the type of cremation you want performed and we’ll handle all of the details from start to finish.

Green Cremation Texas end of life services include:

  • Scheduling services in-person, over the phone or online completely contact-free.
  • One-on-one consultations with our funeral director.
  • Coordinating all transport to and from our facility using eco-friendly vehicles.
  • Filing the paperwork for the death certificates and death registration. 
  • Obtaining the permits for legally performing a cremation.
  • The option to pickup the remains or have them delivered after the cremation.

At Green Cremation Texas, we offer low-cost cremation in Carrollton, but we never cut corners on customer care. Instead, we’ve cut out all the unnecessary parts of the process that add more expense than value.

Carrollton Cremation Only, No Service Funerals That Are Better for the Environment

The City of Carrollton highlights its connection to the past, history and preservation. But the only way to do that is through innovative solutions that lower impact. What we provide at Green Cremation Texas is an elevated experience that families can feel good about. Our direct cremation service preserves your loved one’s memory while protecting the legacy they leave behind.

We’re here for you when you need us. Call us, text or email 24/7 to learn more about your options and direct cremation costs in Carrollton.