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Mountain Creek Cemetery – Where Traditional Burial Meets Green Burial

Mountain Creek Cemetery is one of only two cemeteries in Texas that are certified by the Green Burial Council, the other one being Our Lady of the Rosary just outside of Austin, TX.
Mountain Creek Cemetery

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Most major Texas metros have at least one or two green end of life options, and Dallas is no exception. Mountain Creek Cemetery in Grand Prairie, TX is an expansive certified hybrid cemetery. Instead of rows and rows of headstones, this cemetery is five acres of grassy fields and woods.

Mountain Creek Cemetery is one of only two cemeteries in Texas that are certified by the Green Burial Council, the other one being Our Lady of the Rosary just outside of Austin, TX. Because this is a hybrid cemetery, there are a few features that wouldn’t typically be in a green cemetery. The beautiful stone mausoleum on the grounds is a perfect example.

Although it is a hybrid cemetery, you can rest assured that the green burial portion of the grounds offers an eco-friendly funeral experience in a beautiful setting.

Blending Traditional and Eco-Friendly Burials

Cemetery managers around the country are getting more requests for green burials, but they still want to serve families that prefer traditional burial. The solution for some cemeteries is to accommodate both as a hybrid cemetery.

Mountain Creek Cemetery is a perfect example of how cemeteries are changing to meet the needs and demands of today. The owner Stephen Harris wants to assist Dallas-area families no matter how they want to honor their loved one. Adding green burial as an option allows Mountain Creek Cemetery to serve families that would otherwise have to drive hundreds of miles to find a similar service.

The requirements for green burial at Mountain Creek Cemetery include:

  • No concrete grave liners.
  • Only biodegradable items may be put in the grave.
  • Only eco-friendly, natural burial containers can be used.
  • Burial after embalming is only allowed if non-toxic embalming fluid was used.

As long as the cemetery has 48-hour notice they can arrange for the burial and a graveside service. For green burials, family members or friends can participate in the process by opening and closing the grave.

Like all green cemeteries, the goal is to minimize environmental disruption as much as possible and promote growth so that natural habitats are preserved. In a fast-growing metro like Dallas, minimizing impact and preserving land seems to be harder and harder. Each green burial at Mountain Creek Cemetery helps reduce the 20 million feet of board, 1.6 million tons of concrete and 64,500 tons of steel that goes into the ground each year as a result of traditional burials.

Green Burial for Cremated Remains

Many families that cremate a loved one choose to bury part or all of the cremated remains in a final resting place. However, burying cremated remains must be done in a particular way to prevent contaminating the surrounding soil and killing the plant life. Families that are concerned about the environmental impact of funeral services often opt for burial at a green or hybrid cemetery like Mountain Creek Cemetery.

Mountain Creek Cemetery offers the following options for cremation burials:

  • Single, in-ground niches 
  • Family cremation niches for 4 or more
  • Companion niches that can be added onto a single, in-ground niche

The niches can be green or traditional so families should specify their preference. You can also choose to have a graveside service just as you would with a green body burial.

Green Cremation Texas can provide guidance for families that are considering eco-friendly cremation followed by green burial. We’re available by phone, text or email 24 hours a day.

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