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Eco-Friendly Cremation at Our Cedar Park Funeral Home

In Cedar Park residents don’t have to give up service options for quiet, scenic suburban life. The close proximity to Austin means that you still have the ability to honor a loved one however you choose when they pass away. Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home offers innovative direct cremation that preserves your loved one’s memory and the local environment.

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Affordable Cremation in Cedar Park That’s Good for the Environment

Now that Cedar Park is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, preservation and environmental protection is more important than ever. As the only certified carbon-neutral funeral home in the state, Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home is providing vital end of life services that do just that. The mission of our family-owned business is to make sure other Texas families have eco-friendly choices that are simple, straightforward and affordable.

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Our Cedar Park Green Cremation Services

We’ve dramatically improved flame cremation so that it is cleaner and more eco-friendly. Our crematorium is extremely energy efficient and no plastics are ever incinerated. It’s the greenest flame-based cremation process in Cedar Park.

Cedar Park families that are interested in the greenest end of life option can select water cremation, also known as aquamation. Green Cremation Texas is among the few funeral homes in the state to offer this revolutionary service that naturally decomposes using a water-based solution instead of flame. As a result no airborne toxins are generated and 90% less energy is used.

Green Funeral Urns in Cedar Park

Once the cremation is complete the remains will be stored in a temporary, recyclable cardboard container. You can choose to have the remains transferred to your own funeral urn or select one of our green cremation containers. We have a selection of biodegradable urns and eco-friendly scattering tubes.

Traditional Funeral, Cremation and Direct Cremation Costs in Cedar Park

There are more end of life options in Cedar Park today than ever before, however services get more expensive by the year. We all want to honor our loved ones, but cost is a legitimate concern. Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home is helping families make more informed decisions by providing transparent information about funeral and cremation prices.

Funeral Costs in Cedar Park

The most expensive end of life option is going to be a traditional funeral with burial. The average funeral cost is now $7,755 without cemetery fees or factoring in a burial plot. There is a wide range of funeral expenses because there are so many options. It’s not unheard of for a traditional funeral in Cedar Park to cost $10,000 or more.

The average cost of cremation in Cedar Park is close to the state average – $3,720. But Cedar Park cremation cost can vary significantly depending on the funeral home and services you select.

Cost of Cremation Without Service in Cedar Park

We believe no family should have to sacrifice service to get cheap cremation in Cedar Park. Direct cremation, creation without service at a funeral home, is a cost-effective option that includes all of the essentials. You’ll find direct cremation prices in Cedar Park for less than $1,300.

Green Cremation Texas offers low-cost cremation in Cedar Park with the added benefit of being low impact on the local environment. All of our flat-rate fees are clearly stated upfront so that it’s as transparent as possible. You’ll pay one low fee and never have to worry about hidden or surprise expenses.

Providing the Direct Cremation Options Cedar Park Families Deserve

Cedar Park Funeral Home

Not long ago, Cedar Park was a sleepy little suburb known for having great schools and plenty of rugged Texas terrain with beautiful oaks. Now it’s the 13th fastest growing city with more than 50,000 residents and new development is springing up everywhere.

Fortunately, city officials and residents understand the importance of protecting the local environment during this period of growth. There’s a fantastic Parks and Rec department that includes unique attractions like the Monarch Butterfly Preservation. We support Cedar Park’s preservation efforts with direct cremation services that give families more control so that they can celebrate their loved one’s life while protecting this beautiful area.

Benefits of Choosing Cremation Only in Cedar Park

Cedar Park folks aren’t showy. They appreciate the simple pleasures in life like spending the day at Lake Travis or watching a Texas Stars hockey game with the family. When you choose direct cremation in Cedar Park you don’t have to host an overpriced, impersonal service at a funeral home. You have the freedom to memorialize your loved one however you want.

  • You can opt for something more traditional by burying your loved one’s remains at Cedar Park Cemetery, Bonnet Cemetery or New Hope Cemetery.
  • Many people choose to scatter the ashes at Veterans Memorial Park or the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden.
  • Another option is to have a memorial service at your loved one’s home or a local venue where family and friends can pay tribute.

The flexibility allows you to take as much time as you need to plan a memorial service that’s special and can even allow your loved one to become part of Cedar Park’s beautiful environment.

Your Trusted Partner for Green Cremation Services in Cedar Park

No one is fully prepared to arrange end of life services. It’s an extremely difficult time and all of the decisions can be overwhelming.

We’re here to ease the stress. Our all-inclusive packages mean you only have to make a single selection then our experienced team will handle the rest. Green Cremation Texas makes end of life services easier by:

  • Arranging services with you in-person or over the phone if you prefer.
  • Contacting the local coroner’s office to arrange for your loved one to be transported to our facility.
  • Handling all of the necessary paperwork for the death registration and death certificates.
  • Delivering the remains to the location of your choice or making them available for pick up at our facility.

Our family-owned business has been providing Cedar Park residents with easy, affordable, green end of life services for over 20 years. We promise you’ll receive exemplary service that eases the burden and allows you to heal after the loss of a loved one.

Premier Provider of Cedar Park Cremation Only, No Service Funerals

Green Cremation Texas is Cedar Park’s premier direct cremation funeral home. As a cremation only facility, we offer services that are not only fast and affordable but also healthier for the environment. It’s the peace of mind you need when you need it most.

During this difficult time you aren’t alone. We’re available to answer your questions about the cremation process in Cedar Park 24 hours a day 7 days a week.