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The Role Convenience Plays in Choosing Cremation

More people are choosing cremation for many reasons. Find out how convenience and simplicity are playing a role in the rising cremation rate.
The Role Convenience Plays in Choosing Cremation
Shopping online concept. simplicity are playing a role in the rising cremation rate.

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Despite a renewed interest in traditional funerals during the pandemic, cremation rates are still on the rise. There are a number of factors contributing to the growing interest in cremation. Some of those factors aren’t surprising, like lower cost compared to burial. Other reasons are based on environmental issues like land conservation and pollution that people are increasingly concerned about.

But there’s a surprising reason that’s actually very common when people are surveyed about their reasons for choosing cremation. It seems for many people choosing cremation is a matter of convenience.

What Surveys Reveal About People’s Desire for Simple Funeral Services

A number of surveys make it clear that cremation is more appealing than burial not just because it costs less but because it’s also easier to arrange. The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) was among the first to highlight this factor. In a 2005 CANA report 14% of people said their primary reason for choosing cremation was because cremation is more convenient and simpler than burial. Saving money was the only reason that was more common than convenience.

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) backed up this finding with one of their own. The NFDA’s 2015 Cremation & Burial Report noted that convenience was the second most common reason for choosing cremation after cost.

A survey by funeralOne the following year reinforced the fact convenience is a major factor. Their survey asked respondents what would motivate them to choose cremation over traditional burial. The third most common response (20.1%) was that cremation is simple with few decisions. It was a more popular reason for choosing cremation than keeping a loved one’s remains close at home.

More Transient Population is Playing a Role

One of the main reasons convenience is so important now is because Americans are more transient than ever before. From going to college to retiring, more people are deciding to move away from where they grew up and where family members live.

This was highlighted in a 2007 survey of Nevada residents, the state that had the highest cremation rate at the time at 60%. One of the top reasons for the high cremation rate in Nevada was the transitory population.

Living far away from relatives adds a serious logistical factor to funeral arrangements. Burial is highly localized and could require long distance transport of the body. Cremation services, on the other hand, can be arranged over the phone and completed where the loved one died. The cremains can then be picked up or shipped.

People Who Pre-Plan Funeral Services Are More Likely to Choose Cremation

There are some interesting statistics surrounding advanced funeral arrangements. It turns out people are more likely to choose cremation if they plan their funeral in advance. A Choice Mutual survey found that 44% of people plan to be cremated while just 35% plan to be buried.

When you’re choosing for yourself people tend to be more practical about funeral arrangements. And when people approach it in a pragmatic way, the convenience of cremation makes sense. No one wants to burden their loved ones with complicated death care services. That’s why they are making advanced funeral arrangements in the first place.

At Green Cremation Texas, we go above and beyond to make the cremation process as simple as possible for families. We understand how stressful planning a funeral can be during a time when you’re already emotionally, mentally and physically strained. We offer convenient eco-friendly cremation services that make funeral arrangements extremely easy to manage. 

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