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Affordable Cremation in Irving That’s Good for the Environment

Green Cremation Texas is the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the Lone Star State. We’re industry leaders that have worked tirelessly to make end of life services greener for over 20 years. Our Irving cremation services are an affordable option that’s ideal for anyone who made eco-friendliness a priority in life.

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Get Irving Direct Cremation Services That Are Greener and Cleaner

If you’ve ever enjoyed the outdoor installations at the Irving Arts Center or biking down the Sam Houston Trail, then you understand why green direct cremation in Irving is becoming more common. As more people realize the environmental impact of traditional funeral services, they are looking for alternative options like the innovation services at Green Cremation Texas.

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Our Green Cremation Services in Irving

Our team has developed an extremely eco-friendly process we call clean flame cremation. Incineration is used to cremate, however, the procedures and precautions that are put into place dramatically reduce energy consumption and the pollutants that are generated.

Water cremation, also referred to as alkali hydrolysis or aquamation, is a new procedure that’s 90% more energy efficient than traditional cremation. Because a water/alkali solution is used instead of incineration, there are no harmful byproducts or air pollutants. Families will receive remains just as they would with another cremation service that isn’t as eco-friendly.

Green Funeral Urns in Irving

After the cremation process, cremated remains are kept in a temporary, recyclable cardboard container unless there is another vessel you’d like to use. We have green cremation containers in Irving that are appropriate for green burial, scattering ceremonies and long-term storage. You can also choose to use your own personal container as well.

Burial, Cremation and Direct Cremation Cost in Irving

How much is cremation in Irving? Is it really thousands less than burial? Can you find cheap cremation in Irving without sacrificing quality service?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding funeral costs today. Each provider charges different rates and those rates aren’t always transparent. This quick overview provides insight into burial, cremation and direct cremation costs in Irving.

Burial Funeral Costs in Irving

With an average cost of $7,360, traditional burial is easily the most expensive funeral option. And that price is just for the funeral home services. Additional costs such as the burial plot and headstone are not included. Altogether, traditional burial is closer to $10,000.

Cremation Prices in Irving

When cremation services include a viewing and memorial at the funeral home it isn’t much cheaper than burial. The average cost of cremation in Irving is around $5,100 with these services included.

Cost of Cremation Without Service in Irving

Irving direct cremation prices are much more affordable than traditional burial and cremation because the funeral home isn’t orchestrating the memorial or a viewing. Families that choose to arrange their own memorial can find direct cremation services for less than $900.

Green Cremation Texas offers cremation that’s not only low-cost, it’s also eco-friendly. We bring superior service to more families while protecting the unique ecosystems of the state we all call home. Contact us today to learn more about our all-inclusive cremation service packages.

Giving Families Direct Cremation Options in Irving

Irving Cremation

Irving is a city that’s steeped in history, and the locals are invested in preserving it. Sites like the Ruth Paine House are passionately protected, and Irving residents are now extending preservation efforts to the precious green spaces that are dwindling with development.

Irving is also a place where people aren’t afraid to branch out and do things outside of the norm. The city has a diverse community that’s embracing cremation like the rest of the country because of its all-around efficiency. Direct cremation is not only more cost-effective and energy-efficient, but it also gives you more memorial options that are specific to your family.

Choosing Cremation Only in Irving Means More Memorial Options

People want funeral services that are personalized and more meaningful. Choosing cremation only in Irving does that by giving you more control over the process. Direct cremation gives you the ability to plan the type of memorial you imagined for your loved one instead of settling for services at a funeral home.

  • Around one-third of families choose to bury their loved one’s cremated remains. In Irving,
  • Mountain Creek Cemetery offers cremation burial services that are eco-friendly.
  • Scattering all or part of the ashes in a scenic spot like Kennan Crossing Trail is another way to memorialize a loved one.
  • Organize a tribute walk or bike along the Campion Trail in honor of the deceased.

Traditional funeral services can’t accommodate these types of memorials, but direct cremation can. Before or after the cremation, you can give your loved one the memorial they would want.

Getting You Through the Cremation Process in Irving

A lot of big decisions are made when you’re planning a funeral, but few people are prepared to make those decisions. That’s why we keep services as simple and straightforward as possible. Our low-cost cremation in Irving includes everything you need to complete the process along with the support of caring experts that can provide guidance.

  • Arrange services however it’s most convenient – in-person, over the phone or online.
  • Talk with our knowledgeable funeral director one-on-one to learn more about your options.
  • Rest easy knowing that all of the logistics are covered, including transport from the local coroner’s office.
  • Our experienced team handles all of the paperwork – permits, death certificate and death registration.
  • Request to have the remains delivered to your location or made available for pick up at our facility.

We’re a family-owned Texas business that is dedicated to bringing Irving locals better end of life services. Our goal is to minimize the amount of stress that’s felt by families and the environment they live in.

We’re the Irving Cremation Only, No Service Funeral Experts

Irving has been rated one of the best places to live for a reason. The residents take pride in their community and make a conscious effort to maintain the area’s peaceful appeal.

Direct cremation is one of the greenest end of life services that is readily available in Irving. From innovative aquamation to more efficient flame cremation, Green Cremation Texas honors your loved one and where they lived.

If you have questions about your cremation options in Irving give our team a call. We’re available to answer calls, texts and emails 24 hours a day.