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Natural Burials and Eco-Friendly, Low-Cost Cremation

If you’ve lost a loved one the last thing you want to do is spend hours in a funeral home making arrangements. With Green Cremation Texas, you don’t have to stress about orchestrating everything on your own. Within minutes you can learn about your green cremation options in Friendswood, select an all-inclusive service and get back to the comfort of your family.

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Friendswood Cremation Services That Are Friendly for the Environment

A city that’s named Friendswood is the perfect place for our green cremation services. Like us, the community is completely invested in protecting the local environment. As the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in Texas, it’s our responsibility to lead the way in bringing green end of life services to more families.

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Green Cremation Options in Friendswood

Green Cremation Texas has revolutionized flame-based service. We reduce the amount of resources that are used and harmful byproducts from start to finish. From reducing carbon emissions during transport to removing plastic medical devices, our energy-efficient crematorium uses every opportunity to reduce the eco-footprint of flame cremation.

The process known as alkaline hydrolysis, or water cremation, is one of the greenest end of life services currently available. Water cremation doesn’t involve incineration, therefore there’s no concern over airborne pollutants. We use a pressurized chamber filled with a water/alkali solution that is slowly heated to naturally decompose in a very short amount of time.

Eco-Friendly Funeral Urns in Friendswood

Once the cremation is complete you’ll need to choose a receptacle. We’ll provide a temporary recyclable cardboard vessel, or you can choose one of our eco-friendly cremation containers in Friendswood. We have biodegradable urns for burials as well as green scattering tubes.

Friendswood Cremation Prices

How much is cremation in Friendswood? Is it cheaper than a burial? Will I still get the same level of service for a lower price?

These are all reasonable questions to ask as you explore your end of life options. Unfortunately, finding answers to your questions can be difficult. Funeral homes in Texas are only required to provide an estimate before rendering services. Often those estimates get inflated along the way. That’s not how we do business at Green Cremation Texas. We always provide prices upfront that are set in stone and cover the entire cremation process.

Below is a little more information on funeral costs in Friendswood.

Average Cost of a Burial in Friendswood
It’s no secret that burial funeral costs in Friendswood have gotten extremely expensive. The average cost has increased to over $7,000, however, that doesn’t include everything. The plot, headstone and cemetery fees will be extra.

Average Cost of Cremation in Friendswood
Many people don’t realize a cremation that includes services at the funeral home is almost as expensive as burial. The average cremation cost in Friendswood with viewing and memorial services is around $6,300.

Friendswood Direct Cremation Prices
The cost of cremation without service in Friendswood is far less than conventional options. There are far fewer direct cremation costs for Friendswood families to manage since the process is much more streamlined. Because the service is simplified, it’s possible to get direct cremation for less than $1,000.

Green Cremation Texas believes families deserve fair, honest assistance in one of the greatest times of need. That’s why Green Cremation Texas offers easy to understand, all-inclusive prices. You’ll never have to worry about inaccurate estimates, hidden fees or upcharges.

Why More Families Choose Direct Cremation in Friendswood

Eco-friendly Cremation

Modern industries like aerospace, medical sciences and information technology may fuel the local economy, but many people in Friendswood choose to live a simple and green lifestyle. This peaceful, small community is an escape from the hectic Houston metro where residents enjoy 12 parks and 266 acres of greenspace.

Communities like Friendswood are why Green Cremation Texas exists. We strive every day to bring Texans alternatives to expensive traditional funerals that have a heavy impact on the local environment. With us, you have more options and are in control of the process.

Holding a Memorial After the Cremation Process in Friendswood
Choosing cremation only doesn’t mean you have to forgo a memorial service. It’s actually the exact opposite. Instead of feeling pressured to have a memorial in a matter of days that requires toxic embalming chemicals and an impersonal setting, direct cremation gives you the ability to have a service whenever you’d like, wherever you’d like.

Popular options for cremation memorial services in Friendswood include:

  • Burying the remains at Grace Memorial Park or Oak Park Cemetery.
  • Scattering the ashes along the trails of Frankie Carter Randolph Park.
  • Holding a memorial at a family residence, the piers of Lake Friendswood Park or another special place that was meaningful to your loved one.

We want to give Friendswood families control over the process without having to worry about every little detail. With direct cremation in Friendswood you can take the time you need to grieve before honoring your loved one with a personal memorial.

Get Advice From the Experts on Cremations Only in Friendswood

It’s possible to get cheap cremation in Friendswood and excellent customer care when you work with Green Cremation Texas. Unlike other funeral homes in Texas, we offer all-inclusive cremation services at a set price. You have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’ll pay and there isn’t an endless array of choices to make.

All you have to do is pick the type of green cremation service that works best for your family, and we’ll handle everything else. Our team will:

  • Work directly with you to fully explain your green cremation options.
  • Handle the transport to our facility for the cremation.
    Obtain the necessary permits for conducting the cremation.
  • File the paperwork needed for the death certificate and death registration.
  • Deliver the remains to a location of your choice or make them available for pickup.

Planning a funeral after the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult. Our job is to make the process easier on the family by offering direct cremation in Friendswood that includes all of the essentials without the expensive extras that create unnecessary pollution.

Affordable Eco-friendly Cremation in Friendswood That Will Exceed Your Expectations

Typically, choosing the eco-friendly option means paying a higher price, but with cremation only no service in Friendswood it’s the exact opposite. Green Cremation Texas has been offering affordable cremation services across the state for years. We are industry leaders in green end of life services that cut costs without sacrificing quality.

If you have questions about our green cremation services or how the cremation process in Friendswood works give us a call. We are available to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.