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Top 7 Ways to Get the Cheapest Funeral Costs

They say the only two things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. Well, dying isn't cheap, but we have 7 ways to get the cheapest funeral costs.
Cheapest Funeral Costs
They say the only two things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. Well, dying isn't cheap, but we have 7 ways to get the cheapest funeral costs.

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Unfortunately, the world we live in seems to find more and more ways to take our money from us. Even when we die, we owe the living world some type of payment. As much as we’d like to think that our financial burdens end at death, they don’t.

That’s why it’s essential to find the cheapest funeral costs for yourself or a loved one beforehand. Knowing some helpful ways to save money on funeral costs is a great way to ensure that you spend as little as possible on death. 

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on things that don’t make a difference after you’ve passed away, consider putting your money towards the things that do matter. Here are seven ways to get the cheapest funeral costs and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

1. Avoid Purchasing an Expensive Casket or Vault 

One way to save some money when planning a funeral is to avoid purchasing an expensive casket or vault. Funeral homes might try to upsell you on an expensive casket or vault that you don’t truly need. There are more basic options for you to choose from.

Remember, whether you’re planning the funeral for yourself or for someone else, once the formal visitation is over, the type of casket or vault that the body is placed in won’t matter. Why spend thousands of dollars on the most expensive ones you can find when comfort and style won’t matter to the person placed inside it. 

Consider going with a more simplified and basic casket or vault option if that’s the route you’re going. 

2. Consider All Options for a Formal Visitation

You’re not forced to have a formal visitation at a funeral home. There are some other options to keep in mind. For example, you can opt to have the formal visitation in your own home or church. 

You can also decide to skip over the formal visitation altogether. If neither of these is an option for you, then consider having the visitation at the funeral home without the body present. Friends and family can still come out to give their respects without needing the body to be there in physical form. 

3. Review the Will of the Deceased 

If the funeral that you’re planning is for someone else, then you’ll want to review their will before digging into your own pockets. Just as you can plan a funeral for yourself now, your loved one might have made some plans for their own. 

The will might include funeral pre-arrangements and pre-payments. This is something that you won’t want to miss out on. You should also look into the person’s life insurance policy as some funeral costs may be covered under their policy. 

4. Consider Options Other Than Burial or Cremation

A burial service and a cremation aren’t your only options. Green burials or cremations save you from the costs of a casket or vault, headstones, and embalming. Going the green route also saves the environment. 

A green burial or cremation takes the environment into consideration, which is why many of the things listed above are by-passed, saving you money in the long run. Skipping these steps allows the body to decompose faster, which is better for the environment. For a green burial, the body is typically placed inside a casket that’s biodegradable.  

5. Give Yourself a Budget and Stick to It

If you’re looking to save money on funeral costs because you’re tight on funds, then it’s a great idea to give yourself a budget and stick to it. This ensures that you’re not spending money on anything that’s unnecessary. No matter what type of funeral you decide to have, you should have a budget planned out for it.

Do some research on the costs of specific funeral services. Choose the ones that are most important for you to have and then determine how much each service costs on average. Once you have your budget written out, be sure you stick to it. 

6. Scope Out Cheap Funeral Flowers

You might be surprised to learn how expensive funeral flowers can be. The best thing to do is to shop around for the cheapest option. Although flowers at the funeral may look beautiful, they aren’t a necessity. 

If having flowers present isn’t a must for you, then you can take them out of the equation completely. If you feel you must have flowers present, then consider going for a cheaper arrangement. Don’t allow anyone to upsell you on the most expensive funeral flower arrangement.

The same is true with flowers as with the casket or vault, and not many people will even take notice if the flowers are the most expensive ones on the market or not. 

7. Set up a Crowdfund for the Costs 

If after following all these steps and tips you’re still in need of funeral funding help, then you can consider setting up a crowdfund for the costs. Crowdfunds are set up on a social media page to ask friends and family to donate money to help cover the cost of something important. 

Setting up one of these accounts might be a good way to get financial help from those around you. Even a couple of dollars per person could really add up and be a big help. 

The Cheapest Funeral Costs Aren’t Hard to Find!

Planning a funeral can become overwhelming and stressful, but the cheapest funeral costs aren’t hard to find when following these helpful tips. Keep them in mind throughout the process and always consider going with a green cremation!

To learn more about a green cremation, click here!

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