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Low-Cost Sustainable Cremation Services from Green Cremation

In the sizeable Houston suburb of Missouri City there’s a large selection of funeral services, but only Green Cremation Texas can provide direct cremation that’s carbon neutral. It’s the ideal solution for families that are looking for eco-friendly, cheap cremation in Missouri City with exemplary service.

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Affordable Cremation in Missouri City That’s Better for the Environment

Green Cremation Texas proves low-cost cremation in Missouri City can be good for the environment. We’re the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the Lone Star State. You can trust that we offer the latest, most innovative, greenest end of life services available. We currently offer two types of eco-friendly direct cremation in Missouri City.

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Missouri City Direct Cremation Options That Are Green and Clean

We’ve dramatically improved upon traditional cremation to make it cleaner and more energy efficient. From start to finish less energy is used and we take additional measures to reduce the amount of pollutants and byproducts associated with cremation.

Aquamation, better known as water cremation, eliminates the need for flame and the air pollutants it can create. The process also uses 90% less energy than conventional cremation while still producing the same end result for the family.

Green Cremation Containers in Missouri City

You can get green funeral urns in Missouri City through Green Cremation Texas. We have a selection of containers including biodegradable burial urns and eco-friendly scattering tubes.

Burial, Cremation and Direct Cremation Costs in Missouri City

In the “Show Me City” you may be surprised to find funeral homes aren’t transparent about pricing. You’ll get a price list with estimates, but those are just ballpark figures that are far from exact.

Green Cremation Texas believes that a grieving family shouldn’t have to go to great lengths to understand end of life expenses or accept an estimate that isn’t truly reflective of the total cost. We’re sharing information on the average costs of different funeral services to help Missouri City families make the most informed decision.

Average Funeral Costs in Missouri City

Cremation has become more common in the last decade in part because of the rising cost of traditional burial. The national average is now $7,360 before adding the cost of a plot, cemetery fees and a gravestone marker. Burial in the Houston area is close to the national average, and the overall cost is often more than $10,000. 

How Much is Cremation in Missouri, TX?

The average cost of cremation in Missouri City can be misleading. Like traditional burial, there are so many variables no two conventional cremations cost exactly the same. While the national average is a little over $5,100 with memorial services included the overall cremation cost in Missouri City can be significantly less or more depending on the selections that are made and the funeral home’s rates.

Cost of Cremation Without Service in Missouri City

The overall cost is lower if you choose direct cremation, which is cremation without traditional services at a funeral home. Typically direct cremation in Texas is between $1,000 and $2,200. The price will largely be determined by the provider you choose and the type of cremation that’s selected.

Green Cremation Texas services start at just $945. Our prices are always completely transparent and all-inclusive. If you have questions about direct cremation prices in Missouri City or how our rates compare to other local funeral homes, please call us anytime for more information.

Providing the Direct Cremation Options Missouri City Families Deserve

Missouri City Cremation 1st Eco-Friendly Affordable Direct

Like much of the country, Missouri City is more invested in green living than ever before. Despite the substantial growth in population, Missouri City has been able to maintain a rural atmosphere, which is part of its appeal. But residents that have a 30-minute one-way commute to the big city continue to look for ways to reduce their eco-footprint and preserve the natural integrity of the area. 

Direct cremation is an end of life option that supports efforts to improve the local environment rather than being part of the problem. Green Cremation Texas is dedicated to providing access to eco-friendly direct cremation options in smaller cities like Missouri City that are focused on conservation. We’re here to help you plan a funeral that gives you closure you can feel good about.

Planning a Memorial After Choosing Cremation Only in Missouri City

Loved ones that live a simple way of life often don’t want the grandeur of a traditional burial, and they don’t want their family to endure the expense. Although direct cremation doesn’t involve services beforehand, you can still have a memorial service afterward that is just as meaningful, if not moreso. 

Missouri City cremation memorial options include:

  • Burying your loved one’s remains in a final resting place at Greenland Memorial Park or Paradise Cemetery.
  • Scattering the ashes across the lakes at Independence Park.  
  • Having a memorial service at a family home, the amphitheater at Community Park or another special venue.


The best part is, you have time to plan a special memorial without feeling pressure to make decisions quickly when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. You also have many more options for where and how the memorial is held so that it truly reflects the life of your loved one.

Your Personal Guide Through the Direct Cremation Process in Missouri City

Cremation can be confusing for a family that’s never gone through the process before. Green Cremation Texas aims to make everything as simple and stress-free as possible. Our funeral director has over 20 years of experience helping families better understand their options and how to get the meaningful end of life service they want for their loved one.

Direct cremation from Green Cremation Texas makes end of life services simple and straightforward. Our direct cremation services in Missouri City include all the essentials:

  • Online, email, phone and in-person scheduling services.
  • Transport from the local coroner or medical examiner’s facility to our funeral home. 
  • Required permits for cremation in Texas.
  • Filing paperwork for the death certificate and death registration. 
  • Preparation of the remains for delivery or pick up at our facility.

Our funeral home offers peace of mind that the cremation is being carried out in a respectful, responsible way that’s as efficient as possible.

The Premier Provider of Missouri City Cremation Only, No Service Funerals

Green Cremation Texas is a family-owned business that has provided direct cremation services for more than 20 years. We specialize in low-cost, eco-friendly cremation that minimizes local environmental impact. It’s a simplified service that lowers the stress for families that are looking for guidance during a difficult time.

You’re not alone during this trying period. Our experts are available 24/7 to answer your calls, texts and emails about the cremation process, green end of life options and cremation prices in Missouri City, TX.