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Eco-Friendly Direct Cremation in Elgin, TX

Families in Elgin no longer have just two options for funeral services. Green Cremation Texas offers innovative eco-friendly direct cremation for those that prefer low-key and low impact to having all the bells and whistles. It’s the practical way to preserve your loved one’s memory.

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Proving Low-Cost Cremation in Elgin Can Be Good for the Environment

Elgin has roots in agriculture, an industry that is dependent on the local environment. Still today, Elgin residents take pride in their history as well as their status as the Sausage Capital of Texas. Green Cremation Texas is a funeral home that has taken the initiative to protect the local environment so that more generations can experience life in a thriving agriculture community.

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Our Green Elgin Cremation Options

Our clean flame cremation uses less energy and produces fewer harmful byproducts compared to traditional cremation. We accomplish this by making changes at all phases from fuel-efficient transport to paperless transactions. It’s guaranteed to be the greenest flame-based cremation process in Elgin.

If your loved one wanted to make as minimal an impact as possible on the environment, then water cremation is an excellent option. Water cremation, also referred to as aquamation, is a very gentle process that uses heated water to decompose the body rather than incineration. You’ll get up to 30% more cremains yet water cremation requires 90% less energy and produces no airborne toxins.

Environmentally-Friendly Funeral Urns in Elgin

Our Elgin direct cremation services include preparation of the cremains. After preparation we’ll store the cremains in a temporary, recyclable cardboard container. Families can choose to receive the cremains in the temporary container or select a green cremation receptacle of their choosing. If interested, ask about our selection of environmentally-friendly funeral urns in Elgin.

Traditional Funeral vs Traditional Cremation vs Direct Cremation Costs in Elgin

Burial and cremation costs in Elgin are increasing, which is common across the U.S. As funeral services become a greater burden for families to bear, more people are beginning to question the costs that are involved. Here’s a quick look at what families in Elgin pay for burial, cremation and direct cremation services.
The average cost for traditional burial was up 6.6% in 2021 compared to 2016. Most families pay around $7,850 for a burial that includes a viewing and funeral service at the funeral home. But it doesn’t include cemetery fees, a marker or the cost of a burial plot.
When you consider all of the costs, cremation prices in Elgin are much more affordable for most families. The average cost of cremation in Elgin with a viewing and funeral service is around $6,900. However, the price varies depending on the crematorium.
For families that prefer to have a memorial on their own independent of a funeral home there’s direct cremation. Direct cremation prices in Elgin are far lower than other options. Having a cremation only is typically between $1,000-$2,500. The cost is primarily dependent on the type of cremation that’s used.
More affordable and less impactful – that’s the promise of Green Cremation Texas. Eco-friendly direct cremation is one last way your loved one can give back to the Elgin community and have a positive influence.

Get the Direct Cremation Services in Elgin That’s Right for Your Loved One

Elgin, TX City Hall

While other Austin suburbs exploded in growth, Elgin has been able to remain a relatively small town with less than 10,000 residents. It’s a community where most people know almost everyone, and wide open spaces are greatly appreciated.

As the first and only certified carbon-neutral funeral home in Central Texas, Green Cremation Texas shares the values of Elgin locals that believe protecting green space is every bit as important as building a condominium. Our mission is to make sure that families who want eco-friendly funeral services have that option.

Why Choosing Cremation Only in Elgin Can Be Beneficial

In Elgin people aren’t worried about having the most expensive funeral services. What they want is something practical and respectful that won’t add to the stress they’re already feeling. More people are selecting cremation only services for themselves and loved ones for those very reasons. When you choose direct cremation the formalities are handled by the crematorium so you can make memorializing your loved one more personal.>

  • You can opt to bury the cremains in a family plot at Elgin Latin Cemetery.
  • Plan a scattering ceremony along your favorite horse trail or near Memorial Park.
  • Hold a memorial service during your loved one’s favorite Elgin event like Western Days or Hogeye Festival.

It’s a mistake to think that cheap cremation in Elgin is impersonal. With direct cremation you’re in control of the process and the options aren’t limited. You’ll be free to plan services outside of a funeral home, saving money and making the memorial more personal.

Your Trusted Partner for Affordable Cremation in Elgin That Protects the Environment

Making decisions while you’re grieving or under a lot of stress is difficult. That’s why arranging a traditional funeral can be so challenging. Not only are your options limited, at the same time they seem limitless. There’s one thing after the other that has to be handled.

With Green Cremation Texas that is never the case. We offer service packages that are all-inclusive. All it takes is deciding which type of cremation you want and our team handles everything else. 

Green Cremation Texas services includes everything from start to finish:

  • Establishing funeral arrangements in-person, online or over the phone.
  • Consultation with the funeral director.
  • Correspondence with the local coroner’s office and other authorities.
  • Arranging transport to our facility in an electric/hybrid vehicle. 
  • Filing death registration and death certificate documentation. 
  • Preparation prior to cremation so that no metals or plastics are burned.
  • Preparing the cremains.
  • Making the cremains available for pickup at the crematorium or delivery to the location of your choice. 

We’re a family-owned business that has been serving the Elgin community and greater Austin area for over 20 years. Our goal is to make the community stronger by providing supportive cremation services that have a positive impact.

Arrange an Elgin Cremation Only, No Service Funeral in Minutes

Our top priority is caring for every family that requests our cremation services in Elgin. That’s why we make arranging funeral services remarkably easy. You don’t even have to meet us in person. We can start the cremation process with a single call and a few details.

From sustainable transport to eco-friendly cremation containers in Elgin, Green Cremation Texas is here to provide local families with more options so they get the funeral services they truly want.

Even if your family chooses to forgo in-person funeral services, you’re not alone during the cremation process in Elgin. Our team is a call, text or email away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.