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Traditional Funeral Home vs Direct Cremation Crematory

A lot of factors go into choosing a cremation provider. Learn the key differences between a traditional funeral home and direct cremation crematory.
Traditional Funeral Home vs Direct Cremation
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Now that cremation is more common than burial, people are more open to the idea of cremation than ever before. Some people are surprised to find there are actually two options for arranging a cremation: a traditional funeral home and a direct cremation crematory.

Let’s go over the key differences of both so that you have a better idea of which type of facility will provide the services and experience you want.

Services Provided by a Traditional Funeral Home vs Direct Cremation Crematory

The services provided are the key difference between a traditional funeral home and a direct cremation crematory.

A direct cremation crematory is much more streamlined and pared down. The facility will:

The family can choose to have a viewing prior to involving the direct cremation crematory or they may decide to have a memorial afterward.

If the family wants the same type of funeral services that are common with burial, then a traditional funeral home may be best. A funeral home provides burial services and sometimes cremation services as well. They also host viewings, memorials and funeral services onsite prior to the cremation. This involves a number of other services such as embalming the body, creating print materials and choosing a rental casket. After the services are held the funeral home will carry out the cremation and prepare the cremains.

Venue Differences Between Traditional Funeral Home and Direct Cremation Crematory 

As you may imagine, the difference in services necessitates different types of facilities for traditional funeral homes and direct cremation crematories. A traditional funeral home will be more of a public space because the venue hosts viewings, memorials and funerals. They tend to be larger and are often on, adjoined to or near a church or cemetery grounds.

The physical size of direct cremation crematories tends to be more modest. Less space is needed since public services aren’t held there. However, a direct cremation crematory may have a chapel and/or viewing chamber.

The Cost of Traditional Funeral Home Services vs Direct Cremation Services

As you can imagine based on the differences that have already been discussed, there’s going to be a notable difference in the cost between the two options. Generally speaking, services at a traditional funeral home are going to be more expensive compared to direct cremation.

Cremation services from a traditional funeral home aren’t much cheaper than a burial. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) reported that the average cost of cremation with funeral services is $6,970. The average cost for burial with funeral services is $7,848.

If you don’t have funeral services before the cremation it lowers the overall cost significantly. Direct cremation costs typically range between $1,000 and $3,000. The difference lies in location as well as the type of cremation that’s selected. For example, Green Cremation Texas offers two types of eco-friendly direct cremation. Our environmentally-friendly flame-based direct cremation is $995. Our water cremation service is $1,995.

At Green Cremation Texas our cremation services aren’t just eco-friendly. We simply and personalize the process for families and provide supportive guidance. It’s the same high-level of service you’d expect from a traditional funeral home without all of the added expenses.

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