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Eco-Friendly Direct Cremation Services in a Tomball, TX

When times are trying we’re here to make the road ahead a little less hard to travel. Our eco-friendly direct cremation in Tomball is a more natural and affordable option for local families. All-inclusive services can be arranged online, over the phone or in-person.

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Affordable Cremation in a Tomball That’s Beneficial for Everyone

Oil Town USA may not seem like it would have eco-friendly cremation services, but that’s exactly what Green Cremation Texas provides. Tomball has evolved a lot since 1933 when oil was discovered. Although oil helps fuel the Houston metro’s economy, more and more Tomball residents are choosing to offset their eco-footprint with green cremation.

As the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in Texas, we’re able to offer families a variety of eco-friendly cremation options in Tomball.

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How We Make Tomball Cremation Services Greener and Cleaner

Those who prefer something more traditional without the environmental impact can select our clean flame cremation. We have developed a unique cremation process that uses less energy, reduces the need for fossil fuels and significantly reduces the release of toxins into the air.

The greenest end of life service is water cremation, also known as aquamation. This procedure does not involve incineration at all. The body is placed in a pressurized chamber that is filled with a water/alkali solution. The temperature is elevated to create a result that’s similar to natural decomposition without releasing toxins and pollutants into the air

Green Funeral Urns in a Tomball

The final step is selecting one of our green cremation containers in Tomball. We have one of the best selections of eco-friendly funeral urns in the area. You can find biodegradable urns for burial and green scattering tubes.

Your Guide to Funeral and Direct Cremation Costs in Tomball

It’s completely normal for families to wonder about funeral and cremation prices in Tomball. Funeral homes are notorious for being vague about pricing even though they must provide estimates. This makes it difficult to know exactly how much the services will end up costing.

Green Cremation Texas isn’t one of those funeral homes. We are completely open and transparent about our Tomball direct cremation prices as well as the costs of other end of life services.

It’s no secret that funerals are expensive. Today, the average funeral in Texas is close to $7,600. However, families must keep in mind that doesn’t cover the expense of a burial plot, headstone or cemetery fees. With everything factored in a traditional funeral can easily exceed $10,000.

Cremation is far more affordable than burial even if you choose to have a viewing and memorial at the funeral home. Families that choose to do a traditional cremation with services can expect to pay around $4,000. But keep in mind the Cremation Institute notes that the maximum price in the Houston area is about $6,800.

The Cost of Cremation Without Service in Tomball

If you just want cremation without services at the funeral home that’s known as direct cremation, and it’s the most affordable option. All of the essentials are taken care of, and the family can still choose to have a memorial service after the cremation. Direct cremation prices in Tomball typically range from $750-$2,250.

It’s best to be cautious if a funeral home offers cheap cremation in Tomball that’s well below the average no matter what service it is. Only Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home offers affordable direct cremation that lowers the cost and eco-footprint of funeral services.

Get the Simple Direct Cremation Options Tomball Families Deserve

Lovely flowers on a tree, here in Tomball, Texas

Tomball is a classic Texas town that has been a part of the state’s history for over 150 years. There’s a legacy that’s well worth preserving. Living more simply like it was done when Tomball was founded is a way of life today.

We’re proud to offer cremation options in Tomball that are straightforward, simple and put families in control of the process.

No Funeral, Just Cremation in Tomball Means No Memorial Limitations
We believe Tomball families should be able to remember their family member whenever and wherever they choose. Choosing cremation only in Tomball gives you the freedom to celebrate a loved one’s life outside of a funeral home.

Tomball cremation memorial options include:

  • Burying your loved one’s remains at Pillot Cemetery, Klein Memorial Park or another final resting place.
  • Scattering the ashes out in Burroughs Park.
  • Having a memorial service at the nature center amphitheater or your loved one’s home.


Green Cremation Texas Tomball Funeral Home is able to offer low-cost cremation without compromising customer service because our facilities are more efficient and families are able to take ownership of the memorial.

We’re the Team That Can Get You Through the Cremation Process in Tomball

Arranging end of life services is never easy, but we do everything we can to make it easier. Our team is here for you to explain the options, the process and the costs. The services are all-inclusive for a single fixed price. Select a service, and we’ll handle the rest.

Green Cremation Texas makes the cremation process in Tomball easier by:

  • Making arrangements convenient – request services over the phone, online or in-person.
  • Arranging transport with the local coroner’s office.
  • Handling the necessary paperwork for getting death certificates and a death registration.
  • Making the remains available for pick-up or delivering them in a green funeral urn to the location of your choice.

We aren’t just known for being the greenest funeral home in Texas. Our customer service is exceptional because we truly care for the families we help. For more than 20 years, we’ve been here for Texas families when they need us most.

The Premier Provider of Tomball Cremation Only, No Service Funerals

There’s a lot to think about when a loved one passes away. Green Cremation Texas strives to relieve the burden with simple cremation services that make the entire process more manageable. We offer affordable, energy-efficient services that are handled in a prompt manner.

All Texas families deserve to have end of life options, and that’s what we provide.

You are not alone during the cremation process. Green Cremation Texas is available by phone or online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We’re here to answer your questions about what makes our services green, how direct cremation works and cremation cost in Tomball.