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Why We Have Death Certificates Sent Directly to You

In this post, we’re explaining the connection between funeral homes and death certificates as well as why Green Cremation Texas does things differently.
Why We Have Death Certificates Sent Directly to You
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Death certificates are a critical part of the process after a loved one passes away. Figuring out all of the steps involved with obtaining a death certificate can be burdensome when you’re already dealing with so much else. 

That’s why a lot of funeral homes offer to handle the death certificate for the client. It’s an added convenience that many people are happy to have at the moment. But sometimes it’s not as convenient as you think.

How Death Certificates Are Created

We’ve discussed how many death certificates to order, but let’s talk a little bit about how death certificates are generated. The first thing to know is that every state has their own process and rules for generating death certificates.

The fact there are 50 different ways to create a death certificate is part of the reason why it makes sense to let the funeral home handle the process. Although each state’s process is distinct, most are fairly similar. The general process is:

  • The funeral home gathers information from the family that’s necessary for completing a death certificate order form.
  • After the death certificate order form is filled out the funeral home will get a coroner, medical examiner or doctor to sign the form. 
  • The funeral home will then file the death certificate form with the appropriate government entity. (In some states, this step comes before the previous step.) 
  • The death certificate is generated and registered with the local or state vital records office. 

If copies of the death certificate are needed, you should be able to order them through the state vital records office or through the funeral home. But remember, every state is different so ask the funeral home directly if you’re unsure how death certificates are ordered. 

Why Some Funeral Homes Have the Death Certificate Sent to Their Business

Did the funeral home have the original death certificate sent to their address rather than your own? There could be a logical explanation for this. For example, if the funeral home knows that you’re coming to pick up cremated remains on a certain date. In that situation it might make sense because you can pick the death certificate up at the same time.

Traditionally, funeral homes will have the death certificates sent directly to them. We don’t do this, because we want to expedite all processes for you.

Having the death certificate sent to the funeral home is absolutely unnecessary, but it happens all of the time.

What You Can Do About This Difficult Death Certificate Situation

So, what can people do about it? For starters, you can ask funeral homes about their death certificate services before choosing a provider. Another thing you can do is request in writing, even if it’s just by text or email, to have the death certificates sent to your address, not the funeral home.

With Green Cremation Texas, you never even need to come into the funeral home if you don’t want to or you aren’t in the immediate area. We always have death certificates sent directly to our clients.

We’re here for you 24/7 to answer your questions about green cremation as well as the steps that need to be taken after the death of a loved one.

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