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How to Choose a Direct Cremation Funeral Home

If you’re considering a direct cremation funeral home this article will explain the top things to look for to make sure you choose the best fit for you.
Couple looking at computer choosing a Direct Cremation Funeral Home
Couple looking at computer choosing a Direct Cremation Funeral Home

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More families are opting to take control of funeral arrangements and forgo many of the traditional services. The cremation rate is already higher than burial, and people are taking a more personalized approach to end of life services. As a result, there’s a growing interest in direct cremation funeral homes.

Direct cremation doesn’t involve ceremonial services through the funeral home. With direct cremation the funeral home will handle transport, preparing the body and the cremation only. It’s particularly appealing to families that prefer a post-cremation memorial to a viewing that’s prior to the cremation. For other people, direct cremation is appealing because of its affordability.

Regardless of the reasons for choosing a direct cremation funeral home, here’s what to consider before making your selection.

Reviews and Reputation

One of the quickest ways to cut through the crowd and find a quality service provider is to read reviews and get a feel for a funeral home’s reputation. What clients have to say is more important than what a funeral home says about itself. It gives you a clearer picture of the quality of service you can expect. Past clients will also provide insight into the value of the services. For many families, feeling that the funeral services met their expectations and were worth the cost is what’s most important.

It’s also a good idea to check the funeral home’s BBB rating and the state funeral director’s association to see if there’s been any complaints filed against a funeral home.

Ease of Making Arrangements

Funeral arrangements are something no one wants to make. If the process is complex or overly complicated it can make an already stressful situation that much more distressful. Another common issue is making arrangements only to have to keep making more and more decisions because everything wasn’t covered initially. There are also funeral homes that will try to upsell clients on additional services once arrangements are made.

Ask the direct cremation funeral home about their process. The simpler and more transparent it is the better. At Green Cremation Texas we offer families comprehensive packages that cover all the details. All the family has to do is pick the type of cremation they want and we’ll handle everything else.

Funeral Service Costs

In recent years the average cost of funeral service has been on the rise. With so many families dealing with high cost of living, soaring funeral prices are hard to bear. Direct cremation is one of the more affordable options, which is why it’s becoming more common.

It’s understandable for prices to be one of the factors for choosing a direct cremation funeral home. However, it’s not always best to let funeral service costs be the deciding factor.

A good strategy to take is to:

  • Research average cremation prices in your area. (Funeral prices are highly localized.)
  • Ask several highly-rated direct cremation funeral homes for an itemized price list.
  • Compare the price lists to each other and the average prices for the area.
  • Ask if the price includes any additional services or benefits that could impact the cost.

Taking these steps will give you an idea of the value a funeral home provides and whether their prices are fair. Make sure to avoid any funeral home that is hesitant to provide you with a price list. The FTC’s Funeral Rule states that funeral homes must provide a general price list upon request.

Time to Provide Services

Funeral services are time-sensitive even if a family plans to cremate a loved one. It’s important to choose a direct cremation funeral home that can accommodate your timeline. We saw during the pandemic that some crematoriums can reach capacity, which causes delays. When you are discussing the cremation process with a funeral home be sure to get a firm idea of the timeline. If you have any specific dates in mind or scheduling conflicts it can determine which funeral home you select.

Green Cremation Texas is an innovative direct cremation funeral home that helps ease the stress of making arrangements. Families can easily arrange services over the phone (Voice or SMS) and online to get the process started immediately. You’ll also rest easier knowing that our eco-friendly direct cremation services have a lower impact on the environment. It’s funeral services that are easier on you now and easier on the environment long into the future.

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