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Sustainable and Affordable Cremation Services in Katy, TX

Katy is a city where Texas history is celebrated. Green Cremation Texas supports the city’s preservation efforts with eco-friendly cremation options in Katy. It’s affordable, efficient, easy and better for the environment.

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Direct Cremation in Katy With a Positive Impact

We’re proud to be the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in Texas. Green Cremation Texas has earned that designation by bringing families safe, innovative cremation services that produce less waste and use less energy.

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Our Green Cremation Services in Katy

Green Cremation Texas is improving traditional flame cremation to make it more environmentally-friendly. We’ve developed processes that reduce energy use and ensure fewer airborne pollutants are generated.

For those that wish to minimize the end of life impact as much as possible, water cremation is the best option. The procedure, also called aquamation, uses elevated heat and a water solution to cremate rather than using flame. As a result, no smoke and toxins are released into the air and 90% less energy is used.

Green Cremation Containers in Katy for Storage, Scattering or Burial

Once the cremation is finished we’ll store the remains in a recyclable cardboard vessel. We also offer a selection of eco-friendly funeral urns in Katy, including biodegradable urns for burials.

What’s Considered Affordable Cremation in Katy

Many people move to Katy because it offers more affordability than Houston while still offering one of the easier commutes. But is it possible to find cheap cremation in Katy compared to the rest of the metro?

A traditional funeral with burial is the most expensive end of life service. Funeral costs in Katy can exceed $7,600 before factoring in the expense of a burial plot, cemetery fees and a grave marker.

Traditional cremation with memorial services at the funeral home is less expensive than a burial, but it costs more than many people realize. The overall average cost of cremation in Katy is typically close to $5,000.

Choosing Direct Services for Low-Cost Cremation in Katy

The last option is the most affordable. Direct cremation is a streamlined service that provides all of the essentials without the expensive extras. Direct cremation costs in Katy generally fall between $1,000-$2,000.

Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home makes it easy to understand cremation prices in Katy with all-inclusive packages. You pay one fee to cover the entire process from start to finish. There are no hidden costs, upcharges or upsells – just fair pricing on superior end of life services.

Katy Cremation Only Services - More Options With Less Impact

Katy Funeral Home

Despite years of development, especially in the southwest, and two major roads running through town, Katy has managed to maintain its suburban feel. Ironically, many of the city’s residents work in the energy sector and have a unique understanding of each person’s impact on the environment. And just about everyone would like to offset the impact of commuting to Houston almost every day.

Direct cremation prices in Katy are lower and the process is greener largely because it doesn’t include a viewing or memorial service. Families that choose direct cremation can still have a memorial, and they get the luxury of having it once they’ve had time to grieve.

Plan a Katy Cremation Memorial Done Your Way
Katy isn’t just a city for train lovers. There are countless ways to have a memorial that honors your loved one no matter what they enjoyed in life. You can choose to:

  • Bury your loved one’s remains at Magnolia Cemetery or the Katy Community Cemetery.
  • Spread your loved one’s remains along the trails at Cullen Park or their favorite spot at Grand Lakes.
  • Host a private service at your loved one’s home or a Katy venue like The Clubhouse at Firethorne.

Cremation cost in Katy is dramatically lower when you opt to forgo the formal services at a funeral home. Beyond saving money, you’ll also have more time to plan a memorial that’s personal and meaningful.

Get Help From the Katy Cremation Only No Service Experts

We have made a conscious choice to specialize in direct cremation because it’s better for the local environment and the families we serve. We understand you are looking for fair cremation prices in Katy without sacrificing service – and that’s exactly what Green Cremation Texas provides.

Easy Arrangements
Make arrangements online or over the phone without having to make a trip to the funeral home.

All-Inclusive Packages
You won’t be bombarded with one choice after the next. Green Cremation Texas offers all-inclusive packages that make end of life services simple and stress-free. Packages include transport, cremation, preparation of the remains, obtaining the death certificate and death registration and delivery of the remains.

Transparent Pricing
You’ll never have to worry about services getting more expensive once the process is underway. No family will pay a penny more than the all-inclusive package price.

Expert Assistance
Our funeral director has more than 20 years of experience performing cremations in Texas. We will provide expert guidance every step of the way so you can make the best decisions for your family.

Giving Families Better Cremation Options in Katy

We firmly believe Texas families should have more choices when it comes to end of life services. Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home has developed green alternatives to traditional services so that families in Katy have more options to suit their lifestyle. Now you don’t have to settle for harmful burial or traditional cremation that causes air pollution.

Take the stress off yourself and the local environment with green cremation services in Katy.

When you need us, we’re here to help. Call our crematorium anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week to get answers about the cremation process in Katy or to arrange services.