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Low-Cost Cremation in Grand Prairie That’s Low Impact

Green Cremation Texas is the first and only carbon neutral funeral home in the state. Families can trust that our Grand Prairie cremation services are cleaner than the alternatives. And with our funeral home you don’t have to choose between your eco-friendly values and affordability. Direct cremation in Grand Prairie starts at just $945.

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Cleaner, Greener Grand Prairie Cremation Services

In the Dallas-Fort Worth metro recent development has transformed the area. As commercial office buildings, industrial parks and condominiums are erected concern over environmental impact grows. Eco-friendly funeral services from Green Cremation Texas don’t leave behind a pollution-filled footprint.

We want your loved one to have a lasting legacy of contributing to the community in a positive way. Our two innovative cremation options in Grand Prairie are natural solutions that minimize impact all-around.

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Green Cremation Options in Grand Prairie

Green Cremation Texas has revolutionized flame cremation with a procedure that uses less energy and generates fewer byproducts. Every part of the process from transportation to administration has been streamlined so that carbon emissions are minimized.

Water cremation is the latest service to gain approval across the country. Also known as aquamation, this service uses a pressurized chamber that’s filled with an alkali solution and slowly heated. This causes rapid decomposition without producing air pollutants. The procedure also uses 90% less energy compared to traditional cremation.

Green Funeral Urns in Grand Prairie

Eco-friendly cremation containers in Grand Prairie come in many different designs. We offer environmentally-friendly scattering tubes, biodegradable urns for burial and sustainably made decorative urns for long-term storage.

Grand Prairie Cremation Prices and Burial Costs

What’s considered cheap cremation in Grand Prairie? How does the cost compare to a burial? How do you know how much a funeral service will be?

When you have to plan a funeral there are a lot of questions about the cost. Knowing how much services will cost before you begin paying for them can be difficult since funeral homes are only required to provide an estimate.

At Green Cremation Texas we provide transparent, fixed prices that make it easy to compare costs. We’ve also provided average funeral costs in Grand Prairie so families can make the best financial decision possible.

Burial Funeral Costs in Grand Prairie, TX

The average cost of a traditional burial is now $7,360. Unfortunately, that is the cost for the funeral home services only. The cost of the burial plot, headstone and cemetery fees can easily add thousands to that total. 

Average Cremation Cost in Grand Prairie, TX

How much is cremation in Grand Prairie? Today, cremation costs $5,100 on average. The Grand Prairie average cost of cremation includes memorial services provided by the funeral home, which account for about half of the total price. 

Grand Prairie Direct Cremation Costs

Direct cremation prices in Grand Prairie are much lower than burial and cremation with memorial services. Our services start at less than $900, but direct cremation can cost up to $2,000 depending on the type of cremation you choose.

Giving Families Direct Cremation Services in Grand Prairie With a Personal Touch

Green Cremation Texas Grand Prairie Cremation Services

Grand Prairie may be known for its massive industrial complexes and distribution centers that are far from carbon neutral, but residents are on a mission to change that. From Clean Prairie Fridays to the Farmers Market to Adopt-a-Spring events, locals are regularly pitching in to keep Grand Prairie green.

The recent efforts to improve Grand Prairie’s local environment haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2017 the city received a National Recreation and Park Association’s Gold Medal. If you’re proud of the fact Grand Prairie is becoming a model for eco-friendly development, then services from Green Cremation Texas are the ideal option. Our direct cremation in Grand Prairie was created to provide the closure your family needs without negatively impacting where your loved one lived.

Planning a Memorial After Cremation Only in Grand Prairie

Choosing cremation only with no service in Grand Prairie is more common today because families have realized direct cremation provides more control over the entire process. This is especially true for families that want to have a personalized memorial to remember the life of a loved one with minimal impact.

If you’d like to have a memorial after cremation you can:

An aspect of living green in Grand Prairie is choosing end of life services that protect the environment rather than polluting it. All services provided by Green Cremation Texas support Grand Prairie’s initiatives to preserve the natural beauty of the city.

Your Expert Guide Through the Grand Prairie Cremation Process

Trying to navigate end of life services on your own can be a frustrating process at a time when you don’t need any extra stress. The team at Green Cremation Texas is dedicated to providing exemplary service that gives you the support you need.

Green Cremation Texas offers packages that include everything from start to finish. It makes planning a cremation as easy as making a single decision. Choose between water cremation and clean flame cremation then we’ll handle the rest.

All Green Cremation Texas services include:

  • Service arrangements made online, over the phone or in-person. 
  • One-on-one counseling with our funeral director. 
  • Assistance making related arrangements such as publishing an obituary. 
  • All transportation arrangements to and from our facility. 
  • Permits that are required to initiate the cremation.
  • Assistance filing paperwork for the death certificate and death registration.
  • Delivery of the remains to a location of your choice or making the remains available for pickup.

When you choose Green Cremation Texas you have assurance that there will be no surprises. Our all-inclusive packages are a set price, and there are never any hidden costs or upsells. You can also count on our team to provide compassionate, caring service that makes the cremation process less stressful.

Affordable Cremation in Grand Prairie That Exceeds Expectations

Finding the best Grand Prairie funeral home for the type of services you want isn’t always easy. Comparing costs can be difficult even if the memorial service is standard, and most funeral homes can’t tell you what kind of impact the service will have.

Green Cremation Texas isn’t one of those funeral homes. We provide transparent prices that won’t increase and services that have a minimal impact. It’s a cleaner, healthier option that’s more affordable than traditional services. Get the customer care and quality you expected without all of the unnecessary waste.

Are you trying to plan an eco-friendly cremation? Call, text or email us any time of day to get personal assistance, more information about the green cremation process and specifics about the cost of cremation without service in Grand Prairie.