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Affordable Green Cremation Services in Lost Creek, TX

Green Cremation Texas, the first and only carbon neutral funeral home in the state, is proud to serve the community of Lost Creek. We give you more end of life options that are focused on exemplary service and eco-friendly practices that provide peace of mind all around.

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Choose the Healthiest Cremation Process in Lost Creek

Lost Creek may be one of the most well-established neighborhoods in the Westlake area, but many of the residents understand the importance of innovation and changing with the times. Green Cremation Texas has revolutionized end of life services in the state by offering new, greener cremation options in Lost Creek and the surrounding cities. Although it’s a new concept for many local families, eco-friendly cremation has been our specialty for decades.

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Green Cremation Options in Lost Creek

Green Cremation Texas offers low-cost cremation in Lost Creek that is far less harmful than traditional services. Our clean flame cremation is done at our energy-efficient crematorium where we take additional steps to ensure no plastics are incinerated. Ultimately, less fossil fuel is used and far less airborne toxins are generated compared to traditional cremation.

Water cremation is the ideal solution for those who want to have the lowest environmental impact possible. Also known as aquamation, this innovative procedure uses water and alkali along with elevated heat rather than incineration. The result is natural decomposition that uses 90% less energy than traditional cremation and produces no airborne pollution.

Green Funeral Urns in Lost Creek

We’re your resource for green cremation containers in Lost Creek. Our selection includes biodegradable urns and eco-friendly scattering tubes.

Affordable Cremation in Lost Creek That Doesn’t Sacrifice Service

Residents of Lost Creek choose cremation for many reasons and affordability is only one factor. However, it is important to understand how each end of life service compares in terms of the overall cost.

A traditional funeral is the most expensive end of life service. The National Funeral Director Association has estimated that the average funeral cost is almost $7,400. But it’s important to note that doesn’t include the cost of a burial plot or the headstone.

The average cost of cremation in Lost Creek is about $6,300 with funeral services. However, determining an “average” is very hard to do. There is a wide variety of services and costs vary from one funeral home to the next. Cremation prices in Lost Creek can vary significantly depending on the type of cremation and the additional services that are selected.

Direct cremation is cremation only without service at a funeral home. As you can imagine, direct cremation costs in Lost Creek are much lower. Lost Creek cremation only options can be as low as $1,000.

At Green Cremation Texas our Lost Creek direct cremation prices are totally transparent. We will never charge you hidden fees or try to make upsells. Our cremation prices are very competitive, but our environmentally-friendly services are well above average.

Benefits of Choosing Direct Cremation in Lost Creek

Lost Creek Funeral Home

The natural beauty of the area is what draws people to Lost Creek. After all, Barton Creek Wilderness Park is a part of the neighborhood. All hours of the day area residents enjoy hiking, biking, walking and swimming. Residents are so invested in protecting their local environment the neighborhood association is completely voluntary.

Green direct cremation is the option of choice for those who prefer energy-efficient alternatives that reduce the impact on the environment. Direct cremation also gives you the flexibility to plan a memorial anywhere in Lost Creek.

Cremation Memorials in Lost Creek

With so many scenic spots in and around Lost Creek, there are endless opportunities for a special cremation memorial. When you choose direct cremation there’s no need to hold services at the funeral home. You can choose to:

  • Bury the remains at Austin Memorial Park or a family plot at another nearby cemetery.
  • Spread the ashes along the Colorado River, the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve or the Barton Creek Habitat Preserve.
  • Host a memorial service at your loved one’s home or another Lost Creek venue such as The Vista on Seward Hill.

Cheap cremation in Lost Creek is available, but it doesn’t mean you’re settling. You’re getting end of life services that are better for the environment and give you the ability to handle the memorial however you choose whenever you choose.

We’re the Lost Creek Cremation Only No Service Experts

Losing someone you loved is never easy. Making end of life arrangements is just as difficult. We understand how hard this time is for families. Our top priority is making sure the cremation process is as simple as possible so there’s less to think and worry about.

Green Cremation Texas offers all-inclusive packages for a single fee. Everything is covered so that all you have to do is choose the option that’s best for your family. Our services include:

  • Arranging cremation services over the phone in minutes.
  • We’ll schedule transport from the local coroner’s office.
  • Our team will procure the death registration and death certificate.
  • We can deliver the remains in a secure package or you can pick them up at our facility.

You’ll also have the full support of our experienced staff. Work one-on-one with the funeral director to get all of your questions answered. Or spend a little time with Kermit, our certified therapy dog. Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

Affordable Cremation in Lost Creek That Doesn’t Sacrifice Service

When you need affordable cremation in Lost Creek that still provides outstanding customer service from a team of experts, Green Cremation Texas is here to help. We treat every client like part of our family. Our goal is to relieve the stress on our clients after losing a loved one and the environmental stress that can accompany traditional end of life services.

More convenience, lower cost and a smaller carbon footprint – that’s the Green Cremation Texas difference.

Need help choosing cremation services in Lost Creek?

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