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Environmentally-Focused Fort Worth Cremation Services

Green Cremation Texas isn’t your standard crematorium. We are the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in Texas. If you’re interested in simplified, stress-free funeral services in Fort Worth, then direct cremation is an option worth considering.

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Fort Worth Cremation Cremation Process That’s Green and Clean

You don’t have to live in Fort Worth long to see how fast it’s growing. Population growth began exploding back in 2000 and never stopped. As more people move to the area each year more land is cleared for homes and businesses. And more resources are required to support the growing population.

Now more than ever Fort Worth residents understand development has to be balanced by a greener lifestyle. Residents want to minimize their impact as much as possible even in death. Green Cremation Texas helps facilitate the process with eco-friendly direct cremation services from a carbon-neutral funeral home. Families get the meaningful experience they envisioned along with knowing that the choice won’t harm the local environment.

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Eco-Friendly Direct Cremation in Fort Worth

We have developed a service we call clean flame cremation. Unlike other flame-based cremation services in Fort Worth, our process uses less energy and produces fewer airborne pollutants.

In terms of eco-friendliness, water cremation is about the best option available today. Instead of a flame, a water/alkali solution is used to decompose the body, providing results that are virtually identical to cremation while using 90% less energy.

Green Cremation Containers for Fort Worth Funeral Services

We offer green burial, scattering and funeral urns in Fort Worth. They are suitable for any type of memorial service or long-term storage and display.

How Much is Cremation in Fort Worth?

Cost is a factor no matter where funeral services take place. One of the biggest differences between traditional burial and cremation is the price. Below is a quick look at funeral and cremation costs in Fort Worth.

Average Funeral Costs in Fort Worth

Today, the average traditional burial costs $7,360. However, that is a low estimate because it doesn’t factor in other essential costs associated with a traditional burial. For example, the cemetery usually charges fees for grave preparation, closing the grave, and maintaining it. The cost of a headstone and the burial plot itself also isn’t included in that price. The total is actually closer to $10,000 or more in many cases.

Average Cost of Cremation in Fort Worth

Cost is one of the biggest reasons cremation is now more common than burial. Cremation prices in Fort Worth are close to the national average, which is $5,100 according to the Nation Funeral Directors Association (NFDA).

Average Direct Cremation Costs in Fort Worth

The cost of cremation without service in Fort Worth is $900-$2,000. Fort Worth direct cremation prices are the reflection of going a simpler route. Funeral home memorial services add substantially to the cost of cremation and its impact on the environment.

We Bring Affordable Fort Worth Cremation Services Done Your Way

Fort Worth Cremation Services

For years, the Dallas-Fort Worth area has had one of the highest relocation rates in the country. With hundreds of people moving here every day, every time a greener choice is made everyone benefits.

The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice a memorial service or even a burial if you choose an eco-conscious cremation provider like Green Cremation Texas. With direct cremation you are able to have a memorial service after the process is complete. This gives you the opportunity to plan a meaningful memorial that doesn’t feel rushed or impersonal.

Honoring Your Loved One With a Memorial After Direct Cremation
Choosing a Fort Worth cremation only no service option doesn’t mean a memorial service isn’t possible. It’s precisely the opposite. After direct cremation you can choose to:

  • Have a green burial service at Mountain Creek Cemetery in a biodegradable container or a more traditional burial at Greenwood Memorial Park.
  • Scattering the ashes in Sundance Square or the Fort Worth Nature Refuge.
  • Doing a memorial hike at Marion Sansom Park or bike ride along the Fort Worth Branch of the Trinity River Trails.

Planning a memorial after the cremation is far less stressful than rushing to plan something within days of a loved one’s death. With direct cremation we allow you to take to your time to think about your options and have the meaningful memorial your loved one deserved.

Easing the Stress by Choosing Cremation Only in Fort Worth

The funeral providers you choose should be caring, understanding experts who are looking out for your best interest when you’re in a vulnerable position. Unfortunately, too many funeral homes take advantage of the situation, looking at matters strictly from a business perspective.

At Green Cremation Texas, we don’t just offer cheap cremation in Fort Worth. What we offer is simple, all-inclusive cremation services that relieve families of the burden that comes with making funeral arrangements. Instead of decision after decision, all you have to decide on is the type of cremation you want and we handle the rest.

Our cremation service packages include:

  • Counseling with our highly experienced funeral director to discuss cremation options.
    Transport to our facility from the local coroner’s office.
  • Obtaining the required cremation permits.
    Filing the proper paperwork for official death registration and death certificates.
  • Delivering the remains to your location in a temporary container or making them available for collection at our facility.

From flat rates to over-the-phone arrangements, we’re here to accommodate your needs when you need it most.

Lower Impact, Higher Quality Cremation Options in Fort Worth

Whether you’re a true cowboy or an urbanite, Fort Worth’s appeal is undeniable. It’s a big city with small town roots and values. Fort Worth is a historic piece of Texas that’s worth preserving.

Green Cremation Texas has helped countless families by offering a more eco-friendly cremation process since 2014. With our services you’re not only getting low-cost cremation in Fort Worth, you’re getting affordable cremation that’s thoughtfully designed to heal not harm.

Want to know more about our green cremation options in Fort Worth? Call us any time – we’re available 24/7 to answer all of your cremation questions.