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Eco-Friendly and Affordable Allen Cremation Services

We’re the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in Texas, but that doesn’t mean our services come at a premium price. We’ve streamlined our cremation options in Allen so that they are more eco-friendly and affordable for more families. Now you no longer have to make the choice between green cremation services and affordability.

Greener, cheaper, simpler – that’s the difference of direct cremation.

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Low Cost Cremation in Allen That’s Low Impact

We’ve transformed the funeral industry in Texas with innovative cremation services that lower impact without lowering customer care. You don’t have to settle for expensive end of life services that are wasteful and excessive. Green Cremation Texas gives you more options for honoring your loved one in an environmentally responsible way.

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The Green Cremation Process in Allen

Our proprietary clean flame cremation process also uses less energy compared to conventional cremation services. We also take additional steps to reduce waste and air pollution. It’s the most eco-friendly flame cremation process in Allen.

Water cremation, also called aquamation or alkali hydrolysis, is a new process that is even greener than flame cremation. A water/alkali solution is added to a pressurized chamber that is slowly heated. The procedure accelerates decomposition without adding pollutants to the ground or air. Aquamation produces fewer byproducts while using 90% less energy.

Environmentally-Friendly Funeral Urns in Allen

We’ll store the cremated remains in a temporary, recyclable container. If you’re interested in green cremation containers in Allen there are a variety of options available. We can help you select a biodegradable urn that’s appropriate for burials, eco-friendly scattering tubes and sustainably made urns for storage.

Allen Cremation Prices and Funeral Costs Explained

How much will a burial cost in the DFW metro? What’s the cost of cremation without service in Allen? Is it more affordable than traditional cremation?

Families have a lot of questions about funeral costs and cremation prices, which is understandable. It can be difficult to find pricing information online, and funeral homes are only required to provide an estimate of the costs. Green Cremation Texas believes burial and cremation prices should be upfront and transparent. So we’ve provided basic information to help families make the best decision for their needs. 

How Much Are Burial Funeral Costs in Allen?

More and more people are choosing cremation instead of burial partly because of the cost. Traditional burials have gotten more expensive with each passing year. The National of Funeral Directors Association notes that the average cost for a burial is now $7,630. However, that is only accounting for the funeral home fees. When you include cemetery fees, headstone and the burial plot the cost easily exceeds $10,000.

How Much is Cremation in Allen, TX? 

Many locals are surprised to find the average cost for cremation in Allen is over $5,100. The price is higher than expected because of the memorial services. Half of the cost goes toward the viewing and memorial when it’s hosted by the funeral home.  

What Are Average Direct Cremation Prices in Allen?

Direct cremation costs in Allen are much more affordable than traditional burial and cremation. You can find direct cremation services for under $900. Even more innovative, eco-friendly services like our water cremation are only $1,985.

Providing the Affordable Cremation Allen Families Deserve

Allen Cremation Services

City officials started planning for growth years ago, and as a result Allen is known for its amenities. The city has been applauded for its seamless development that is keeping up with the population growth.

All of these benefits come at a cost – an environmental cost. The good news is Allen is a city where the residents look out for their community. People here know that enjoying all of the modern day conveniences means living cleaner to offset the development. Green Cremation Texas now offers eco-friendly end of life services in Allen that support those efforts.

Benefits of Choosing Cremation Only With No Service in Allen, TX

Direct cremation in Allen is not only more eco-friendly than other end of life services, it also gives you more memorial options. If you prefer not to have an overpriced memorial in an impersonal funeral home direct cremation is an ideal option. You can forgo the funeral home services, save money and plan a personal remembrance when you’re ready.

Instead of feeling rushed to put together memorial services that aren’t personalized, direct cremation gives you the ability to plan a memorial before or after the cremation in a location with more meaning than a funeral home.

Your Partner for Green Direct Cremation Services in Allen

Green Cremation Texas isn’t just known for eco-friendly funeral services. We also offer one of the most simple and straightforward cremation processes in the industry. 

After losing a loved one focus should be on mourning not managing a cremation. Every part of our cremation process is orchestrated to make it as easy as possible on the family. Arranging services is as simple as choosing which type of cremation you want. After that, our team can handle all of the details. And with our flat-rate, single-price packages you never have to worry about hidden fees, added expenses or low-ball estimates. 

We make end of life services easier by:

  • Offering convenient service arrangements over the phone, in-person or online.
  • Corresponding with the local coroner’s office or medical examiner to arrange transport to our facility.
  • Handling all other transport to and from our facility.
  • Securing the permits needed to perform a cremation.
  • Procuring the death registration and death certificates.
  • Delivering the remains to your location or making the remains available for pick up at our facility.

As a family-owned business, we want to do right by Texas families. We want to use our knowledge and decades of experience to make the cremation process stress-free for your family.

Cheap Cremation in Allen From a Provider You Can Trust

With Green Cremation Texas you won’t sacrifice quality for affordability. Our reputation is built on our ability to deliver low-impact cremation paired with the highest quality service. Like other locals, we’re here to look out for the residents of Allen and make sure every end of life service is available, including green cremation services.

You’re not alone during this difficult time. You can call, text or email us 24 hours a day 7 days a week to learn more about green options and cremation cost in Allen.