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Affordable Green Cremation Services in Richardson, TX

Green Cremation Texas specialized in end of life services that are easier on the environment and less stressful for families. Our innovative direct cremation is not only more affordable, it’s also more manageable. From single-price packages to delivering the remains in an eco-friendly vessel, our cremation services in Richardson are easier all around.

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Greener Cremation Options in Richardson Are Possible

When your city is home to some of the best parks in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, it’s a testament to the fact green living is important in the community. Richardson is in a great location just north of downtown Dallas where it’s still far enough out to feel suburban with wide open green spaces.

As the first and only carbon neutral funeral home in Texas, you can trust that Green Cremation Texas makes environmental protection a priority. We are dedicated to providing innovative cremation services in Richardson that protect the environment and the memory of your loved one.

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Affordable Cremation in Richardson That’s Greener and Cleaner

If you prefer a traditional flame-based cremation our clean flame cremation service is the ideal option. We take numerous measures to reduce energy use and potential pollutants at every phase of the process. From arranging services to receiving the remains, our flame cremation is greener than the alternatives.

Aquamation, also known as water cremation or alkaline hydrolysis, is the most eco-friendly cremation option in Richardson. A pressurized chamber is filled with an alkali/water solution that’s heated to cause rapid decomposition. The remains at the end of the process are similar to a flame-base cremation without the airborne pollutants and 90% less energy use.

Green Funeral Urns for Richardson Memorial Services

We also have green cremation containers in Richardson for every type of memorial service. The options include biodegradable urns that can be used for a green burial, eco-friendly scattering tubes and sustainably made urns for long-term storage.

Richardson Cremation Prices and Burial Costs

Some funeral homes claim to have cheap cremation in Richardson, but the costs can add up quick. Which end of life service is the most affordable? The cost comparison below can be used to plan accordingly so that you are able to make the best financial decisions.

Burial Funeral Costs in Richardson

Given that traditional burial has gotten increasingly more expensive, it isn’t surprising that the National Funeral Directors Association found the average cost is $7,360 for burial services. But that isn’t the total cost. The family will also need to purchase a burial plot, pay cemetery fees and purchase a headstone or gravesite marker. 

Average Cost of Cremation in Richardson

How much is cremation in Richardson? Traditional cremation with memorial and viewing services through the funeral home is $5,100 on average. Around half of the cost is related to the memorial services.  

Direct Cremation Costs in Richardson

Looking for the cost of cremation without service in Richardson? If you’d rather arrange the memorial services on your own because you have something special in mind that’s possible with direct cremation.

Direct cremation prices in Richardson typically range from $900 to $2,000 depending on the type of service that’s selected. It’s easily the most affordable option and gives families the ability to have the memorial they imagined.

Green Cremation Texas isn’t like other funeral homes. We offer all-inclusive, single-price packages that are transparent and simple. There are never any low estimates, hidden fees or upsells. Call today for more information on funeral options with cremation only no service in Richardson.

Why More Families Choose Direct Cremation in Richardson

Green Cremation Texas Richardson Cremation Services

There’s a reason why Richardson is one of the top places to live and retire. It’s a peaceful area with lots of outdoor recreation that still feels close to the action in Dallas. Richardson is a place for people who want to be in a greener setting without a long commute that increases your carbon footprint.

More families in Richardson and across the country are choosing cremation in part because it’s more eco-friendly and more affordable than burial. But choosing direct cremation also means you can have a low-impact memorial that’s done on your schedule.

Get More Memorial Options by Choosing Cremation Only in Richardson

After a loved one passes there are a lot of arrangements that have to be made in a very short time. Direct cremation eases the pressure to get everything done immediately because you can choose to have a memorial after the cremation is complete. Many families prefer this option since it gives you more flexibility to have the meaningful memorial you imagined.

Some popular memorial options in Richardson include:

Instead of having a conventional, impersonal memorial at the funeral home, direct cremation allows you to do things on your own terms and your timeline. If you have questions about holding a memorial before or after direct cremation give our team a call for more information.

Helping You Through the Cremation Process in Richardson

Many of our clients have never arranged a cremation before and are unsure what the process includes, how long it will take and what options are available. We’re here to answer all of your questions and guide you through the cremation every step of the way.

Our all-inclusive cremation packages are the easiest way to arrange services. Instead of making dozens of decisions with little information and time to think about it, you only have to decide which type of cremation you’d like, and we’ll handle everything else.

Green Cremation Texas services include:

  • Feel confident you’re getting a fair price with flat-rate services and transparent prices.
  • Quick and easy scheduling over the phone, online or in-person.
  • One-on-one consultations with our funeral director who can explain the cremation options, process and timelines.
  • No need to worry about permits for the cremation – we secure those for you.
  • Get assistance filing the paperwork for the death registration and death certificates.
  • Don’t stress about the logistics of transport – we’ll arrange for transportation to and from our facilities. 
  • Pick up your loved one’s remains at our facility or request that they be delivered to your location.

All the details are taken care of so you don’t have to spend this trying time researching and making arrangements. Our family is here to support your family.

Low-Cost Cremation in Richardson With a Low Impact

Green Cremation Texas proves cheap cremation in Richardson doesn’t mean you’re going to get minimal service and quality. Our high-quality services are streamlined to reduce the cost, environmental impact and stress of planning a cremation. With more than 20 years of experience, you can trust Green Cremation Texas to be a caring partner throughout the cremation process.

We’re here to answer your questions about our green processes, what to expect and cremation cost in Richardson. Call, email or text us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.