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Green, Direct Cremation Services in Brownsville, TX

Green Cremation Texas makes end of life services simple, stress-free and green. We offer affordable, all-inclusive cremation packages that make the process as easy as choosing one option. Arrange direct cremation services in Brownsville over the phone, in-person or online.

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Low-Cost Cremation in Brownsville is Now Low-Impact

Green Cremation Texas has been an advocate for eco-friendly end of life services for over two decades. We’re proud to be the first and only carbon neutral funeral home in Texas that’s a recognized leader in green cremation.

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Green Cremation Options in Brownsville

Green Cremation (Flame) $3700

We’ve made flame-based cremation much greener by adjusting the process from start to finish. At our energy-efficient crematorium we take extra precautions to use fewer natural resources and ensure no plastics are incinerated to eliminate possible pollutants.

Green Cremation (Water) $4800

Also known as aquamation, this option is considered one of the greenest end of life services available today. Because a water/alkali solution is used in place of flames, water cremation uses 90% less energy and no airborne toxins are generated.

Brownsville Funeral Urns for Eco-Friendly Memorials

How you choose to store your loved one’s remains is another consideration. We offer green cremation containers in Brownsville for memorials, burials and scattering the ashes. If we don’t have the type of funeral urn you are looking for we’re happy to help you find it.

Funeral and Cremation Costs in Brownsville

Deciphering Brownsville funeral costs and cremation prices would be a lot easier if there was more transparency within the industry. Funeral homes are notorious for providing vague estimates that always seem to increase in price.

At Green Cremation Texas, we believe grieving families deserve fair treatment starting with transparent pricing. Below is a brief overview of funeral and cremation prices in Brownsville.

What Are the Average Funeral Costs in Brownsville?
The cost of a traditional funeral with a burial is now around $8,000 before the price of the plot, headstone and cemetery fees are included. Many families end up paying closer to $12,000 for everything.

How Much is Cremation in Brownsville?
The average cost of cremation in Brownsville ranges from $3,250 to $4,700 for services that include a memorial or viewing. That’s far less than a traditional burial, but families that prefer to have their own memorial outside of the funeral home have an even cheaper option.

What’s the Cost of Cremation Only With No Service in Brownsville?
Many families find the cost of cremation without service in Brownsville is surprisingly affordable. Our own green cremation options in Brownsville start at just $3700.

Green Cremation Texas offers some of the most competitive Brownsville direct cremation prices without sacrificing service. If you’d like more information regarding the cost of direct cremation in Brownsville we’re here to help. A team member is available 24/7 to answer your call.

Brownsville Direct Cremation Services That Pollute Less and Provide More

An Altamira Oriole bird in a tree in Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville “On the border by the sea” is one of the most unique cities in the country. Sitting just across the Rio Grande from Mexico along the Gulf Coast, Brownsville’s environment is perfect for outdoor lovers. The temperature is near perfect most of the year, there’s plenty of green space and the waterways offer hours of recreation.

But living in one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. means that every citizen has to do their part to protect the delicate ecosystem in the face of development. Choosing green cremation services is one choice that can have a positive impact now and in the future. It also gives you the opportunity to plan a memorial that’s more personal than a funeral home service.

Personalized Cremation Memorials in Brownsville
If your loved one belonged to the Brownsville Beautification Committee they would probably appreciate a memorial service that promoted preservation of the local environment. When you choose direct cremation in Brownsville you have the ability to give your loved one a unique memorial that celebrates their life and love for the environment.

Popular cremation memorial options in Brownsville include:

  • Burying the remains at Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens or Buena Vista Cemetery.
  • Scattering the ashes along the Monte Bella Park Trail, the Rio Grande, Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge, or the coastline.
  • Planning an intimate memorial service for close friends and family at your loved one’s home.

People from all over the country visit Brownsville to experience the one-of-a-kind culture and environment. Those who get to live here year round can protect the land for years to come with green direct cremation.

Simplifying the Cremation Process in Brownville

Brownsville direct cremation costs don’t have to be complicated. Green Cremation Texas keeps the process simple with all-inclusive packages that have everything covered from start to finish. You pay the flat fee and that’s it – no added fees, upcharges or upsells.

We give families the ability to focus on their own needs rather than spending hours making decisions at a funeral home. Our cremation services in our Funeral Home include:

  • Direct communication with our funeral director to learn more about the process and get answers to your questions about cremation.
  • Transport between the coroner’s office and our crematorium.
  • We take care of filing the documentation for the necessary permits.
  • Our team will handle the paperwork for the death registration and death certificate.
  • Arrangements for the remains to be delivered to your location can be made if you aren’t able to pick them up in-person.

Our goal is to make end of life services less stressful on the local environment and the people who live in Brownsville. We go above and beyond to take care of your family so that saying goodbye to a loved one is less burdensome.

Easy, Affordable Cremation in Brownsville

With Green Cremation Texas you won’t get cheap cremation in Brownsville that’s impersonal and the bare minimum. You’ll get affordable direct cremation from a Texas funeral home that meets the highest standards and expectations. For more than 20 years we’ve led the way on creating green end of life services that benefit all Texas families.

If you have questions about our green cremation services or arranging cremation only in Brownsville, please give us a call. We’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.