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Eco-Friendly Affordable Cremation in Frisco

We provide eco-friendly, affordable cremation across all 62 square miles of Frisco. Our compassionate services make funeral planning simple and much less stressful. In a matter of minutes, we can get everything arranged and begin the process so you can focus on your family.

It’s low-cost cremation in Frisco with a lower impact.

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Green Cremation in Frisco is Possible

Being that it’s one of the fastest growing places in the country, it’s understandable that Frisco residents are interested in preservation and environmentalism. Few people can remember what the area was like 30 years ago when there were just 6,000 residents and much less development.

As the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the state, Green Cremation Texas is able to help Frisco enjoy a clean environment with responsible end of life services. Over the course of 20 years, we’ve led the way on making cremation better for the Lone Star State.

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Innovative Green Cremation Options in Frisco

We’ve made traditional flame cremation much greener by eliminating unnecessary waste and making the process more efficient. Our energy-efficient crematorium is equipped to provide exemplary results with a lower impact. From eco-friendly transport to removing medical devices, we take every measure to make flame cremation cleaner.

Water cremation, also called aquamation or alkaline hydrolysis, is the newest and greenest end of life service. No flame is used during the process, which significantly lowers pollutants and emissions while reducing energy use by 90% compared to conventional cremation.

Offering Green Funeral Urns in Frisco

After the cremation we store your loved one’s remains in a temporary, recyclable container. You can choose to get an urn from any provider, including our own selection of cremation containers in Frisco. We can provide biodegradable urns for green burial, eco-friendly scattering tubes and sustainably-made decorative urns for long-term use.

How Much is Cremation in Frisco?

In Frisco, it seems like the cost of living is rising by the day. When downtown has been dubbed “the $5 billion mile” there’s reason to be concerned about affordability. Across the nation funeral costs are rising, but they vary significantly from one service to the next.

Traditional Funeral Costs in Frisco

The cost of traditional burial is far more expensive than the average cost of cremation in Frisco. Burial in Texas is at or above the national average, which is $7,360. But families should understand that cost is for the funeral home services only and doesn’t include the cost of a burial plot, headstone or cemetery fees.

Traditional Cremation Cost in Frisco

Cremation prices in Frisco are much lower than burial, but the average is still $5,100. Traditional cremation is still fairly expensive because of the viewing and memorial services, which account for around half of the cost. Although it is less expensive, traditional cremation is still significantly more than direct cremation costs in Frisco.

The Cost of Cremation Without Service in Frisco

Cremation without services at the funeral home is called direct cremation. Direct cremation prices in Frisco are the most affordable at just $850-$2,000 depending on the type of cremation that’s selected.

We Make Frisco Cremation Costs Simple
Green Cremation Texas isn’t like other funeral homes. We set ourselves apart with eco-friendly services and transparent prices that give families assurance they are getting quality care at a fair price. All of our prices are fixed so there’s no concern of the cost going up and there are never any surprise expenses.

Why More Families Are Choosing Direct Cremation in Frisco

frisco cremation

Take a trip down to the Frisco Heritage Museum and you’ll get a glimpse of the area’s rich history. You’ll find plenty of reasons to justify preserving the local way of life.

After being named the best place to live in America in 2018, Frisco has exploded with development and population growth. It may be good for the local economy, but it’s put a lot of stress on the local environment. As more people move to the city, more residents are considering direct cremation in Frisco because it’s the greenest option.

Our clean direct cremation conserves land, reduces carbon emissions and allows you to honor your loved one without compromising your eco-friendly values.

Personalized Memorial Services in Frisco
Cremation only with no service in Frisco isn’t just better for the environment. Unlike traditional burials and cremations, direct cremation gives families more flexibility to have a memorable memorial at the place of their choosing, not a funeral home.

You can choose to:

  • Have a green burial ceremony at Mountain Creek Cemetery.
  • Scatter the ashes at a quiet inlet on Lewisville Lake.
  • Have a memorial service for friends and family at the Frisco Commons Park amphitheater.

Traditional services tend to leave family members feeling like the funeral wasn’t memorable. With direct cremation, you have complete control over the memorial and can plan a personalized event without time constraints.

We’ll Get You Through the Cremation Process in Frisco

The cremation process isn’t easy for anyone, but we do our best to ease the stress as much as possible. Our funeral director has decades of experience and can walk you through the steps that will be taken. Our cremation services are all-inclusive for a set price so you don’t have to worry about additional costs, upgrade fees or inaccurate estimates.

Green Cremation Texas Frisco cremation services include:

  • Initial consult and arranging services in-person, over the phone or online.
  • Counseling with our funeral director.
  • Transport of your loved one as needed to or from our funeral home.
  • Documentation needed for cremation permits.
  • Filing paperwork for the death registration and death certificates.
  • Delivering your loved one’s remains to a location of your choice or making them available at our facility.

We don’t offer cheap cremation in Frisco with bare minimum service because Texas families deserve better than that. Our affordable cremation in Frisco is best-in-class from customer service to environmental impact. Give your loved one end of life services that are as positive as the impact they made on others.

Frisco Cremation Services for a Destination Suburb

Frisco is a destination suburb because the residents make an effort to offset the city’s growth by making greener choices. Green Cremation Texas offers families some of the greenest cremation services available in the state. Our work is dedicated to honoring your loved one with cremation that respects the well-being of others and the place they called home.

Cremation services that are easier on your family and the environment, that’s our promise.

When you have questions about cremation services in Frisco, our team is ready to answer them. We’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by phone, text or email.