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Affordable Eco-Friendly Direct Cremation in Bastrop, TX

Green Cremation Texas is here for Bastrop families that want simple, affordable, eco-friendly funeral services. By streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary extras, our cremation services are less costly for you and the local environment.

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Cremation Process in Bastrop That’s Easier for Families and the Environment

The team at Green Cremation Texas is making alternative end of life options available to families that want more than the standard services of a funeral home. We’ve been industry innovators and are recognized as the first carbon-neutral funeral provider in Texas. Our passion is helping local families that want to leave a positive legacy in the Bastrop area through green cremation services that are respectful to the deceased and the place they called home.

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Green Cremation Services in Bastrop

For families that want something more traditional without the harmful byproducts there’s our proprietary clean flame cremation process. Incineration is used, but we take many measures to reduce energy use and the impact at every stage. From ensuring no plastics are burned to using an electric vehicle for transport, you’ll feel better knowing the cremation is cleaner.

If you’re interested in the gentlest, most eco-friendly type of disposition, then water cremation is the best option. The process, also known as aquamation, uses a water solution in a pressurized chamber rather than incineration to cremate. As a result, water cremation doesn’t produce air pollution and uses 90% less energy than traditional cremation.

Choose From a Selection of Green Funeral Urns in Bastrop

There might not be as many brick and mortar stores as there are in Austin, but we can help you find green cremation containers in Bastrop. We offer a selection of eco-friendly urns, biodegradable burial containers and recyclable scattering tubes available.

Understanding Cremation Cost in Bastrop

Cost is an inescapable factor for most families in Bastrop when they’re planning a funeral. Cremation has become more common than traditional burial, which is in part due to costs. Cremation prices in Bastrop are well below burial expenses, especially if you select direct cremation.

The average cost of cremation in Bastrop is about $6,900. At first this might not seem much less expensive than burial, but that’s for good reason. Traditional cremation includes a viewing and funeral service, and that’s a large part of the expense. Average funeral costs for burial also don’t include the plot, headstone and cemetery fees.

Cremation without funeral services is called direct cremation. Direct cremation costs in Bastrop are far more affordable than traditional burial and even traditional cremation. Cremation without services can cost less than $1,000. Even our innovative water cremation costs just $1,995.

Our goal is to offer affordable cremation in Bastrop that’s streamlined, not stressful. You get all of the essentials that are exceptionally done without the environmental impact.

Bringing Families in Bastrop Cremation Options That Are More Personal

Cremation cost in Bastrop isn’t the only reason more families are forgoing burial. Direct cremation services support preservation. And in a city that’s been called the most historic small town in Texas, preservation is important. 


Bastrop locals don’t need a lot of fanfare, but they do want respectful funeral services that honor the deceased and their community. That’s exactly what you get with our direct cremation services. You have fewer logistics to manage and more control over the process.

Why Choose Cremation Only in Bastrop

More and more people are beginning to realize that Cremation only services aren’t just cost-effective. It’s a service that also relieves the stress of funeral planning. You won’t feel rushed to make decisions and throw together a memorial as quickly as possible. Our Bastrop clients appreciate that they can think less about funeral planning and focus on getting through the loss.

Post-cremation memorial options in the Bastrop area include:

  • Around a third of families bury to bury the cremains, which can be done at Fairview Cemetery.
  • Scattering the cremains out over Lake Bastrop.
  • Plan a memorial camping trip or hike along the Two Bridges Trailhead.

Our services aren’t about offering cheap cremation in Bastrop. It’s about giving you or your loved one the ability to have funeral services without a funeral home being involved. It’s about allowing families the time they need to grieve so that they can come together and truly celebrate the life that was lived.

Making Low Stress, Low Cost Cremation in Bastrop Possible for More Families

A death is a time for mourning not event planning. That’s why we offer Bastrop direct cremation packages that cover everything. All you have to do is select the type of cremation you’d like performed and our experienced team will handle the rest.

Green Cremation Texas makes the process simple and transparent with all-inclusive Bastrop cremation only services that include:

  • Service arrangements started over the phone or in-person.
  • Working with the local medical examiner or coroner’s office to arrange transport.
  • Filing paperwork for the death registration and death certificates.
  • Securing approval for performing the cremation.
  • Preparation of the cremains.
  • Delivery of the cremains to a preferred location.

Green Cremation Texas is a trusted funeral home for families across Central Texas. You’ll know exactly what you’ll pay and what services are included with no surprise upcharges or fees. It’s the kind of service you can expect from a funeral home that puts your family first.

Your Trusted Provider for Bastrop Cremation Only, No Service Funerals

We work with families in Bastrop to provide personalized cremation services that ease the burden all around. People that value the natural beauty of Bastrop choose us because they know we’re the only local funeral home that actively protects Central Texas by reducing the impact of cremation services.

The Green Cremation Texas team is here for you at every stage whether you are making advanced arrangements for yourself or have to make unexpected, last-minute arrangements for a loved one. We’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer all of your questions about our eco-friendly cremation process, the available options and direct cremation prices in Bastrop.