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Flame and Water-Based Direct Cremation Options in Dallas, Texas

Green Cremation Texas offers an affordable alternative to costly funeral services that pour gallons of toxic substances into the ground. We are the premier providers of eco-friendly, low-cost cremation in Dallas that will leave your family feeling positive about the entire funeral experience.

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A Cremation Process in Dallas That’s Healthy for the Environment

In a major metro like Dallas, you have every end-of-life service available. But only Green Cremation Texas offers unique cremation options in Dallas that are better for the local environment. As the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in Texas, we’re proud to be industry leaders that are bringing healthier cremation services to more families.

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Our Dallas Green Cremation Options

Green Cremation Texas has developed an extremely eco-friendly service we call clean flame cremation. At every stage of the cremation process, we take measures to reduce the resources that are needed. As a result, our clean flame cremation uses less energy and generates less pollution than a standard service.

The absolute greenest end of life service available today is water cremation, also known as aquamation or alkaline hydrolysis. The process uses a non-toxic water/alkali solution instead of flame, which means far fewer airborne pollutants are produced and 90% less energy is used.

Green Cremation Containers in Dallas

We have a beautiful selection of eco-friendly funeral urns for Dallas families no matter how you plan to memorialize your loved one. Options include decorative sustainably crafted urns for storage, eco-friendly scattering tubes and biodegradable urns for burials.

Make Sure You Get High-Quality, Affordable Cremation in Dallas

When six of the top 10 richest and most expensive places in Texas are in the Dallas metro, it can influence local funeral costs. Affordability is one of the many reasons more people now choose cremation over traditional burial.
A traditional burial is going to be the most expensive end of life service. The National Funeral Directors Association estimates that the average cost for a funeral with traditional burial is $7,360, and Dallas may actually be slightly higher. The estimate only includes funeral services and doesn’t account for additional costs like the plot and headstone.
The average cost of cremation in Dallas is about half the cost of a traditional burial. You can get cremation with memorial services at the funeral home for around $5,100. Many people don’t realize cremation prices in Dallas are almost the same as traditional burial because many of the same costs are involved when you have a viewing and memorial through the funeral home.
The cost of cremation without service in Dallas can be anywhere between $900-$2,000. Direct cremation prices in Dallas are extremely affordable because no extra preparations are needed for a viewing or funeral. The family can choose to hold a memorial service on their own independent of the funeral home.

Cost of Direct Cremation in Dallas

Direct cremation costs in Dallas are more affordable when you choose Green Cremation Texas. Our cost-effective cremation is also less costly in terms of environmental impact. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved one’s cremation is being conducted in a responsible way that respects your family and the city you call home.

Planning a Meaningful Memorial After Direct Cremation in Dallas

Cremation Dallas TX

Families that choose Green Cremation Texas aren’t just looking for cheap cremation in Dallas. They are looking for a funeral home that truly cares about the community their loved one called home. They are the families that joined community meetings to help shape Dallas’ Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan. They are the families that belong to organizations like Downwinders at Risk.

Green Cremation Texas services also give families the flexibility needed to make the process more meaningful. Choosing direct cremation means you don’t have to scramble to arrange burial services, a viewing, a memorial and handle paperwork within a matter of days while dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Planning a Post-Cremation Memorial in Dallas
Many people mistakenly believe that choosing direct cremation means forgoing a memorial service. In actuality, direct cremation makes it much easier for the family to plan a memorable event in a special place that has a connection to the loved one that was lost.

Some popular cremation memorial options in Dallas include having a:

  • Green burial service at Mountain Creek Cemetery or another hybrid cemetery in the metro.
  • Scattering ceremony at a scenic spot along the trails of Trammel Crow Park.
  • Memorial service at your loved one’s home, the Dallas Botanical Gardens or out in nature at Lake Mineral Wells State Park.

Your family can be part of the effort that gets Dallas emissions-free by 2050 without sacrificing a meaningful memorial and end of life services that honor a loved one’s memory. Connect with Green Cremation Texas to learn more about the green cremation process in Dallas.

Guidance From Dallas’ Cremations Only Experts

Navigating all the processes, procedures and paperwork that come after a death can be overwhelming at the worst possible time. At Green Cremation Texas our priority is minimizing the stress funeral services put on families and the environment.

Our all-inclusive Dallas direct cremation packages simplify the process and give you the time you need to grieve.

  • Work directly with the funeral director to get your questions answered and make arrangements.
  • Our staff handles the transport arrangements to our facility.
  • Services include all necessary documentation and permits for cremation.
    Death certificate and death registration paperwork will be filed on your behalf.
  • Cremated remains can be delivered or held at our facility for pickup.

While we handle all aspects of the cremation in an environmentally responsible manner, you’ll be able to take your time planning a personal memorial, burial with graveside funeral service or scattering the ashes in a meaningful place.

Dallas Cremation Services That Are Clean, Cost-Effective and Convenient

From the massive DFW International Airport to the smallest conservation district, green initiatives in Dallas are changing the way the city looks, feels and operates day-to-day. Local families can be part of the change by choosing eco-friendly direct cremation in Dallas. It’s a simpler option that’s easier on the family and the environment. Our advanced crematorium facilities make it possible to minimize cost while minimizing impact.

We are the Dallas cremation only no service experts. If you have questions about the direct cremation process, what to expect or cremation costs in Dallas give our team a call.
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