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What to Consider When You’re Planning a Post-Cremation Memorial

If you plan to have a post-cremation memorial here are a few factors to consider so that you have the meaningful experience you envision.
Post-Cremation Memorial

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The majority of Americans are choosing cremation over burial for a number of reasons. One benefit of cremation is the ability to have a post-cremation memorial after the family has received the remains. Having this option alleviates the pressure to plan a memorial immediately after a loved one passes when the family is grieving and handling estate matters.

Who to Invite

Post-cremation memorials tend to be more personal than viewings and funerals. They aren’t public affairs in spaces that are open like a church or funeral home. They also aren’t announced in the newspaper as a funeral often is in an obituary

What to Consider

  • The venue is going to be a factor since you can only invite as many people as the space can accommodate. 
  • Who to invite also depends on whether guests can join the memorial remotely (more on that below). 
  • The type of event is something else to consider. Some post-cremation memorials are more of an adult affair and others are very family-oriented. 

Timing It Right

Timing is the biggest advantage to most people. A post-cremation memorial affords you the ability to choose a date that’s best for you, not a limited 3-day window right after someone has passed. You can take your time planning it out and lining everything up without feeling pressure to get things done ASAP. 

What to Consider

Many families prefer a significant date for the memorial, like their loved one’s birthday or the first anniversary of their passing. Choosing a date that’s significant makes the post-cremation memorial that much more memorable.

Ways to Attend

Today, we aren’t limited by location. The COVID pandemic changed people’s perspectives on how funerals and memorials are held. Now memorial events and funerals can be multi-channel affairs.

What to Consider

The idea of live streaming to a limited group is quickly becoming common practice. It’s given people a way to come together even if they can’t physically be there. Plus, streaming platforms are better and more secure than ever before while remaining free for the most part.

You can also set up private social groups online where people can share pictures and memories, or collaborate together to create a remembrance of the memorial itself. It can even be a way to get people involved before the event.

Before inviting people to the memorial work these things out. That way you can send guests links with invites and let them know the options before RSVPing.  

Setting a Tone

Do you envision the memorial being a festive celebration of your loved one’s life or a more serious affair that reflects on their accomplishments? The type of memorial you plan to have is going to set the tone. And the tone can affect just about every other aspect of the memorial.

What to Consider

First and foremost, consider what your loved one would have wanted. Some people would never want a memorial that is in any way somber or sad while others do appreciate a serious, respectful memorial. Let your loved one be the deciding factor for the tone. 

You may want to think about the tone the memorial will set before anything else. It will help determine basically everything else like where to have the memorial, who to invite and what will happen during the event. 

At Green Cremation Texas we are mindful of the fact that post-cremation memorials are a part of the closure process for many families. We strive to handle every cremation in the most efficient manner possible, both in terms of time and energy use. If you’d like more information on our green cremation process or the timeframe for a cremation you can reach out to our team via phone, text or email.

Marlaena Gonzales

Marlaena Gonzales

Funeral Director
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