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Green Cremation Services in Lewisville, TX

Green Cremation Texas is an industry leader that’s bringing more cremation options to Lewisville and the surrounding area. We’re the first and only carbon neutral funeral home in Texas. If your loved one was a part of the Lewisville Office of Sustainability initiatives, an active community member or an outdoor lover, our eco-friendly services are one last thing you can do to support their green lifestyle.

We believe death can make life more beautiful for future generations by taking a thoughtful approach to end of life services that are more meaningful and less material.

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Affordable Cremation in Lewisville That’s Also Eco-Friendly

Choosing cremation only with no service in Lewisville is automatically going to be greener than services that include a viewing and memorial. However, that’s not the only reason services from Green Cremation Texas are more eco-friendly.

We have leveraged years of experience in the funeral industry and the latest technology to create two cremation options that are among the lowest impact services available.

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Green Cremation Options in Lewisville

We’ve taken traditional, flame-based cremation and made it much cleaner by creating a unique process we call clean flame cremation. From paperless transactions to more fuel-efficient transportation to removing all medical devices we take additional measures to reduce the carbon footprint of each cremation.

Water cremation, sometimes called aquamation or alkali hydrolysis, is a relatively new service that dramatically reduces pollution, byproducts and energy use. Anyone who is concerned about the effect of traditional cremation should consider this option. Because no flame is used, no smoke is released into the air and 90% less energy is consumed during the cremation process.

Green Funeral Urns in Lewisville

If you’re interested in using green cremation containers in Lewisville we can help you find the right one. We have a huge selection of urns including eco-friendly scattering tubes and biodegradable containers for green burial.

Bringing Transparency to Lewisville Cremation Prices and Funeral Costs

How much is cremation in Lewisville? And is it cheaper than a burial? Do you have to pay for a memorial service at the funeral home?

These are just some of the many questions we get about cremation cost in Lewisville. We all want to honor our loved ones, but the truth is some end of life services are extremely expensive. What’s worse is that many families who pay top dollar are left feeling like they didn’t get the personalized experience they had imagined.

Green Cremation Texas is among the few funeral homes that charge a flat-rate fee for all-inclusive services and lists the prices right on our site. Unfortunately, that is not the norm and it can be difficult to know if you’re getting cheap cremation in Lewisvills or paying for overpriced services. The information below can help you get a better idea of the average prices for end of life services.

The Average Funeral Costs in Lewisville for a Burial

Funeral costs in Lewisville are on the rise. Today, a traditional burial costs $7,630 before all the expenses are included. That amount doesn’t include cemetery fees, the cost of a headstone or the burial plot. The plot along can increase the total by $1,000 or more.

The Average Cost of Cremation in Lewisville

Cremation prices in Lewisville are actually higher than many people think. A traditional cremation with a memorial and viewing service at the funeral home is going to cost $5,100 on average. According to data from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) about half of the cremation cost goes towards the viewing and memorial services.

Average Direct Cremation Prices in Lewisville

The cost of cremation without service in Lewisville is far more affordable than alternative options. At Green Cremation Texas our eco-friendly cremation services start at just $895. For more advanced options like aquamation are just $1,985. Those are highly competitive prices that prove end of life services don’t have to be overly expensive.

Low Cost Cremation in Lewisville That Gives You Moret

Lewisville Cremation

Lewisville is a place where people love the outdoors so much the city arranges night hikes because people just can’t get enough of the natural surroundings during the daylight hours. It’s a place where the local officials have made sustainability part of the city plan because they know keeping Lewisville pristine requires water and energy conservation.

Unfortunately, some end of life services are anything but efficient. Traditional burial and even traditional cremation with funeral home services can have a major impact on the immediate area. And each time someone chooses one of these services it adds to the problem.

Every decision you make can have a ripple effect that lasts for years. Working with Green Cremation Texas is one decision you can feel good about since we give you greener options and more control over the process.

Holding a Direct Cremation Memorial in Lewisville

With direct cremation you aren’t overpaying for impersonal memorial services at a funeral home, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo a memorial altogether. Actually, direct cremation allows you to have a memorial wherever and whenever you’d like, before or after the cremation is complete.

Popular Lewisville cremation memorials include:

With our green cremation services in Lewisville you get the benefit of knowing your loved one’s funeral will have a positive impact on your family and the community. Planning a memorial is never an easy process. But with direct cremation you at least have the ability to plan a unique event that truly honors your loved one and their life.

Guiding You Through the Cremation Process in Lewisville

We offer all of the families we help invaluable guidance based on more than two decades of experience. Our team handles the specifics of the cremation so you and your family can focus on being together when you need each other most.

Although Green Cremation Texas offers affordable cremation in Lewisville, that doesn’t mean you get substandard service. Our cost savings come in the form of streamlined services that are so efficient they end up being less costly for you and the environment. Every step of the way you can expect nothing short of first-class customer care that makes your needs a priority.

All Green Cremation Texas services include:

  • Convenient service arrangements in-person, online or over the phone. 
  • Correspondence with the local coroner or medical examiners office.
  • Coordinating all transport to and from our funeral home facilities. 
  • Securing the permits needed for cremation.  
  • Filing the necessary documents for the death registration and death certificates.  
  • Preparing and storing the remains for pickup at our facility or delivery to your location.

Our caring team is here for your family when you need trustworthy guidance and green cremation services that you can feel good about.

Trusted Provider for Eco-Friendly Direct Cremation in Lewisville

Lewisville prides itself on being a lake town with all the benefits of a big city without being in the busy center of a metro. Maintaining that kind of quality of life requires careful balance where each development is offset by green choices. One of the easiest ways to ensure Lewisville doesn’t lose its natural charm is eco-friendly end of life services.

Our cremation services are the simplest, most convenient and greenest way to commemorate the life of a loved one who understood the importance of protecting the local environment.

Our family is here for your family 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call, text or email us anytime to learn more about our green options, how the process works and how much direct cremation cost in Lewisville.