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Direct Cremation in Plano That’s Better for the Environment

In a city where quality of life is extremely high, the quality of funeral services matters just as much. Cremation services from Green Cremation Texas help to preserve the natural beauty of Plano for future generations rather than detracting from it. Our streamlined cremation process is more affordable, less stressful, and better for the local environment.

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Plano Cremation Process That’s Eco-Friendly

We’re Texas’ first and only carbon-neutral funeral home. So you know you’ll get the most innovative and eco-friendly services from Green Cremation Texas. We offer not one but two types of cremation that are cleaner than traditional options without costing more.

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Greener and Cleaner Low-Cost Cremation in Plano

If you prefer traditional, flame-based cremation Green Cremation Texas has developed a process that is much greener than the norm. From scheduling services to deliver your loved one’s remains, we cut energy use and carbon emissions whenever possible. Years of experience have gone into making our flame cremation as efficient as it can possibly be.

We are excited to bring Plano families a new type of cremation that’s extremely eco-friendly. Water cremation, sometimes referred to as aquamation or alkali hydrolysis, uses a liquid solution to accelerate decomposition. The end result is nearly identical to flame cremation, but no smoke or toxic airborne pollutants are generated. Water cremation also uses 90% less energy.

Plano Cremation Containers That Are Better for the Environment

Are you looking for eco-friendly funeral urns in Plano? Green Cremation Texas offers a selection of green cremation containers that are suitable for burial, scattering ceremonies and long-term storage.

Providing Transparent Burial and Cremation Prices in Plano

When a loved one passes away the last thing we want to do is work out a budget for funeral costs and try to make sense of confusing estimates. The truth is there isn’t a lot of transparency when it comes to funeral costs in Plano, or anywhere else for that matter.

Green Cremation Texas wants to make sure Plano families are fully informed about the costs associated with different types of funeral services. Below is a brief overview of Plano cremation prices and burial costs.

How Much Are Burial Funeral Costs in Plano?
The rate of burial has declined significantly over the last decade, in large part because of costs. Burial is by far the most expensive funeral service. Although the average cost for burial is stated as $7,360 that’s only for funeral home fees. The total often exceeds $10,000 when the cost of a burial plot, headstone and cemetery fees are included.

How Much is Cremation in Plano?
The average cost of cremation in Plano is around the national average – $5,100. Like burial, the total cost can vary significantly because you have a lot of the same service options and expenses.

What is the Cost of Cremation Without Service in Plano?
Finding cheap cremation in Plano without sacrificing quality service is possible. Direct cremation is a service that excludes a memorial and viewing as well as all of the exorbitant costs that go along with them. Direct cremation costs in Plano cover the cremation only. However, with direct cremation prices in Plano averaging from $850-$2,000 you can still afford to have a memorial service once the cremation is complete.

Meaningful, Affordable Cremation for Plano Families

Plano Cremation Services

There are few places in the country like Plano where you can take a step back in time to how people lived more than 125 years ago. Visiting the Heritage Farmstead Museum is a reminder of simpler times when funeral services were about celebrating the life of a loved one not planning an extravagant affair with a lot of unnecessary waste.

Many families are led to believe that if they want to have a memorial service it has to be done in a few short days before a burial or cremation. In actuality, direct cremation gives Plano families the ability to hold a meaningful memorial service after the process is complete.

Planning a Memorial After Choosing Direct Cremation in Plano
One complaint many people have about traditional burial is that the process didn’t seem as fulfilling and meaningful as they thought it would be. That’s because many funerals aren’t natural or personalized. They follow the formulaic process of the funeral home, and the funeral home is your one real option for where memorial services will be held.

Direct cremation doesn’t force Plano families to have a standard memorial service that’s just like every other memorial at the funeral home. You can choose to have a viewing or memorial prior to the cremation, and there is plenty of time to plan a memorial that’s held after the cremation. There’s no rush to get things done and the options are limitless.

Choosing cremation only in Plano allows you to:

  • Have a traditional or green cremation burial at Mountain Creek Cemetery.
  • Scatter the ashes on family property in Plano, at the Oak Point Nature Preserve, Haggard Park, or across one of the four surrounding lakes.
  • Plan a hike or trail ride in honor of your loved one. Plano’s 70+ parks and 70-mile trail system give you many options.

Give your loved one the memorial they would have wanted to plan themselves. Direct cremation provides more flexibility and less formality that gets in the way of a meaningful memorial.

Get Help From the Plano Cremation Only No Service Experts

Losing a loved one is hard enough without trying to plan funeral services. Green Cremation Texas has gone to great lengths to make our cremation process as simple, efficient, and supportive as possible. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. Our team is always here for you to provide expert guidance along the way.

One Affordable Price
Cremation package prices are all-inclusive. There are never any hidden fees, upcharges or upsells.

Cremation Packages That Make Services Simple
One decision is all it takes to arrange direct cremation. Our cremation packages cover every aspect of service. You can focus on getting through this emotional period without worrying about what has to be done next.

Plano Cremation Services That Are Easy to Schedule
Arrange Plano direct cremation over the phone, by email or online.

We’ll Handle the Paperwork
Our team takes care of all the documentation that’s needed for cremation permits, the death registration and death certificates.

Our Team Arranges All the Transport
If transport of the deceased is needed at any point we’ll make the necessary arrangements, including the delivery of the remains.

We’re a family-owned business that’s focused on providing compassionate care during the cremation process. From answering your questions about cremation to helping you decide how to store the remains, Green Cremation Texas is your trusted resource.

Bringing High Quality, Low Impact Cremation Options to Plano

Plano has been ranked one of the best places to live in the U.S. for good reason. It offers authentic Texas living in a picturesque setting. But as more corporations move to town, the development has to be balanced with eco-friendly choices that preserve Plano’s unique appeal.

When it comes to end of life services no funeral home is more dedicated to protecting the local environment than Green Cremation Texas. Our services were created to give families eco-friendly cremation options that they can feel better about.

Want to know more about green cremation services in Plano? Our team is available to answer your questions about Plano cremation costs, timeframes, memorials, and more 24 hours a day 7 days a week.