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Protect the Lubbock Environment with Green Cremation

Lubbock prides itself on its idyllic suburban areas and beautiful, mesa plains. If you love this city, you want to do everything you can to protect it. That’s why we offer environmentally-friendly Lubbock, TX cremation services.

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Low Impact, Low-Cost Cremation in Lubbock

Green Cremation Texas is a premier provider of cremations only in Lubbock that are better for the environment. Innovative services have made our local, family-owned business the first and only carbon neutral funeral home in the state of Texas.

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The Best Selection of Eco-Friendly Cremation Services in Lubbock

Green Cremation (Flame) $1285

We’ve cleaned up traditional flame cremation so that fewer toxins are released into the atmosphere and less energy is used. At our energy-efficient crematorium, we take extra precautions to ensure no plastics are incinerated and no energy is wasted.

Green Cremation (Water) $2285

Green Cremation Texas is one of the few funeral homes in the state that offers aquamation, the greenest end of life service available. Using a solution of alkali and water rather than incineration eliminates air pollutants and reduces energy use by 90%.

Green Funeral Urns for Lubbock Memorials

Our green cremation containers in Lubbock offer you even more peace of mind that your loved one’s life will be remembered with minimal impact on the environment. There are green funeral urns, biodegradable containers, temporary recyclable cardboard vessels and eco-friendly scattering tubes.

Benefits of Green Cremation

Traditional burials and cremations harm the environment. Burials require caskets, which involve chopping down trees and using materials such as steel, and regular cremations rely on burning which produces carbon.

Yet, your loved one’s options don’t have to hurt the precious town of Lubbock. If you’ve searched “cremation services near me,” we can help. Green Cremation Texas is the only carbon-neutral cremation option in the state. 

We perform both flame and water cremation and dedicate our services to honoring your loved ones. In addition, we charge less than the traditional Lubbock, TX cremation cost, making us one of the most affordable cremation options.

Today’s Cremation and Funeral Costs in Lubbock

Want transparent funeral and cremation prices in Lubbock? Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home is one of the few service providers that openly shares fees upfront and provides honest information about the true cost of all end of life services. If you are looking for clear information on average funeral and cremation cost in Lubbock you can find it here.

Average Cost of a Traditional Funeral in Lubbock

It’s hard to put an exact number on the average funeral costs in Lubbock. It’s close to the national average of $7,360 (without including expenses for a plot and headstone), however, because there are so many variables each family will pay a different price. Generally speaking, the cost of a traditional funeral with burial is far more expensive than cremation.

Average Cost of Cremation in Lubbock

Many people are surprised to find most funeral homes charge almost as much for cremation services in Lubbock as they do for burial. On average you’ll pay a little more than $6,300 for a cremation that includes viewing and memorial services at a funeral home. Given the additional expenses associated with burial, cremation is still much cheaper overall.

Average Cost of Cremation Only With No Service in Lubbock

The cost of cremation without service in Lubbock is the most affordable end of life option. Lubbock direct cremation prices typically range from $1,000-$2,200.

At Green Cremation Texas, all of our direct cremation costs in Lubbock are clearly stated upfront. The price you pay is all-inclusive, which makes the process simple and straightforward. You’ll never have to worry about upcharges, hidden fees or unexpected additional costs.

Why Choose Green Direct Cremation in Lubbock

Lubbock Funeral Home

Lubbock is a city that is all about preserving history and the Texas way of life. That includes appreciating and protecting the local environment so that it can continue to be enjoyed by the next generation of Texans.

Our green direct cremation is the most eco-friendly end of life option that not only reduces your carbon footprint, it also gives you a better selection of memorial options.

Cremation Memorials in Lubbock

Lubbock is known for its memorials. It’s home to the Buddy Holly Center, the Museum of Texas Tech University and the natural history preserve The Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark. These sites are a reminder of the importance of remembering those who have passed.

Choosing cremation only with no service in Lubbock doesn’t mean there will be no memorial. What it means is that you have the freedom and flexibility to honor your loved one however you want.

Cremation memorial options in Lubbock include:

  • Burying a loved one’s remains in a family plot at Lubbock Cemetery.
  • Scattering the ashes at Eastlawn Memorial Garden, along the banks of Llano Estacado Lake or within one of the many parks in the city.
  • A traditional memorial service at home, your loved one’s church, the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum or another local venue of your choice.

Cremation only services give you more control over the entire process. Instead of paying exorbitant fees for a standard memorial at a funeral home you can honor your loved one in a way that’s more personal and meaningful.

Your Expert Guide Through the Cremation Process in Lubbock

How much is cremation in Lubbock? Which services are necessary for the cremation process? Where do I get the death certificate?

When you lose a loved one there are a lot of questions about what needs to happen next. The expert team at Green Cremation Texas can walk you through the entire process so that you understand how everything is handled and can make an informed decision. All you have to do is choose a green cremation service and we’ll handle the rest.

Our funeral director will:

  • Work with you one-on-one to arrange services in-person or over the phone.
    Work with the Lubbock coroner’s office to schedule transport to our energy-efficient crematorium.
  • File the necessary paperwork to obtain the death certificates and death registration.
  • Prepare the remains and make them available for secure delivery or pickup at our location.

We’re there for you every step of the way and will do everything we can to ease your burden. When you choose Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home, you get the assurance of knowing you’re saving time, money and the local environment.

Stress-Free, Affordable Cremation in Lubbock

Green Cremation Texas proves you can get cheap cremation in Lubbock without sacrificing quality of service or doing harm to the local environment. Over the last 20 years, we’ve streamlined the cremation process so that it’s both more affordable for families and more energy efficient. Simple cremation services that are easier on clients and the environment – that’s our promise to you.

We’re here for you when you need us the most. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions about cremation options in Lubbock and to provide assistance any way we can.

Want an Eco-Friendly Cremation?

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