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Eco-Conscious, Affordable Direct Cremation Services in Spring, TX

Green Cremation Texas is a full-service, eco-conscious crematorium that provides low-cost cremation in Spring. Our all-inclusive cremation services simplify the process and eliminate the concern of excessive costs. Arrange cremation services in Spring by phone, online or in-person.

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What Makes Green Direct Cremation in Spring Different

Traditional flame cremation has been used for centuries, but interest in lowering environmental impact is changing the process. Green Cremation Texas is the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the state. We were the first to take the initiative to improve the way cremation is performed so that it’s a more positive experience for families and the planet.

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Green Cremation Options in our Sprin

Our clean flame cremation service is truly a green process. We take extra steps to prevent any plastics from being incinerated and have significantly reduced the amount of energy used from start to finish.

Aquamation, better known as water cremation, is the newest type of cremation process in Spring. No flame is used at all. Instead, there’s a pressurized chamber filled with a water/alkali solution. After the body is submerged in the solution, the temperature is slowly increased, which creates accelerated natural decomposition. Ultimately, no airborne toxins are released and 90% less energy is used.

Eco-Friendly Funeral Urns in Spring

Families often choose to use an eco-friendly receptacle after the cremation process is complete. We now offer a selection of green cremation containers in Spring including biodegradable funeral urns.

Transparent Funeral Costs and Cremation Prices in Spring

Honoring your loved one’s memory shouldn’t put a family in debt, and you shouldn’t have to blindly accept exorbitant costs because you were given an estimate at the beginning. At Green Cremation Texas, we make it easy with all-inclusive, single-price service packages and transparent prices for every type of funeral service in Spring.

Spring Funeral Costs
Traditional funerals are far less common than they used to be, partly because of increasing costs. Funeral costs in Spring are close to the Texas average of $6,938. But that isn’t the total price. Factoring in the cost of a plot and headstone will increase funeral expenses to around $10,000.

Cremation Cost in Spring
How much is cremation in Spring? The short answer is, it depends. Like traditional burials, there is a wide variety of options that can influence the overall cost. The average cost of cremation in Spring is similar to the rest of Texas. With memorial services included, traditional cremation is approximately $3,700 without an urn.

Spring Direct Cremation Costs
The cost of cremation without service in Spring is surprisingly affordable. Direct cremation prices in Spring typically range from $700-$2,200. Because there are no services where the body needs to be present the cost is dramatically reduced.

Why More Families Are Choosing Cremations Only in Spring

An old windmill in a field of blue bonnets, located in Spring, TX

Spring, TX is known for shopping centers and golf courses, which is why many locals are more interested in green end of life services. Spring residents understand that development in recent years has to be offset to protect the integrity of the natural environment.

This eco-consciousness is evident in the large amount of green space in Spring. There are parks for every type of outdoor enthusiast. These are invaluable assets that are available to everyone, which means we all have to do our part to protect them. Choosing cremation only in Spring shows support for local green initiatives and provides benefits that you won’t get with traditional burial and cremation.

Holding Memorials in Spring After Direct Cremation
Just because you choose cremation only without service in Spring that doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorial. What it means is you get to have the memorial service your loved one wanted. You aren’t limited to having the memorial at a funeral home, and it’s far less stressful because you have more time to plan the event.

Popular memorial options in Spring, TX include:

  • Burying the remains in a biodegradable urn at Spring Cemetery.
  • Spreading your loved one’s ashes along the Spring Creek Greenway.
  • Hosting an intimate memorial service at your family member’s home, Pundt Park or another picturesque spot in Spring.

With cremation only in Spring, you get to decide when and where to have a memorial. It provides freedom that isn’t possible with a traditional burial. If you’d like to know more about the direct cremation process in Spring please give us a call.

Helping You Through the Spring Cremation Process

Even if a death is expected, few people are fully prepared to handle funeral preparations. Families are burdened by having to make countless decisions on a very tight timeline, all of which only increases angst during an already stressful time.

That’s not what you’ll experience with Green Cremation Texas. We offer compassionate service that simplifies the process. From our all-inclusive packages to one-on-one time with Kermit the Therapy Dog, our goal is to make your experience as positive as it possibly can be. We accomplish that by providing our expertise and guiding you through the process every step of the way.

  • Our Spring cremation services can be arranged online or over the phone in minutes.
  • Speak directly with the funeral director to get answers and advice.
  • We’ll work with the Spring coroner’s office to arrange transport to our crematorium.
  • All paperwork and permits for cremation are handled by Green Cremation Texas.
    You’ll get assistance securing the death registration.
  • We’ll order and deliver the death certificate.
  • The remains can be picked up at our crematorium or delivered to your location.

Green Cremation Texas proves cheap cremation in Spring doesn’t have to cost you in terms of quality service. It’s low-stress, low-impact end of life service that makes your family the top priority.

Cost-Effective Spring Cremation Services That Don’t Sacrifice Quality

After more than 20 years of providing exemplary cremation services in Texas, we’ve created processes that maximize efficiency and affordability without sacrificing quality. Our innovative cremation techniques cut out unnecessary procedures so that the process is simpler and less impactful. It’s proof that by doing less we can do more for the environment for generations to come.

Need answers about cremations only no service in Spring? Our team is available 24/7 to provide information and attend to all of your needs. We’re here for you when you need us most.