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Which Eco-Friendly Funeral Service in Texas Should You Choose?

Do you prefer eco-friendly funeral services? Not sure which one to choose? Answer these 5 questions to figure out which green funeral service is best.
Tips for Choosing the Right Eco-Friendly Funeral Service in Texas
Tips for Choosing the Right Eco-Friendly Funeral Service in Texas

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We are beyond happy at Cremation.Green to see how far eco-friendly funeral services have come since we started offering our revolutionary clean flame cremation over 10 years ago. In that time the disposition options have greatly expanded to also include water cremation, natural burial and natural organic reduction (NOR) – all of which are offered at Cremation.Green.

For Texas residents, the question now is which eco-friendly funeral service you should choose. Each service has a much smaller environmental impact compared to traditional services, but the processes that are involved are very different. 

Below are some questions you can ask yourself to determine which green funeral service is best for your situation. 

How Minimal Do You Want the Impact to Be?

Some people are happy with clean flame cremation that produces less pollution and uses less energy than traditional burial and cremation. Others want to eliminate the use of fossil fuels altogether if possible. 

The thing is, many factors beyond fossil fuels play into how eco-friendly a funeral service is for the environment. For example, part of the reason burial is bad for the environment is because of the resources that are needed. There’s also 1.6 million tons of concrete poured in burial plots, 20 million feet of wood cut down for caskets and 4.3 million gallons of highly toxic embalming fluid used each year.  

While all of our services are much more eco-friendly than traditional options, the greenest disposition offered today is natural organic reduction, also known as human composting. Not only are minimal resources and energy used for NOR, the end result is nutrient-rich soil that can be used to support conservation land. So instead of polluting, human composting can actually be beneficial. 

Is Cost a Factor?

For some families, funeral costs aren’t a big factor, but for others it’s the top consideration. All of our environmentally-friendly funeral services cost less than a traditional burial, but there’s a pretty wide range in the price.

Green flame cremation is just $995, making it one of the most affordable options available. But natural organic reduction, the newest and greenest form of disposition, is $6,499. If you are concerned about the cost, there are ways to reduce the financial burden. One way to do that is by pre-planning funeral services. You may be able to get a better rate or pay for the service in installments. 

Life insurance can be used to pay for human composting or any other type of disposition. There are no restrictions on what funeral services the proceeds can be used to cover.

Do You Have a Certain Time Frame for Funeral Services?

Each funeral service involves a very different process, which means the timeframe is going to vary. Whether you want things handled quickly could be a logistical factor or a personal preference. Regardless, families need to be aware of the timeframe if they plan to hold any sort of in-person service or memorial prior to or after disposition.

Some people prefer our direct cremation options because the time it takes to complete everything is fairly quick. It’s possible to complete direct cremation in less than a week. Other options, like natural organic reduction, can take significantly longer to complete. A typical timeframe for human composting is 2-3 months

In some cases, there may be delays that aren’t related to the disposition, and it could influence which service you choose. This is usually the case if an autopsy needs to be performed. When one of our clients gets a call from the Travis County medical examiner’s office, we have to plan accordingly so that everything is efficient with the understanding there will likely be delays. 

Ultimately, the time it takes to complete everything is a factor that can help with closure for the family. Some people want the disposition to be completed quickly so that they can feel like things are finalized and they can move on. Others like the idea that NOR is prolonged and gives them more time to process everything before it’s complete. 

Do You Want to Keep Cremains?

You can narrow the selection down to two funeral services based on whether or not you want cremains to keep. The family will receive cremains with clean flame cremation or water cremation. Of the two services, water cremation actually results in a slightly larger amount of cremains.

With natural organic reduction the family can choose to receive the soil that is created through the process. However, natural burial is like traditional burial in that there are no remains for the family to keep afterward. 

What Green Funeral Services Are Available in Your Area?

Last but not least is simply what green funeral services are available. People are limited to what local funeral homes offer. That’s why we’re on a mission to expand funeral service options in Texas. We believe everyone deserves disposition freedom so that they can choose the death care they truly want. That choice should not be made or limited by legislators and their personal preferences.

However, even if a form of disposition is legal that doesn’t mean it’s going to be offered in your area. You may have to look for green funeral services in a nearby city or work with a funeral home that can arrange services with a partner that is equipped to provide the service you want. At Cremation.Green we’re so dedicated to making sure all Texans can choose any type of disposition they want that we’ve partnered with an out-of-state funeral home to arrange natural organic reduction services for our local clients.

If you’re having trouble choosing between a cremation service, natural burial and natural organic reduction give Cremation.Green a call. We’re available 24 hours a day to answer questions and share our professional advice about eco-friendly funeral services.

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