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Direct Cremation in Temple, Texas With Low Environmental Impact

We now know traditional burial can be very hard on the environment, and it’s even harder to deal with in terms of expense. Green Cremation Texas gives residents in Temple cremation options that are more affordable and far less impactful on the local environment.

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Green Cremation That Preserves Temple’s Natural Beauty

As Texas’ first and only carbon-neutral funeral home we take environmental protection seriously. Over the last 20 years, Green Cremation Texas has developed the most eco-friendly end of life services available in the state. We’re proud to offer Temple residents the highest quality green services at a fair price.

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Innovative Green Cremation Options in Temple

Traditional flame cremation can use excess energy and pollute the air. At our energy-efficient crematorium, we practice clean flame cremation. Energy is saved throughout the process, and we take extra measures to ensure no plastics are incinerated to reduce airborne toxins.

Texas is one of 19 states to approve the use of water cremation, also known as aquamation. It’s the greenest end of life service available today. We use a water/alkali solution with elevated heat to naturally decompose without the use of flame. No toxins are released into the air and 90% less energy is used compared to traditional cremation.

Offering Green Funeral Urns in Temple

Once the cremation is complete you can choose from a selection of environmentally friendly scattering tubes, biodegradable funeral urns and green cremation containers in Temple.

How Much is Cremation in Temple?

How much is cremation in Temple, TX? In Temple, residents enjoy cost of living that’s well below the national average, but end of life services can be expensive. Making the best decision means understanding the true cost of all the options.

Funeral costs are going to be more than cremation prices in Temple, which is the case across the state. Texas funeral costs are close to the national average of approximately $6,500. However, that does not include the cost of a plot, headstone or the burial fees.

The average cost of cremation in Temple is slightly less than the cost of traditional burial, without the added expenses of burial fees, a plot and headstone. Much of the cost is connected to having a memorial service and viewing at the funeral home.

When you choose to cremate without having a service at the funeral home it’s called direct cremation. Temple direct cremation prices are far below traditional burial and cremation. The service can be done for less than $1,000, but prices vary from one funeral home to the next.

We Make Direct Cremation Costs in Temple Transparent
Unlike many funeral homes, Green Cremation Texas is completely transparent and upfront about the cost of our services. We offer low-cost cremation in Temple without ever charging hidden fees or making estimates that increased after the service is provided.

We believe in helping families through this trying time by making everything clear and easy to understand, starting with all-inclusive cremation packages for a single price that’s listed online.

Choosing Direct Cremation Funeral Home in Temple, TX

Temple Funeral Home

Temple is a city that has the feel of a metro but the wide-open spaces of a suburb. It’s a place where you can find all of the modern-day conveniences and development while still being the Wildflower Capital of Texas. It’s a place where residents take pride in their history as a railroad town and work to preserve it.

People in Temple choose green cremation because they want to protect the beauty of the area from the lakes to the trail system to Lions Junction Family Water Park. We’re here to help with clean direct cremation in Temple that gives families the ability to plan their own memorial service.

Memorial Services in Temple Done Your Way

Choosing direct cremation means you are preserving the local Temple environment and your ability to have a memorial service when and where you want. You can choose to:

  • Bury the remains at Hillcrest Cemetery or Bellwood Memorial Park Cemetery.
  • Scatter the ashes at Miller Spring Park or across Belton Lake.
  • Have an intimate memorial service for friends and family at your loved one’s home.

The cost of cremation without service in Temple is extremely affordable, but more importantly, it lowers the stress of planning funeral services. You can take your time and plan to have a meaningful memorial service when you’re ready.

Your Helping Hand Through the Cremation Process in Temple

Some funeral homes advertise cheap cremation in Temple only to add fee after fee for basic services that should be included. At Green Cremation Texas Funeral Home, we keep things simple and affordable with all-inclusive packages that include everything right down to a temporary recyclable container for the remains.

We understand this is an extremely difficult time, and our goal is to help you through the cremation process in Temple so that you are fully informed without having to worry about the details. Green Cremation Texas cremation packages include:

  • Service arrangements either in-person or over the phone.
  • Direct correspondence and counseling with our funeral director.
  • Transport of your loved one to our crematorium.
    Obtaining the death registration and death certificates.
  • Returning your loved one’s remains to a location of your choice.

Our cremation services in Temple go beyond standard care. We’ll explain all of the options and answer all of your questions so that you feel confident in the selections that are made. You can rest assured that your loved one will be treated with dignity, and their end of life service won’t have a negative impact on the local environment.

The Better Choice for Cremation Services in Temple

Green Cremation Texas has years of experience offering cremations only in Temple and the surrounding area. We’ve chosen to specialize in the cremation only no service option because it’s the most environmentally responsible choice, the easiest end-of-life service for clients to arrange and gives families the freedom to handle the memorial service exactly how they want.

You get the highest quality cremation services in Temple without any added expenses or hassles.

We’re here for you whenever you need us. Call or text our team of local cremation experts 24 hours a day 7 days a week.