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The Best Laid Funeral Cremation Plans: Your Cremation Plan Checklist

Did you know that you can create funeral cremation plans to make it easier on your loved ones when you pass away? Here's a helpful checklist for creating yours.
The Best Laid Funeral Cremation Plans: Your Cremation Plan Checklist
Did you know that you can create funeral cremation plans to make it easier on your loved ones when you pass away? Here is a helpful checklist for creating yours

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The one thing most people can agree on is being uncomfortable talking about their final arrangements with the family. No one wants to think about it and somehow talking about it makes it seem real. 

However, it will be real one day, and if no plans are made, it only adds to the stress and confusion. Making your wishes known and documenting the steps you would like followed will ease the burden on your loved ones as well as ensuring you are in charge of your final arrangements. 

Cremation is quickly becoming the most popular choice for those who desire not only a more economical option but also flexibility and freedom. Let’s look at the answers to come questions regarding funeral cremation plans 

What Are Funeral Cremation Plans?

The idea of a funeral cremation plan is to put your final wishes in writing. It doesn’t have to be formal, but it can be. The goal is to provide your loved ones with answers to questions they will be asked by the funeral home or whoever is handling the loved one’s remains. 

The plan should specify the type of service you want, how you want the ashes to be handled, scattered or divided, and how the payment will be handled.  

You may also be unaware that there is more than one type of cremation. In addition to the well-known use of heat, there is also a water cremation choice. For those who are concerned with the environment, there is even a green cremation option

How to Create a Cremation Plan

In order to make a complete cremation plan, you need to make decisions on a few important details. 

1. Chose the Cremation Provider

Your first decision should be to choose the best provider to take care of the cremation. Do your research and read reviews or ask for recommendations. This is a time when you will want someone with experience and compassion.

Make an appointment and go in to talk with them. Let them help you with any questions you have and walk you through the process. Once you are comfortable with your decision, inform your family. 

2. What Type of Service Do You Want

With a traditional burial, the service usually must take place within a few days of the passing. There must be a specific location secured for the internment of the casket. This creates a time and distance puzzle for all the friends and family to have to figure out. 

Cremation opens up more possibilities. You can still go with the traditional service if you want, but you can also decide to wait and have the service at a different time or place. Maybe at your favorite vacation destination or family home. It can literally be anywhere that fits the life and memory of the deceased. 

3. Do You Want to Buy a Casket

You may not know that an expensive decorative casket is not required with a cremation funeral. If you opt for a traditional service and want one to be presented there, you can rent one for the service. 

If you are going a non-traditional route, you can forego the fancy casket and save money. There are more economical options for an alternative housing of the body for the cremation process.

4. Where Will Your Ashes End Up

There are several options for the last resting place for your ashes. This decision does not have to be made right away. If you are unsure, consider the possibilities and even talk with the family.

You can still choose to have them sealed in an urn and buried in a plot if you want an actual site with a headstone. They can also be placed in a mausoleum above ground.  

Some people wish to have their ashes spread at a favorite spot or specific location. Before making a final decision on where to have your ashes spread, make sure you check the local or state laws for that area. 

Still yet, you may want to leave your remains in a decorative urn and left in the possession of a loved one, or two. 

A Lasting Memory

In addition to urns, there are some very cool ways to store a small amount of ashes for a lasting memory. Ashes put into a cremation ring or necklace for a beautiful jewelry piece can be worn in remembrance of the loved one. 

It is now possible to light up the night sky in a brilliant display in honor of the deceased. Memorial fireworks can be made using ashes. 

You can even plant a tree. There are biodegradable tree urns that come with a seed mixed in with the ashes. The entire urn is planted and the ashes serve as the bed for the tree to sprout and then flourish. 

Should You Have a Prepaid Cremation Plan

The cost of cremation is usually more cost-effective than a traditional burial. There are things to keep in mind though when it comes to services you wish the funeral home or crematory to perform. The products you purchase also come into play. 

With the help of the provider, you can come to an agreed price. Some places offer a discount if paid in advanced and you should also be able to set up a payment plan. 

Having cost covered ahead of time is just another gift to your loved ones to ease the burden and stress at that time.

The Thoughtful Plan

It isn’t always easy to think about a time when we will not be around for our loved ones. Many put off these preparations waiting for a better time.

The truth is, we never know what tomorrow will bring. Having funeral cremation plans is a thoughtful way to ease the burden on those left behind. Your wishes will be clear and they can set about to celebrate your life and memories.

These decisions do not have to be made by yourself. We are here to help. For information or answers to all your cremation questions, please reach out.

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