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Would You Wear a Kardashian Cremains Keepsake Necklace?

The Kardashians are popularizing another accessory - cremation jewelry. Find out about Kris Jenner’s plans to turn her cremains keepsake necklace.
Cremains Keepsake Necklace
Cremains Keepsake Necklace

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Kris Kardashian Wants Her Cremains to Become Jewelry

The Kardashian-Jenner family have made headlines for their jewelry and fashion choices more times than can be counted. You may remember the time Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint for $10 million worth of jewelry. She replenished her $50 million jewelry collection in part by purchasing the late Princess Diana’s amethyst and diamond pendant The Attallah Cross.

Kardashian Cremains Keepsake Necklace

The latest story is about the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, but the cross is a good symbol of the family’s open conversations about religion – and death. They’ve discussed their afterdeath plans a few times. One of the most recent discussions revolved around cremation and what would happen with their cremated remains.

Apparently Kim Kardashian didn’t want to wait until Kris Jenner’s death to design custom jewelry made with her mother’s bones. The topic of jewelry made out of human remains came up on an episode of The Kardashians because Kim wanted the doctor to save the bones from Kris’ hip replacement surgery. 

Kris thought that idea was creepy, but Khloe pointed out that in an earlier related discussion Kris took a very different perspective. Obviously, Kris didn’t realize that cremated remains are crushed bones because she let it be known that when she dies she wants to be cremated and for her cremains to be used to create necklaces for each of her children. Just like what Kim wanted to do with Kris’ hip bones, only while her mother was living.

Khloe Kardashian joked that there might soon be a line of Kardashian cremation jewelry, which honestly wouldn’t be a huge stretch given how personalized the funeral industry is becoming. It’s within the realm of possibility that there could soon be jewelry lines designed by celebrities specifically to be used as cremation keepsakes. 

Is the Bible Against Cremation? Nope!

Another interesting point that came up in the conversation was Khloe’s belief that the bible is against cremation. She says it isn’t allowed and ponders why burial is the only acceptable form of disposition in the bible. However, Khloe expressed that she wanted to get cremated herself regardless. 

The good news for Khloe is the bible doesn’t prohibit cremation. There has been extensive research and debate about the matter and the conclusion is that while burial may be the preference in some Christian religions, it isn’t banned in the bible. Nowhere does the bible state that are person must get buried.

The bible states that cremation is acceptable, however, some Christian religions interpret it differently or have put their own parameters around cremation. For instance, the Catholic Church now allows cremation, however, there are stipulations for what is done with the cremains afterward. The church only allows for the cremains to be kept on sacred ground. In other words, the cremains should be kept in a columbarium or buried at a Catholic cemetery. 

Therefore, if the Kardashians identify as Catholic there may be an issue with using cremains to make jewelry, but getting cremated would still be an acceptable option. Of course, the Kardashian-Jenner family also discussed getting an exceptionally large mausoleum for their sizable family. Khloe was once again a proponent of cremation noting how much land space is needed for burial and how it could cause development issues in the future.

Other Upscale Ways to Use Cremains

If your family members aren’t the jewelry-wearing type but you want to do something posh or artistic with your cremains, there are other options. A few of our favorite ideas are below. 

Create a Cremation Diamond 

Scientists have come up with a way to make a diamond in a laboratory in a lot less time than it would take Mother Nature. Cremains can also be added to the mix to create a keepsake cremation diamond. You don’t have to use the diamond in a piece of jewelry. You can simply keep the diamond in place of cremains in an urn.

However, just because the diamond is created in a lab doesn’t mean it’s cheap. The cost depends on the size, cut, color and clarity just like a natural diamond. You can expect to pay at least $750 for a cremation diamond, but the starting price for many providers is actually around $1,250. 

Become the Family Urn

Instead of keeping your cremains in an urn you can use them to create a one-of-a-kind-urn. Cremains can be added to clay or porcelain to create a vase, plate, etc. that an artistic family member or professional artist could then glaze. In addition to being an actual urn it’s also a family heirloom. 

Become a Piece of Art

Art lovers will be interested in knowing that their cremains can be immortalized on canvas as well. Cremains can be added to the paint itself or to a base layer called the gesso. Oil, acrylic and watercolor paints can all be used. Adding the cremains to the gesso allows for more control over the colors of the paint. 

Shoot Your Cremains Into Outer Space

The most luxurious way to commemorate a life is by sending a person’s cremains into outer space. It’s something known as space burial, although currently the cremains aren’t currently buried anywhere. Instead, the cremains are placed in a spacecraft that orbits around Earth before coming back down.

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