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What is the Death Positive Movement All About?

Are you death positive? How open are you to talking about death? Is it something that you avoid thinking about or embrace as a natural part (and end) of life?
What is the Death Positive Movement All About?

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In recent years our perspective on death has changed in the U.S. Not long ago death was a taboo topic that few people talked about. Many people simply accepted the standard issue traditional burial and cremation services without putting much thought into advanced funeral planning or the impact of their decisions. However, the death positive movement is changing all that. 

How the Death Positive Movement is Changing the Discussion

The death positive movement is a social movement focused on making the process of dying a normal topic that’s openly discussed in a productive way. It’s helping to erase the stigma and ease fears so that people can approach end of life services with a more accepting, positive outlook. 

The movement has pushed the discussion further than many ever realized it would. People are having discussions in private, watching YouTube videos, sharing on social media, reading blog posts, participating in online chat groups and visiting funeral homes to learn more about their options. 

All the talk has led to bigger changes. There are now education programs from the Art of Dying Institute at the Open Center, and Columbia University has a DeathLab. Death doula has become a certified profession in the funeral industry. There are even “death cafes” where people can meet up to discuss related topics. 

As more people become open to discussing death in a positive way the funeral industry will continue to evolve based on the discussions. 

The Death Positive Movement and Millennials

Millennials are the generation that is embracing the death positive movement. They are less likely to go the traditional route, and they’re definitely breaking away from older generations in their views on the environment and funeral services. They are very aware of the negative impact that traditional funeral services have on the environment, which is influencing trends in the funeral industry. Not surprisingly, Millennials are more inclined to choose body donation, green burial and eco-friendly cremation services, which is making them more common. 

Millennials are also more likely to do advanced funeral planning so that they are able to ensure their end of life services have a minimal impact on the environment. A survey from Coldspring found that 24% of Millennials have done some sort of funeral pre-planning. That’s far more than the 9% of Baby Boomers that have done the same. Coldspring also found that the majority of people who pre-plan choose cremation and put emphasis on streamlined services. 

Another factor that’s having an effect is more death positive Millennials becoming funeral directors. As this generation becomes more involved in the industry they will help to expand the types of services that are offered and encourage people to take a more positive approach to funeral planning. Both of these changes will be welcome to death positive Millennial consumers. 

The Order of the Good Death

One of the driving forces behind the death positive movement is The Order of the Good Death. The organization was started in 2011 by mortician Caitlin Doughty with the purpose of changing the way our society handles death. 

The Order of the Good Death addresses the environmental impact, social equity, financial burden and mourning experience connected to funeral services. In addition to providing the public with resources, The Order also supports legislative changes that are expanding end of life options. The goal is to give consumers more options, control and information so that they can make more informed decisions. 

At Green Cremation Texas we take a very positive approach to funeral planning. From providing innovative, eco-friendly cremation services to being an information resource for Texas families, our team is dedicated to making every experience more positive. 

You can give us a call, text or email any day of the week to make advanced funeral arrangements or discuss how green cremation works.

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