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Observing Earth Day With Our Best Eco-Friendly End of Life Advice

Happy Earth Day from Green Cremation Texas. Don't miss these eco-friendly environmentally green services and helpful tips.
Observing Earth Day With Our Best Eco-Friendly End of Life Advice
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As we celebrate another Earth Day there are many families that face very unique and difficult decisions related to environmental protection. After losing a loved one, how we choose to honor their memory has a lasting impact that can affect the health and well-being of our planet for generations. It’s no small task to balance respecting the wishes of your loved one with protecting the environment and possibly managing financial constraints.

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve created a curated collection of our best eco-friendly end of life advice. We hope that it helps families continue their mission to preserve our Earth even as we leave it behind.

Green Cremation Services

What is Aquamation?

Learn about the newest and most eco-friendly form of cremation that involves no flame or airborne pollutants. 

Lower Your Carbon Footprint in the Next Life: What is Green Cremation? 

Get a thorough explanation of what green cremation is and what makes it different from traditional services. 

The Environmental Impact of Traditional Cremation

Discover why traditional cremation isn’t considered the most eco-friendly service and how it compares to newer cremation options. 

5 Staggering Benefits of Water Cremation

Discover five reasons why water cremation is considered the most eco-friendly end of life service. 

Green Burial

Long-Term Care for a Green Burial Site

Learn how to maintain a green burial site without disturbing the natural surroundings. 

Eco-Friendly Burial Technology

See the latest tools and devices that are making burial a more eco-friendly process from start to finish. 

Alternatives to Embalming Fluid

Find out why toxic embalming fluid isn’t necessary and what other options are available if a body needs to be preserved. 

The History of Green Burial

Discover the origins of green burial and what it was like in comparison to today.

Green Burial Today

Read about all of the latest green burial statistics and why more people are choosing eco-friendly services. 

Eco-Friendly Memorials and Funerals 

What You Need to Know About Having a Green Funeral

Get the little known facts about having a green funeral so you are fully prepared. 

What Makes Funeral Flower Arrangements Environmentally-Friendly?

Find out how to ensure that the funeral flowers that are selected don’t harm the environment.

Top 7 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Choose a Green Funeral

Discover the amazing benefits of green funerals from conserving resources to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

End of Life Services and Environmental Concerns

Baby Boomers Plan to Have a Greener Funeral Than Their Parents

Recent surveys show that people of all generations, including Baby Boomers, are concerned about the impact of their end of life choices. 

Five Reasons You Should Choose a Carbon Neutral Funeral Home

Learn what a carbon neutral funeral home is and the advantage of using their services over traditional providers. 

The team at Green Cremation Texas can provide more information on eco-friendly end of life services and answer your specific questions. We can be contacted by phone, email and text message anytime day or night.

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