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What Makes Funeral Flower Arrangements Environmentally-Friendly?

Some floral arrangements are far from green while others are created using nothing but eco-friendly practices. Here’s a look at what separates the two.
Funeral Flower Arrangements
What Makes Funeral Flower Arrangements Environmentally-Friendly?

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Long before the pandemic hit a shift began happening in the funeral industry. Fewer people were requesting traditional funerals. At the same time there was an increase in demand for personalized memorial services. But one aspect of the traditional funeral that’s still common is flower arrangements.

As funerals have gotten greener we’ve become more mindful of how funeral flower arrangements are made. What we’ve found is some floral arrangements are far from green while others are created using nothing but eco-friendly practices. Here’s a look at what separates the two.

Some Floral Arrangements Aren’t as Natural as They Seem

Floral arrangements seem like the natural condolence gift if a loved one is having a green funeral service, but that isn’t always the case. The floral industry isn’t immune from manmade processes and unnatural products. You’d be amazed how many toxic ingredients go into growing some flowers. And then there’s the transport that also increases the eco-footprint. 

Below are three not-so-green things to look out for when you’re selecting a floral arrangement.

The “Local” Issue

The florist may be local, but that doesn’t mean the flowers are grown nearby. Many florists have flowers flown in from all over because they can’t be grown locally. Always ask the florist for a local-only option to make sure the flowers aren’t shipped to the location.

Artificial Materials

Some floral arrangements are made using a number of artificial materials. Ribbons, glitter and silk are just a few things that can make their way into a floral arrangement. Also, check to make sure the flowers aren’t colored with artificial dyes. 

Water Additives

Watch out for water additives. Floral arrangements have been known to have bleach, aspirin and manmade flower foods in the water.

Four Ways to Make Floral Arrangements More Eco-Friendly

There’s no need to forgo floral arrangements if you’re planning a green funeral service. There are a number of ways to ensure the floral arrangement is responsibly made from the plants to the display vase.   

Skip the Foam

The foam in floral arrangements is beneficial in the regard that it retains moisture so flowers need less watering for maintenance. But it isn’t biodegradable. Some florists use chicken wire as a greener alternative, but you can also just use greenery to keep flowers in place.

Choose Organic Flowers

Choosing organic plants isn’t just a dietary choice. When you select organic flowers you are supporting a change in the farming industry that’s reducing the use of pesticides that get into the air and water. Also, some plants break down and become beneficial for the soil easier than others. Look for biodegradable funeral arrangements made of dried twigs, ivy and flowers.

Choose Flowers That Are Grown Locally

Instead of going to a florist, you can go to a local farmer or flower grower for a floral arrangement that’s created using flowers grown at the farm. You’ll see exactly where your flowers came from and you’re supporting a small local business at the same time.

Use a Floral Arrangement Alternative

Instead of a flower arrangement why not send the family a potted plant instead? Or plant a tree in honor of the deceased. If your loved one plans to be buried in a green cemetery you may be able to grow native plants at the gravesite.

At Green Cremation Texas we help families through every stage of the funeral process, including advanced funeral planning. Give us a call anytime day or night for expert guidance on arranging green funeral services.

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