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Environmentally Friendly Direct Cremation in McKinney, TX

Green Cremation Texas is the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the state. We are dedicated to serving families that want meaningful end of life services that are also environmentally responsible. We’re proud to bring eco-friendly cremation services to McKinney and other communities across the Dallas metro.

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Affordable Cremation in McKinney That’s Good for the Environment

Our family-owned funeral home is dedicated to making eco-friendly end of life services available to every Texan. We’ve invested the time, energy and resources needed to develop green cremation services that families can feel good about.

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Our Green McKinney Cremation Services

We’ve cleaned up traditional flame cremation so that less energy is used and the environmental impact is minimized. From the paperwork to delivery the remains, every step is taken to reduce the carbon footprint of cremation.

We provide families across Texas with the greenest end of life service available today. Water cremation is a flameless process that uses 90% less energy compared to traditional cremation. The process is also free of toxic waste and harmful air pollutants.

Green Cremation Containers in McKinney

We provide a recyclable cardboard receptacle for storing the remains once the cremation is complete. We also have green funeral urns in McKinney that can be used for burial, scattering the remains or long-term storage.

Guide to Burial, Cremation and Direct Cremation Costs in McKinney

Planning a funeral can be an eye-opening experience in terms of the cost. Funeral costs in McKinney can easily exceed $10,000 or be less than $1,000. It all depends on the service that’s selected.

What is the Cost of Traditional Burial in McKinney, TX?

Traditional burials are becoming less common in part because of the rising cost. The national average for a burial with funeral home services is $7,360. But that price isn’t all-inclusive. The plot, cemetery fees and headstone cost thousands more.

How Much is Cremation in McKinney?

Traditional cremation prices in McKinney typically range from $3,700 to $5,100. Memorial services at the funeral home are a large part of the expense. They may even charge hundreds of dollars to embalm before a viewing.


Cost of Cremation Without Service in McKinney
The average cost of cremation in McKinney is far more expensive than direct cremation. Direct cremation doesn’t include a viewing or memorial service. You can still plan to do both, but the funeral home won’t be involved. Direct cremation cost in McKinney is around $900-$2,200.

Green Cremation Texas makes direct cremation prices in McKinney easy to understand with all-inclusive services. It’s a single price for all the services that are needed for green cremation in Texas.

Offering Simple Direct Cremation Options McKinney Families Can Feel Good About

The Flour Mill in McKinney

Folks that want to live further out from the busy center of Dallas enjoy calling McKinney home. But they don’t like the fact a long commute isn’t good for the local environment. To offset the 30+ minute drive to Dallas, many residents do their part to reduce their eco-footprint in other ways.

With one of the oldest historic districts in Texas, a beautiful lake recreation area and nature preserves all around, McKinney attracts people who like to be outdoors. Locals are just as invested in minimizing their impact as we are at Green Cremation Texas. Our direct cremation services actually give you more memorial options that are less expensive and less harmful to the environment.

Having a Memorial After Choosing a McKinney Cremation Only, No Service Option
More families across Texas are beginning to realize traditional funeral services involve a lot of things that don’t add value to the process or make it more meaningful. Memorial services are the perfect example. Instead of having a formal memorial in a funeral home, direct cremation opens up a world of options that are much more personalized and affordable.

McKinney cremation memorial options include:

Getting cheap cremation in McKinney does not mean settling for subpar services or forgoing a memorial. At Green Cremation Texas, we’ve streamlined the process to eliminate all waste that adds little value and a lot of stress. You have the ability to plan a personalized memorial anywhere in McKinney that truly reflects the life your loved one lived.

Here to Guide You Through the Green Cremation Process in McKinney

Only a small percentage of people arrange their funeral services in advance. Most of the time, families must make decisions on their own with very little knowledge of how the cremation process works.

At Green Cremation Texas, our goal is to simplify everything from start to finish. We offer all-inclusive cremation packages that take the stress out of the process. Simply pick the type of cremation service and you’re done. Our team will handle all the details and keep you informed every step of the way.

Green Cremation Texas makes funeral arrangements easier by:

  • Scheduling services online, in-person or over the phone – whichever works best for you.
  • Working with outside entities like the hospital and local coroner’s office to get documents and arrange transportation to our facility.
  • Taking care of all the paperwork needed for the cremation permits, death registration and death certificate.
  • Delivering the remains in a green receptacle to the location of your choice or making them available for pick up.

Green Cremation Texas is known for offering environmentally friendly cremation and customer service that exceeds expectations. We understand this is one of the most difficult times in your life. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible so you can focus on mourning the loss of your loved one.

Get High-Quality Service With Low-Cost Cremation in McKinney

As a McKinney direct cremation service provider, we offer affordability and efficiency with exemplary customer care. We’re also a trusted green funeral home that lowers the impact of honoring your loved one. It’s the simplest, least stressful option in the entire Dallas metro.

Our team is available to talk 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call, text or email for honest answers about the cremation process, what makes our services greener and cremation prices in McKinney.