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Cremation.Green Core Values: Big-Hearted Care

Big-hearted care is a core value that sets Cremation.Green apart from other funeral homes in Texas. Discover what a big difference big-hearted care makes.
Cremation.Green Core Values: Big-Hearted Care
Cremation.Green Core Values: Big-Hearted Care

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In our third installment on Cremation.Green’s core values, we’re discussing big-hearted care. To us, this is what really sets our funeral home apart. Nothing else matters as much as how the family feels at the end of the process. 

Cremation.Green exists because our founding funeral director cared about the people they worked with. They cared about families getting the funeral services they wanted. They cared about providing funeral services that aligned with people’s morals and how they lived their lives. They wanted to provide funeral services that made people feel better.

When we feel vulnerable and at our lowest, it’s good to know someone is there watching out for us and making sure we get what we need. That’s big-hearted care that makes a difference.

Here for You However You Need Us, Whenever You Need Us

Death is never welcome or convenient, and all funeral homes should understand this. Yet, clients have told us about experiences with other funeral homes where they were left feeling like a burden. That’s something you’ll never experience with Cremation.Green. 

Big-hearted care begins with compassion. It requires putting your own thoughts and feelings aside for a moment to prioritize the other person’s needs. It’s the kind of care that’s needed for grieving families that have just lost a loved one. 

We also understand that even on a regular day some people don’t prefer to talk in person. Or you may need to get in contact with us ASAP in whatever way possible. Because it’s so important for providing the best care, we’ve fully opened up the lines of communication. Families can reach our staff 24 hours a day by phone, email or text message. You can initiate the conversation with a text or email and then discuss your needs with a team member in more detail over the phone or at one of our offices. It’s up to you and whatever you’re most comfortable with at the moment. 

Cremation Green was extremely easy to work with, thorough, and efficient. They were very accommodating on a special request as well. Everything was handled via the phone and web. I didn’t have a need for any face-to-face interactions until I picked-up my son’s ashes. Marlena was great to work with throughout the entire process.”                                                                                                     Jim Hinkel

Big-Hearted Care Extends to Who We Hire

Grieving is unique for everyone. It helps to have a caring staff that gets what you’re going through. We believe having a team with different perspectives and experiences helps us provide big-hearted care to more people. 

The funeral industry is a service-driven industry. The true value we provide doesn’t lie in ordering death certificates, providing a casket for a viewing or securing cremation permits – although all of those things are essential. 

Cremation.Green is highly selective in who we bring onto our team. What we provide to families is solid ground. We give them peace of mind. We are their trusted consultants who they know will give them honest answers. It’s the type of value you can’t put a price on, and not everyone is equipped to deliver it. Our top priority as an organization is finding the people who are best qualified to work in the funeral industry. Who we hire is going to have the biggest impact on the care our customers receive, and that is why we put so much thought into each position we hire.  

The families we work with know they can count on us to respect their wishes without judgment. Any funeral home can provide funeral services. Not every funeral home provides customer service, and only Cremation.Green provides big-hearted care for families in Texas. 

“We are so grateful for the kind and sensitive services we received when Green Cremation assisted us with the awful experience of losing our son. Marlena and her team are truly meant to be doing what they do. They guided us through this terrible time as beautifully as anyone could and we highly recommend them especially to those like us out of town.”  Holly Merchant

Professional Staff That’s Respectful in Every Way

Funerals are serious occasions that aren’t taken lightly by grieving families, but the way some funeral home employees conduct themselves you would think it was a casual everyday event. How employees carry themselves, how they dress and how they behave should be respectful at all times. 

Even Cremation.Green staff members that will have minimal to no contact with the family, still conduct themselves as professionals. Transport is the perfect example. For some other funeral homes, the person providing transport treats it like an everyday delivery. It’s no different than transporting an Amazon order, and it’s just as impersonal. 

It may just be a job to the funeral home employee, but it’s something far greater to the family. It’s a sign of how their loved one will be treated when they aren’t around. It’s an indicator of how the funeral home does business all-around. At Cremation.Green you can count on our transport crew to show up dressed in professional attire and acting appropriately no matter what hour it is. 

“My parents were the most important people in the world for my family. The caring spirit that we received from Green Cremation for my beloved parents and for all of us, made this difficult time bearable. My dearest Father was a proud WWII veteran and Green Cremation honored him in the most respectful way. It meant the world to us. God bless you all for all that you did for our family. We will never forget.”                                                                                     Irene Gomez

In every industry customer service matters, but in the funeral industry more is required. Funeral homes must truly care about the families they serve to provide services that bring closure and healing to the grieving process. 

If you would like to know more about personalized eco-friendly funeral services from Cremation.Green our team is available to talk. You can reach us by phone, text or email at any time. We’re here for you!

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