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Cremation.Green Core Values That Make a Difference

Our core values are what set us apart in the funeral industry. Find out what makes Cremation.Green a different kind of funeral home in all the right ways.
Cremation.Green Core Values That Make a Difference
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We take pride in being unlike any other funeral home in Texas. After all, you don’t become an innovator in an industry by doing the same thing or practicing business as usual. Cremation.Green was founded to make a positive difference in how funeral services are provided by making eco-consciousness a cornerstone of our business because that’s what is best for the people we serve and the places they call home.

There are also three core values behind everything that we do at Cremation.Green. They are:

  • Accessible Service
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Big-Hearted Care

Each one is equally important, but it all starts with accessible service. Without it, there are going to be families who never get to benefit from our transparent pricing and big-hearted care. And our goal has always been to make caring, eco-conscious funeral services available to every Texan. 

Why Accessible Service Matters in the Funeral Industry

To us, accessibility means equity. And with something as important as funeral services, we believe every family should have equal opportunity and the ability to arrange the disposition they want. They shouldn’t be limited by financial barriers or special interest groups that purposely narrow the options to their preferences. Families also shouldn’t have to compromise their beliefs or morals by being forced to select a form of disposition they don’t agree with. 

A number of factors have to align for funeral services to be accessible. It requires action on the part of the funeral home to ensure consumers have equal access. Unfortunately, this is where many funeral homes fall short. Some even base their business model on exclusivity that inherently excludes some families.  

Cremation.Green is among the funeral homes that are improving accessibility in big ways. We’ve accomplished this through making the changes that matter most – going digital, expanding service options, lowering costs and improving eco-friendliness.  

How Cremation.Green is Making Funeral Services More Accessible for All Texans

If there’s an opportunity to improve accessibility in the funeral industry, we’re going to act on it. Over the years we have continuously improved accessibility by focusing our efforts in specific ways.

Going 100% Digital 

Going 100% digital wasn’t just about making our services greener, although it does have a positive impact. It’s a practice that makes us accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of their physical location.

Traditionally, physical location has been a serious limitation. Families were limited to working with funeral homes based in the immediate area. For some, that meant they only had one or maybe two options. And the type of funeral they could arrange was based around what that sole funeral home provided. 

Cremation.Green is set up to service the entire State of Texas without the need for families to physically come to one of our brick-and-mortar locations. Funeral services can be arranged remotely, which means eco-friendly funeral services are available to every Texan. We’ve even worked with many families that were overseas in Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond when services needed to be arranged. 

No matter where you are in Texas, you know alternative funeral services are possible with Cremation.Green. 

Expanding Service Options

More options means better accessibility, especially if the options are limited. Cremation.Green specializes in funeral service options that are not normally offered to Texans. We began with our proprietary clean flame cremation process that has a smaller eco-footprint compared to traditional cremation. We then expanded the services to include water cremation, an amazingly eco-friendly form of disposition that uses 90% less energy than traditional flame cremation.

Today, our disposition options also include natural burial and natural organic reduction, a service with the potential to completely transform how we approach disposition. 

But Cremation.Green doesn’t just offer a unique, expanded service selection. We work every day to expand services for all Texans, even if those that prefer to have a traditional funeral. That’s how strongly we believe all Texans should have the full array of safe disposition options available.  

Our organization has been advocating for regulatory changes at the state level. Being based in Austin, TX has allowed us to have a presence at the capital and work directly with lawmakers to promote progress in the funeral industry. Our work has helped encourage new bills that are getting the conversation started and getting us closer to more accessible funeral services. 

Providing Affordable Funeral Options

One of the most limiting factors today is the cost of funeral services. The average cost for just the funeral home services for a traditional burial or traditional cremation is going to be $7,848 and $6,970 respectively.

That’s a major expense for many families, and one that could be totally unexpected. Without financial safety nets like life insurance and pre-arranged funeral services, the family may be severely limited in what funeral services they can afford. 

Our funeral services are priced with consumers in mind. The goal has always been to make services more affordable for more families without compromising quality. Our streamlined service model reduces carbon emissions while also keeping costs under control. With us, eco-friendly doesn’t mean expensive.

Offering Conscious Funeral Services That Are Eco-Friendly 

Every funeral service offered by Cremation.Green has a minimal impact on the environment. Our founding funeral director realized very early on that the way disposition was handled in the past was very harmful. But they also recognized there were better ways of doing it and improvements could be made. 

We are unapologetic in our pursuit to make the funeral industry greener. Cremation.Green has been a major contributor in raising awareness across Texas so that consumers can make more informed choices that are better for all of us and help to make the funeral industry more accessible. Because let’s be honest. Little progress can be made unless consumers push for it. 

Simply providing eco-friendly funeral services improves accessibility by giving eco-conscious Texans options they can feel good about. We give them the disposition services they really want but may not be able to find with other local funeral homes. That way, they don’t have to search outside of Texas to arrange a funeral. 

If you share these same values and would like to know more about arranging funeral services we’re here to help. The Cremation.Green team is available to take your call, answer text messages and respond to emails 24 hours a day.

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