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Countryside Memorial in La Vernia, TX

If the idea of being buried out in nature where there is still a bit of Texas history sounds appealing then Countryside Memorial is the ideal final resting place.
Countryside Memorial in La Vernia, TX

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Just east of San Antonio there’s a peaceful place where burial takes on a new meaning. At Countryside Memorial all the formalities and structure of a traditional cemetery give way to scenic meadows and acres upon acres of Texas ranchland. 

If the idea of being buried out in nature where there is still a bit of Texas history sounds appealing then Countryside Memorial is the ideal final resting place.

Beginning as the Beall Family Cemetery

When A.D. Zucht took ownership of his 86-acre farm he never realized it came with a cemetery. He uncovered the small Beall Family Cemetery with the oldest grave being that of William Henry Beall, which dated back to 1854. He was the eldest son of Erasmus and Elizabeth Beall who had bought the farm a year earlier. 

The idea of giving other families the same simple, natural burial was the inspiration for Countryside Memorial. In 1981 the Zucht family partitioned off 1.58 acres for the green burial park alongside Beall Cemetery.

Today, Countryside Memorial is owned by Chrysta Bell.

“Who wouldn’t want to end up here? It’s so beautiful.”

Chrysta Bell

Burial Practices That Promote Plant Growth

In an effort to promote plant growth, gravesites at Countryside Memorial are dug just three feet deep. This is the layer of soil where burial is the most beneficial and decomposition is the quickest.

Anything that is toxic or non-biodegradable can’t be buried at Countryside Memorial. That includes the casket and/or burial shroud. Concrete slabs and liners are also prohibited. Likewise, floral displays must be all-natural and contain only biodegradable materials. This is all done to protect the integrity of the natural surroundings.

Unlike some green burial parks, gravesite markers are required at Countryside Memorial. They must be made of flat stone and can have engravings. Prefer to have a natural marker? You can also opt to plant a native shrub or tree on the grave so long as you get a tree burial plot.

Taking in the Texas Landscape

Countryside Memorial is the type of place where you want to come and enjoy the quiet. Out at the cemetery, there are very little signs of mankind. You’re more likely to see horses roaming around than people. 

That’s the real draw of Countryside Memorial. In addition to being green, it’s a place where you want to come to remember a loved one. Although the memorial park is surrounded by ranchland it’s completely fenced in so there are clear boundaries as well as seating areas.

There are also added touches that make burial at Countryside Memorial more personal. The burial park welcomes everyone of all faiths and walks of life. You can plan a memorial service that’s traditional or completely unconventional. You’ll also have the option to completely or partially close the grave. Many of the families that have worked with Countryside Memorial note that they had no idea how beautiful and moving the process would be.

Green Cremation Texas can work directly with Countryside Memorial if your family wants to bury or scatter the cremated remains at their green cemetery. We’ll correspond with the cemetery managers to ensure burial is possible and what steps need to be followed to ensure the remains are prepared properly.

If you have questions please give us a call 24/7/365.

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