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Top 10 Practical Benefits of Cremation Instead of a Traditional Burial

Are you trying to figure out if you should do cremation or traditional burial? Read this article to learn the benefits of cremation.
Benefits Cremation
What are the Benefits of Cremation?

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More and more people are choosing cremation over a traditional burial. In fact, over half of Americans opt for being cremated. 

This shows how people’s attitudes toward death and funerals are changing in society. But, you may still struggle to decide what you want to happen when you pass away.

Are you thinking about whether you would prefer to be cremated, or if a traditional burial remains your favored choice?

Discover below the benefits of cremation to help you determine what’s right for you. Let’s get started!

1. Always Change to Burial as Well

If you decide to get cremated, this doesn’t rule out a burial after.

If you want to give the family and friends you leave behind the choice of whether to hold a funeral service or not, going for cremation can help. 

After your death, someone needs to decide whether to burial your body or keep the ashes. But, there is never any rush to make this decision.

You can even hold the funeral service many months after your death. This allows for plenty of time for relatives abroad to arrive.

2. Usually More Affordable 

The average funeral costs up to $11,000. For many Americans on a budget, that’s a lot of money to spend on a funeral.

And yet, your friends and family will be eager to give you a send-off you deserve. If there are any ways to save costs, then they need to be considered.

Usually, the cost of cremation is cheaper compared with a traditional burial. If you choose a “direct cremation” the funeral service takes place immediately after.

This can make it much more affordable. However, make sure you don’t overspend by mistake on cremation. 

3. More Time Efficient 

Your family will be overwhelmed with funeral planning. This is especially challenging when you’re emotionally dealing with the (potentially sudden) death of a loved one.

You may want to ensure that during this time of loss, your relatives aren’t burdened with unnecessary decisions and difficulty.

Cremations are always faster than traditional burials. You can save a lot of time and effort by announcing that you want a cremation before your death.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Over three-quarters of people say that they want to live more environmentally sustainable. But, what about dying more sustainably?

You may be shocked to discover the toll on the environment caused by burials. 

There are chemicals in the embalming and burial process. This can find its way into the earth causing damage to the environment.

The managing of the cemetery can also continue to require land and water. This can result in a heavy price for the environment.

The caskets are usually made for wood and numerous other materials. This wood is equivalent to around 4 million acres of forest per year.

This amount of wood could be used to help build almost 5 million homes every year instead. Discover more about our green funerals here.

5. Saves Space in the Cemetry

Do you want to be buried in a cemetery? This requires a lot of limited space, especially in urban environments.

You may not want to be buried in an overcrowded cemetery. Do you really want your loved ones to visit you in such conditions?

If you get cremated, you won’t take up too much space. You can avoid contributing to overcrowding by choosing another option.

6. The Ashes are Portable 

When you bury a casket on the earth, you cannot be moved without significant expense.

But, if you have been cremated into ashes, you can easily be transported around after your death. This is important if your family moves home a lot.

7. Allow for Creative Ceremonies

There are numerous different ways to hold a ceremony. You may not want to simply follow traditions.

If you get cremated you can adopt a wide range of ideas for your ceremony. This could include traveling somewhere to scatter your ashes or the creation of art or jewelry from your ashes.

8. Divide Up the Ashes 

Do you have children who live on other sides of the country or world?

This can make it impossible for your loved ones to pay respects or visit your grave. But, if you get cremated, you can divide up the ashes. This could allow your loved ones to share your remains. 

9. Largely Compatible With Many Faiths

Many religions and faiths do not believe that cremation is permissible. If this contradicts your faith or religion, then that’s fine.

But, many different belief systems have adopted cremation. It also makes no sense to be against the cremation of bodies after death.

If a fireman died as a result of being burned to death, would this be considered a sin? Surely not!

10. Your Personal Preference 

You may decide that cremation is a good idea simply because you can have control over what happens when you die.

For a growing number of people, cremation is a personal preference. Instead of following traditions for the sake of it.

People are deciding what they want to happen to their remains when they pass away. This may be the case for you.

What are the Benefits of Cremation?

Now you know the benefits of cremation. You need to decide what happens to your remains after your death.

From environmental sustainability to affordability, there are so many reasons why cremation is the preferred choice for most Americans.

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