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Carbon-Neutral Direct Cremation Services in The Woodlands, TX

Green Cremation Texas is proud to serve the “Greenest City in America” by providing innovative, low-cost cremation in Austin that minimizes environmental impact. Our process is more streamlined, more efficient and more affordable than traditional burials and cremations. Call today for personal assistance and information about your green cremation options.

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Greener Cremation Options in The Woodlands Are Now Available

Green Cremation Texas exists for communities like The Woodlands where growth is managed responsibly, parklands are abundant and residents know how important sustainability is in our world today. Our cremation processes are proof end of life services can be more energy-efficient and lower impact.

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Affordable Cremation in The Woodlands That’s Greener

Green Cremation Texas’ proprietary clean flame cremation process dramatically reduces energy use while limiting pollution. From more eco-friendly transport to eliminating the risk of incinerating medical devices, we take the extra care that’s needed to make cremation better for the environment.

The greenest type of cremation is aquamation, also called water cremation. No flame is used, which means no airborne pollutants are released. It’s also much more energy efficient using 90% less energy compared to traditional cremation.

Green Funeral Urns for The Woodlands Memorial Services

We also offer green cremation containers in The Woodlands. Choose from biodegradable cremation containers, environmentally friendly scattering tubes and sustainably made urns.

The Woodlands Cremation Prices

We understand that cheap cremation in The Woodlands isn’t necessarily a priority, but cost is an inescapable factor when you’re arranging end of life services. It’s reasonable to want to know how much cremation cost in The Woodlands so that you can plan accordingly. Unfortunately, many funeral homes aren’t transparent about pricing.

Green Cremation Texas offers all-inclusive, single-price packages to make it as easy as possible on the families we help. We also provide information on the cost of other services so you can compare options.

By now it’s well known that traditional burials are extremely expensive. But how expensive is it? When all the funeral costs are factored in, including the headstone and plot, many burials cost about $10,000.

How much is cremation in The Woodlands? Is it a lot less than a traditional burial?

The short answer is, it could be. Many traditional cremation services that include a viewing and memorial service cost between $4,000-$6,500. The price all depends on the selections that are made

Direct Cremation Costs in The Woodlands

Choosing an option that is cremation only, no service in The Woodlands is the most cost-effective decision. This type of service is known as direct cremation. The Woodlands direct cremation prices are in the range of $1,000-$2,000, but the benefits extend beyond being less expensive.

Why More Families Are Choosing Direct Cremation in The Woodlands

A ground level shot of the Anadarko Petroleum Corp building in The Woodlands, TX

Many residents are familiar with The Woodlands’ history. In 1974, George P. Mitchell set out to develop a planned community not far from Houston. The Woodlands’ location was chosen because of its lush greenery that made you feel like you’re living out in nature.

Today, residents of the township still enjoy life in a park-like setting while having all of the modern-day conveniences a short drive away. This is only possible because the locals understand the importance of preservation. It’s a mission that’s supported by green end of life services like water cremation.

More Memorial Options by Choosing Cremation Only in The Woodlands
Families find that direct cremation is the best option because it gives them more time and flexibility. There’s no rush to have a memorial service in a matter of days at a funeral home you’ve never been to before.

Choosing direct cremation gives families the ability to have a memorial service wherever they would like, whether it’s at an upscale scenic venue or at a local park. You can choose to bury your loved one’s remains in a biodegradable container at Forest Park The Woodlands Cemetery. Or you could scatter the ashes along your loved one’s favorite greenbelt.

With direct cremation, you’re in complete control of how your loved one is remembered.

Helping You Through the Cremation Process in The Woodlands

Our mission is to lessen the impact of cremation for families and the environment. In your time of need, the last thing you want is to have to decipher dozens of estimates and make decision after decision. We keep things as easy as possible with all-inclusive services that make your needs the top priority.

Green Cremation Texas provides the expert assistance you need to:

  • Make the best financial decision – all of our services are offered for a flat rate and there are absolutely no hidden fees.
  • Feel confident scheduling services online or over the phone.
  • Work one-on-one with our funeral director to become more familiar with types of direct cremation that are available and the cremation process.
  • Handle all of the documents, including the death registration and certificates.

We’ll take care of all the details from corresponding with the coroner’s office to delivering the ashes. Our family is here so you can be there for your family.

Low-Cost Cremation in The Woodlands That’s Low Impact

Green Cremation Texas has worked tirelessly for more than 20 years to make sure families have the options they deserve. End of life services are incredibly personal, and the family should be able to honor a loved one without taking on massive debt or harming the local environment.

We’ll work with you one-on-one to provide custom cremation services in The Woodlands Funeral Home that exceed your expectations.

We have the expert advice you need when you need it. Call Green Cremation Texas 24 hours a day seven days a week to schedule services, learn more about direct cremation or discuss the cost of cremation without service in The Woodlands.