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Evelyn Byrne-Kusch

We are absolutely heartbroken to announce that Evelyn Byrne-Kusch, 67, of Austin, TX (formerly Ireland and Chicago, IL), passed away on May 6th. She left behind her sister, Annette, daughter, Reese, granddaughter, Juniper, son-in-law, Casey, niece, Tayler, along with cousins and extended family across the country and in Ireland, and a million other hearts she touched. She was preceded in death by her parents Thomas and Doris Byrne, and younger brother Kevin Byrne.

She lit up every room she entered and made an impact on each person she met. She gave everything she had and more to make sure the people around her were happy and fulfilled. She loved to read, write, and garden. She had the greenest thumb you’d ever meet. Following her passion to help people she practiced Naprapathy and Chiropractic. When she moved to Texas, she wrote a handful of books and started a publishing company, White Bird Publications, to spread the joy of reading around the world. She was the most amazing woman, and the world has truly lost a star.

The family will be holding an intimate celebration of life for Evelyn later in June. 

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