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Eco-Friendly Cremation in Oak Hill, TX

When you want to honor your loved one’s memory with the greenest end of life option, Green Cremation Texas is a partner you can trust. For years, our funeral home has been dedicated to protecting the local environment of our state’s beautiful capital. Our cremation services in Oak Hill are not only more energy-efficient, they are also more affordable.

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A Cremation Process in Oak Hill That Makes a Positive Impact

While green cremation may seem like a new type of service, we’ve actually been offering and improving options for two decades. As a result, Green Cremation Texas is the first and only carbon-neutral funeral home in the state.

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Green Cremation Services in Oak Hill

Green Cremation Texas has developed the greenest process for flame-based cremation. At our energy-efficient crematorium, we take extra precautions to minimize airborne pollutants and toxins by removing medical devices and ensuring no plastics are ever incinerated.

Texas is one of 19 states that allows water cremation, also known as aquamation. It’s the end of life service that has the lowest possible impact on the environment. It provides results similar to flame cremation but uses 90% less energy and no airborne toxins are produced.

Green Cremation Containers in Oak Hill for Burial, Scattering and Storage

Green Cremation Texas makes it easy to find eco-friendly funeral urns in Oak Hill. We have a selection of biodegradable cremation containers and environmentally friendly scattering tubes.

Finding Affordable Cremation in Oak Hill

End of life services are getting more expensive every year, which is part of the reason why cremation is now more common than burial. At Green Cremation Texas our streamlined services are energy-efficient and cost-effective compared to other options.

The average cost of cremation in Oak Hill is right in line with the rest of Austin. The overall cremation cost in Oak Hill can range from $3,700 to nearly $6,300 if you opt to have a viewing and memorial at the funeral home.

While full-service cremation is expensive, it’s still cheaper than traditional burial funeral costs in Oak Hill. Before including the cost of a plot and headstone, the average funeral is over $7,300. However, the total cost can easily exceed $10,000 depending on the selections that are made.

Low-Cost Cremation in Oak Hill

There is another option. You can choose cremation only without service for a much lower cost. This is known as direct cremation. The cost of cremation without service in an Oak Hill is just $1,000-$2,200.

Direct cremation costs in Oak Hill don’t include embalming, funeral home fees, printed memorial materials, a casket rental and staff fees. At Green Cremation Texas our all-inclusive direct cremation packages include essential services without added fees and upsells. What you do get is an eco-friendly option that’s better for the environment and costs less than traditional cremation and burial.

Oak Hill Cremation Only Services - More Options, Less Impact

Texas Hill Country

Oak Hill is one of the largest and greenest neighborhoods in Austin, TX. It’s a well-established area where people raise families and enjoy living at the edge of the Texas Hill Country. There are a lot of modern-day amenities nearby, but there are also miles of trails, parks, greenbelts and thousands of oak trees.

It’s considered by many to be the best neighborhood in Austin largely because the residents take so much care to keep the area pristine. Families can continue that commitment by choosing green direct cremation. It’s better for the environment and gives you more flexibility with funeral arrangements.

Choose Your Own Oak Hill Cremation Memorial

In addition to offering lower cremation prices in Oak Hill, direct cremation also allows your family to personalize the memorial service. You aren’t limited to using the funeral home as a venue, and you have much more time to plan a memorial that’s befitting of your loved one.

When you choose direct cremation you can:

  • Bury your loved one’s remains at Assumption Cemetery or one of the other local cemeteries.
  • Scatter your loved one’s remains at Barton Creek Park or their favorite spot along Williamson Creek.
  • Host a memorial service at your loved one’s home or an Oak Hill venue like Graceland Oaks.

Cheap cremation in Oak Hill doesn’t mean you get less or have to settle for subpar service. At Green Cremation Texas we work with you to provide the services you need to memorialize your loved one in a meaningful way.

What to Expect From the Oak Hill Cremation Only No Service Experts

Losing a loved one is the most difficult experience a person will face. It’s extremely stressful without taking on the burden of managing end of life services. Our mission at Green Cremation Texas is to make the entire cremation process in Oak Hill simple and stress-free.

Easy Arrangements
Arrangements can be made at any time either in-person or over the phone. In a matter of minutes, we can get everything worked out and begin taking the first steps.

All-Inclusive Packages
Dealing with an endless array of options can make funeral arrangements confusing and time-consuming. We keep things simple by offering all-inclusive packages that way you only have to make one decision. All packages include obtaining the death certificate and death registration.

Transparent Pricing
Our direct cremation prices in Oak Hill are completely transparent. Prices are listed on our website for all-inclusive packages. You pay one simple price and never have to worry about hidden fees, additional costs or upsells.

Expert Assistance
Work one-on-one with a funeral director that has over 20 years of experience. Our entire staff is experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the cremation process. We keep open lines of communication so that we’re available when you need us.

Giving Families Cremation Options in Oak Hill

Green Cremation Texas specializes in cremations only with no service in Oak Hill and the surrounding area. Over the last 20 years, we’ve created cremation services that take the stress off of our clients and the environment. When difficult decisions have to be made our team is here for you to guide you through it with caring, understanding support.

Call our crematorium any time to get assistance. We’re available 24 hours 7 days a week to provide answers about costs, options and the cremation process in Oak Hill.